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1475 results
Sunglasses Evora Tortoise
Joplins Sunglasses
Sunglasses Evor...
£ 86,13
Watch Mesh Petite Gold & Black
Watch Mesh Peti...
£ 130,07
Sunglasses Petrel
Bird Eyewear
Sunglasses Petr...
£ 55,25 £ 65,25
Card Case Panaro-Clip
Card Case Panar...
£ 16,53 £ 30,36
Peace 5panel Cap Black
Peace 5panel Ca...
£ 33,93
Cap Trucker Black Out Organic
Plant Faced Clothing
Cap Trucker Bla...
£ 28,28
Creoles Chittapur Brass
Jyoti Fair Works
Creoles Chittap...
£ 25,23
Watch Strap Vegan Leather Brown & Rose Gold
Hurtig Lane
Watch Strap Veg...
£ 21,45 £ 25,23
Sunglasses Mira Black
Joplins Sunglasses
Sunglasses Mira...
£ 51,33 £ 77,43
Beanie Classic Lila
Beanie Classic ...
£ 13,05 £ 17,40
Sunglasses Watamu Black
Joplins Sunglasses
Sunglasses Wata...
£ 42,63 £ 77,43
Wallet Alina Camel
Wallet Alina Ca...
£ 16,52
Sunglasses Tawny Olive (Small)
Bird Eyewear
Sunglasses Tawn...
£ 85,26
Alona Sunglasses Tortoise
Joplins Sunglasses
Alona Sunglasse...
£ 51,33 £ 77,43
Sunglasses Watamu Tortoise
Joplins Sunglasses
Sunglasses Wata...
£ 42,63 £ 77,43
Necklace The Raven Recycled Gold
Bound Studios
Necklace The Ra...
£ 30,45
Hoops Coco Gold Plated
Bound Studios
Hoops Coco Gold...
From £ 29,15
Hoops Size M Sterling Silver
Bound Studios
Hoops Size M St...
From £ 32,19
Watch Mesh Petite All Black
Watch Mesh Peti...
£ 130,07
Watch Strap Vegan Leather Black & Black
Hurtig Lane
Watch Strap Veg...
£ 21,45 £ 25,23
Watch Petite Silver, Black & White
Watch Petite Si...
£ 120,06
Scrunchie Beige
Scrunchie Beige...
£ 6,96
Scrunchie Cotton Deep Black
nice to meet me
Scrunchie Cotto...
£ 8,70
Scrunchie Tencel Olive Green
nice to meet me
Scrunchie Tence...
£ 8,70
Scrunchie Tencel Deep Black
nice to meet me
Scrunchie Tence...
£ 8,70
Hoops Size S Gold Plated
Bound Studios
Hoops Size S Go...
From £ 33,06
Watch Strap 20 Mm Black With Brushed Silver Buckle
Watch Strap 20 ...
£ 29,15
Watch Strap Vegan Leather Tan & Silver
Hurtig Lane
Watch Strap Veg...
£ 21,45 £ 25,23
5 Set Scrunchies Green
Studio Hertzberg
5 Set Scrunchie...
£ 6,53
Sunglasses Small Tawny Dusk Grey
Bird Eyewear
Sunglasses Smal...
£ 85,26
Phone Bag Karli Deep Black
Phone Bag Karli...
£ 112,23
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Let us guess: you've got a drawer full of sunglasses, scarves and hats for every season? The drawer is packed and you never seem to find what you're looking for. Are we right? Well, perhaps it's time for a thoughtful cleanup – Marie Kondo style. Gift the stuff that's been collecting dust to a friend, or donate it to goodwill. Someone else will love you for it.

And if you find that you're missing a versatile go-to item for everyday, but want your purchase to be as honest as sustainable as possible – then you've come to the right place. Welcome to Shop Like You Give a Damn: the best online vegan & fair chain department store. Happy you're here!

Shop your sustainable sunglasses here

“With my sunglasses on, I'm Jack Nicholson. Without them, I'm fat and 60." from Jack Nicholson himself.

Look no further if you were looking for an excuse to buy a nice pair of vegan sunnies. 'Cause if someone like Jack doesn't feel right without the right pair of sunglasses, then how on earth could mortals like us? Are you the type that loves to throw shade while wearing bold black sunglasses with excellent UV protection? Or do you prefer strolling down the beach with a pair of stylish statement sunnies that have water and oil repellent lenses? In our comprehensive collection you'll find vegan sunglasses from various fair and cruelty-free brands.

No time to 'waist'?

We've all been there: you're enjoying a lazy afternoon in an oversized t-shirt, but then – all of a sudden – day turns into night and you find yourself having zero time to get ready for that dinner or party tonight. No worries, we've got you. Just pop on a vegan belt to transform your tee into a cool plant-based dress. Fair brands like NOAH and MATT & NAT offer stunning statement belts to show off your waist with.

We only offer belts that are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, animal-friendly, and mainly consist of micronappa. Micronappa is an innovative and sustainable material that looks like leather, but is an eco-friendly and (let's keep it real) better alternative to animal skin.

Cruelty-free winter is coming

Ready to face the winter? A warm and comfortable scarf (or two) will keep the brutal cold away. We offer a range of knitted, wool-free scarves that are made from organic cotton. Like these patterned beauties from  LALU PRODUCTS. Need more heat? Pop on a warm hat or knitted bandana from ARMEDANGELS or JAN ’N JUNE. You'll feel snug as a bug in a vegan rug. 

Don't forget to add a pair of animal-friendly gloves to the mix. Making it through the winter without losing a glove may seem like an impossible task – but we promise you that it'll be hard to take your eyes off your beautiful new vegan gloves. So, there you have it: you're all good to go now. Go flaunt your cruelty-free fashion sense!

This sh*t is bandanas

B-A-N-D-A-N-A-S! We're not downplay this: bandanas can be real game-changers. In summer, a vegan bandana keeps your hair out of the (often sweaty) way, while keeping your head cool when the heat strikes. And during winter time, it provides your scalp and ears the lovin' that they need. Here, you'll find plant-based bandanas that you can wear throughout the year. From knitted and patterned to pieces made from organic cotton – whatever you're looking for, we've got it.

Vegan wallet without the animal skin

Where to find the perfect wallet? One that's spacious and sturdy enough to store your well-earned pennies and cards, as well as cruelty-free and sustainably produced? Here, at Shop Like You Give a Damn! Dive right into our range of animal-friendly pouches. The Canadian vegan brand MATT & NAT offers beautiful bags, wallets, pouches and clutches in vibrant pastels and classic neutrals. They even make multifunctional pieces that function as both a wallet and a (small) bag – large enough to keep your vegan makeup, deodorant and perhaps some plant-based sunscreen in. How great is that? Their pouches are perfect for a night out, a festival or a dinner party. The lining is made from recycled plastic and the outside material is also completely vegan. In short: 100% eco-friendly, cruelty-free and amazing. The plant-based wallets from DENISE ROOBOL, OSIER and LALU PRODUCTS also make it really hard for you to take your eyes off from.

A money tree? Say what?

Money doesn't grow on trees. (Yeah, we know, such a pity.) But that doesn't mean that you can't turn the two into one product – like a plant-based card holder. A practical and sae way to store your bank and business cards and keep them at hand at all times. Personally, we're a huge fan of OSIER, a Dutch brand that designs vegan leather bags, wallets & card holders. Most of these vegan 'wallets' are made from PU, a high-quality vegan leather alternative.

No blood diamonds here, only cruelty-free gems

We've also carefully curated a range of stunning and sustainably made earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, made by hand and from animal-friendly materials such as (recycled) silver, gold, precious stones, glass beads, metal and brass. No feathers, pearls and blood diamonds: we only offer cruelty-free gems here. If you're on the lookout for something sparkly and shiny, whether it's a gift for a loved one or yourself, then make sure to browse through the jewellery collections of A BEAUTIFUL STORYANA DYLA, NEINTIES, JULES BEAN and PEOPLE TREE. These honest brands are socially engaged and make a real effort to give back to society.

Take your #OOTD to the next level by adding a minimalist necklace to your look. Feeling extra? Just pop on a pair of earrings with raw gemstones or a handmade ring from recycled silver, and you'll shine bright like a cruelty-free diamond. Cue Rihanna.

Go slow fashion or go home!

Work hard, play harder, and accessorize! Got a long day ahead of you? Just make sure to throw a few smart accessories and a pair of black faux leather heels into your bag. You'll be able to transform your look from day to night within just a couple of seconds. Looking fresher than fresh, you go-getter!

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