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Swedish Stockings
Tights Josefin Drop Blac...
$ 24,00
View Tights Josefin Drop Blac...
Will's Vegan Shoes
Recycled Chunky Knit Car...
$ 84,00
View Recycled Chunky Knit Car...
Jeans Nora Loose Tapered...
$ 110,00
View Jeans Nora Loose Tapered...
Kings of Indigo
Puffer Jacket Yasu Dark ...
$ 349,99
View Puffer Jacket Yasu Dark ...
Skirt Devoraa Polkadot
$ 64,95$ 79,90
View Skirt Devoraa Polkadot
Oat Milk Club
Hoodie Herbivore Maroon...
$ 50,00
View Hoodie Herbivore Maroon...
Oat Milk Club
T-shirt Off The Meat Bla...
$ 28,00
View T-shirt Off The Meat Bla...
Arber Studio
Shirt Cedar Black
$ 79,00
View Shirt Cedar Black
Dress Nupur Animal Dot
$ 189,95
View Dress Nupur Animal Dot
Sweater Batty Knitted Gr...
$ 123,41
View Sweater Batty Knitted Gr...
Longsleeve Top Ivy Strip...
$ 90,00
View Longsleeve Top Ivy Strip...
Sweater Yunaa Soft Moss ...
$ 47,94$ 79,90
View Sweater Yunaa Soft Moss ...
Jeans Carey Skinny Dark ...
$ 100,00
View Jeans Carey Skinny Dark ...
Jeans Nora Straight Fore...
$ 110,00
View Jeans Nora Straight Fore...
Mom Jeans Nora Loose Tap...
$ 110,00
View Mom Jeans Nora Loose Tap...
Marjolein Elisabeth
Trousers Floor Black
$ 99,95
View Trousers Floor Black
Blouse Shanti Embroidere...
$ 149,95
View Blouse Shanti Embroidere...
Icone Lingerie
Cheeky Brief Glitter Bla...
$ 19,90$ 24,90
View Cheeky Brief Glitter Bla...
Skirt Terucaa Cacao
$ 79,90
View Skirt Terucaa Cacao
Bralette Earth Black
$ 63,20$ 79,00
View Bralette Earth Black
T-shirt Longsleeve Dalen...
$ 27,93$ 39,90
View T-shirt Longsleeve Dalen...
Pullover Pippaa Mouline ...
$ 69,95$ 89,90
View Pullover Pippaa Mouline ...
Brava Fabrics
Out of Office Sweatshirt
$ 74,90
View Out of Office Sweatshirt
Marjolein Elisabeth
Skirt Lola Tiger
$ 59,50
View Skirt Lola Tiger
Atelier Jungles
Blouse Aphrodite Greek G...
$ 109,95
View Blouse Aphrodite Greek G...
Arber Studio
Shirt Cedar Off White
$ 79,00
View Shirt Cedar Off White
Dress Nalini Animal Dot
$ 179,95
View Dress Nalini Animal Dot
Dress Nupur Barn Red
$ 189,95
View Dress Nupur Barn Red
Marjolein Elisabeth
Dress Yann Zebra
$ 77,97
View Dress Yann Zebra
Kings of Indigo
Jeans LEILA Ecru
$ 139,99
View Jeans LEILA Ecru
Oat Milk Club
T-shirt Milk For Humans ...
$ 28,00
View T-shirt Milk For Humans ...
Blouse Maya - Off White...
$ 119,95
View Blouse Maya - Off White...
Marjolein Elisabeth
Skirt Saar Flower
$ 39,50
View Skirt Saar Flower
Skirt Slip Floral
$ 99,00$ 143,00
View Skirt Slip Floral
Cardigan Margot Pink
$ 146,00
View Cardigan Margot Pink
Shirt Long Sleeve Off White
$ 95,00$ 130,00
View Shirt Long Sleeve Off White
Jumper Zoe Olive
$ 180,00
View Jumper Zoe Olive
Oat Milk Club
T-shirt Animals Maroon...
$ 28,00
View T-shirt Animals Maroon...
Cardigan Maashaa Cacao B...
$ 53,94$ 89,90
View Cardigan Maashaa Cacao B...
Atelier Jungles
Palazzo Pants Black
$ 129,95
View Palazzo Pants Black
Pants Nora Loose Tapered...
$ 120,00
View Pants Nora Loose Tapered...
Jumpsuit Joi Blue Floral...
$ 182,00
View Jumpsuit Joi Blue Floral...
Arber Studio
T-shirt Poplar Cinnamon Red
$ 39,00
View T-shirt Poplar Cinnamon Red
Cardigan Aarien Cinnamon...
$ 59,94$ 99,90
View Cardigan Aarien Cinnamon...
Jacket Hazel Mocca
$ 320,00
View Jacket Hazel Mocca
T-shirt longsleeve Malen...
$ 29,95$ 39,90
View T-shirt longsleeve Malen...
Marjolein Elisabeth
Jip Trousers Night Blue
$ 69,98
View Jip Trousers Night Blue
Brava Fabrics
Blouse Woodcutter Essential
$ 58,44$ 89,90
View Blouse Woodcutter Essential
Oat Milk Club
Hoodie Falafel Maroon
$ 50,00
View Hoodie Falafel Maroon
Marjolein Elisabeth
Floor Trousers Dark Blue
$ 54,50
View Floor Trousers Dark Blue
Marjolein Elisabeth
Dress Yann Dots
$ 64,98
View Dress Yann Dots
Shop Like You Give a Damn
Gift Card for Sustainabl...
$ 25,00
View Gift Card for Sustainabl...
Matt & Nat
Vegan Leather Jacket...
$ 195,00
View Vegan Leather Jacket...
Wolf & Storm
Turtleneck Rusty Velvet ...
$ 69,95
View Turtleneck Rusty Velvet ...
Parka SYMPATEX® Brown
$ 303,91
View Parka SYMPATEX® Brown
Dress Nalini Barn Red
$ 179,95
View Dress Nalini Barn Red
Marjolein Elisabeth
Dress Yann Old Pink
$ 64,98
View Dress Yann Old Pink
Dress Trapeze Floral
$ 110,00$ 185,00
View Dress Trapeze Floral
Dress Madalenaa Black
$ 59,90
View Dress Madalenaa Black
Kings of Indigo
$ 65,00$ 129,99
View BENTEN Skirt
Brava Fabrics
Shirt Dress Downtown Str...
$ 49,45$ 89,90
View Shirt Dress Downtown Str...
Dress Indira Tiger
$ 159,95
View Dress Indira Tiger
Blouse Maya Barn Red
$ 119,95
View Blouse Maya Barn Red
Skirt Meghan Black
$ 180,00
View Skirt Meghan Black
Brava Fabrics
Blouse Golden Flower
$ 84,90
View Blouse Golden Flower
$ 159,95
Skirt Bekaa Dark Caramel
$ 29,95$ 59,90
View Skirt Bekaa Dark Caramel
Sweater Ivy Dark Navy
$ 90,00
View Sweater Ivy Dark Navy
Blouse Taimeaa Cacao
$ 89,90
View Blouse Taimeaa Cacao
Marjolein Elisabeth
Elle Skirt Black Grrr
$ 89,95
View Elle Skirt Black Grrr
Rita Row
Tencel Shirt Maxi Sand...
$ 183,00
View Tencel Shirt Maxi Sand...
Jeans Sara Straight Blac...
$ 110,00
View Jeans Sara Straight Blac...
Cardigan Maashaa Black
$ 53,94$ 89,90
View Cardigan Maashaa Black
Dress Rachael Zero Waste...
$ 148,00
View Dress Rachael Zero Waste...
Marjolein Elisabeth
Shirt Mees Zebra
$ 47,97
View Shirt Mees Zebra

About our vegan & fair womenswear

Ready to step up your fashion game? Even if you're totally into slow fashion and retail therapy isn't really your thing (you plant-based power woman, you!), you'll probably know that sometimes just one new addition to your wardrobe can create a ton of new wearing options. And we've got all you need for the versatile capsule wardrobe of your dreams. Welcome at our online vegan & fair department store – the go-to spot for shopping sustainable fashion ethically and hassle-free, right from your bed or couch.

That's right: look no further for the finest vegan womenswear. 'Cause we've scoured the internet for you and have curated the most beautiful brands that offer honest and vegan women's clothing. From fair trade dresses, topscoats, skirts, knitwear, trousers, lingerie, swimwear and activewear to jackets, jumpers, jeans and sustainable jumpsuits... The list is endless. And you can find all sorts of plant-based garments right here in our online cruelty-free department store. Shop Like You Give a Damn!

From bamboo socks and T-shirts from organic cotton to bikinis made of recycled plastic from our oceans

Why save your favourite pieces for special occasions? Why only wear that stunning plant-based dress (PEOPLE TREE, ARMEDANGELS, BY SIGNE) or seductive lingerie from SAINT BASICS when you're going on a date? No way, life is too damn short! Do yourself the honour of feeling special everyday in the slow fashion clothing that you enjoy wearing the most. Bonus points for you if that clothing is animal-friendly. Shine like you give a damn, gorgeous!

Shine in our stunning selection of slow fashion for women

We do our best to find and select the best vegan brands out there – so you don't have to. Here's how to make the best out of your hangover on Sunday: (1) grab your phone, tablet or laptop, (2) charge it, (3) get ready for a fun and productive shopping spree.

Sleek black pants? Check. Organic cotton tee? We got you. Wool-free coat in a bold color or an amazing print? Coming right at ya. You get the point: from sustainable bamboo socks to fair trade straw hats – we've got you, from head to toe. Without even having to suffer through one fitting session. We told you this was gonna be good.

Keep it cool: plant-based women's clothing and sustainable swimwear for summer & spring

No matter what seasonal pieces you want to add to your wardrobe: we've got the right vegans items for every time of the year. Going for a dive? We offer beautiful bathing suits and bikinis. Turn the temperature up by popping on some swimwear from LEMON SPICY or DEDICATED. Add a trendy tencel bandana to your look, but be prepared for all the heads that you'll be turning on the beach.

Complete your vegan outfit with a pair of organic cotton shorts from ARMEDANGELS and an airy plant-based top from THEGREENLABELS and you're good to go. Just remember to keep your head cool. We've also got vegan and fair trade hats and baseball caps for that (HATSUP).

Make it hot: animal-friendly women's coats and vegan jackets for fall & winter

When the temperature drops, there's only one thing left to do: turn it up! And luckily, we can stay warm without having to strip an animal of their skin. Say hello to cruelty-free winter wardrobe shopping. Treat yourself to a plant-based cardigan or vegan sweater that's made from sustainable materials like organic cotton or recycled fabrics.

Slow fashion brands like ALCHEMIST and THINKING MU make beautiful, durable and animal-friendly coats that'll keep you comfortably warm when winter is coming. Looking for a faux fur coat? Check out Dutch brand NOUMENON. Scouring the web for a vegan puffer jacket? KINGS OF INDIGO and LANGERCHEN offer beautiful options.

We're also in love with the fair trade jeans from KINGS OF INDIGO and the trousers from PEOPLE TREE. Both make for a perfect and effortless winter outfit, made by honest brands that support the well-being of people, animals and our planet.

Honest raincoats: make it rain!

Turn rainy days into fun days: get yourself a cool vegan coat. Don't believe it's that simple? Then just take a glimpse at these cute parkas from WILL'S VEGAN SHOES & LANGERCHEN. We rest our case. This is where your search for an eco-friendly jacket ends!

Whether you're on the lookout for a warm winter jacket or a lightweight summer jacket: we've got the right one for you.

Smashing it in the gym with eco-friendly activewear

Working out: you either hate it or you love it. Whichever feels it gives you – it's a given fact that sufficient exercise is essential to stay healthy. A gym session, a yoga class, a run in the park... pick whatever form of exercise makes you feel good and works best for you. You'll start feeling better and healthier within a few weeks, we promise.

Need some motivation? Exchange your crappy gym clothes for our beautiful, sustainable sportswear. It'll make things more fun! We offer cruelty-free sportswear that's plastic-free and made from bamboo, eucalyptus or organic cotton. Some of our favorite honest brands for sportswear are NUNU ACTIVEWEAR, ORGANIC BASICS, and RUBY MOON.

Fair chain fashion with an (eco-)friendly story

Where to look for a vegan bodysuit made from plant-based silk? Where to find a vegan leather pencil skirt that fits perfectly and is fairly made? Or a beautiful faux leather bag that's spacious enough for work or a luxurious getaway? Well, right here – at Shop Like You Give a Damn. We're constantly expanding our range with special brands that are socially engaged and care about animal well-being.

Shop consciously: no greenwashing here

With us, you can shop consciously and hassle-free without having to worry about greenwashers. When viewing an item, you'll see handy icons displayed which indicate which sustainability boxes that specific product is ticking. For instance, the icons shows you whether the vegan product you clicked on is made by a plant-based brand or not. Handy, right?

We've already done all the research for you so you don't have to. Just take a look at some of our favorite sustainable brands for the freshest vegan womenswear – ALCHEMIST, NOUMENON, ARMEDANGELS, PEOPLE TREE and JAN ’N JUNE. – and indulge in a guilt-free shopping spree.