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Sugar Coated Full Body Hair Removal Kit
Sugar Coated
Sugar Coated Fu...
£ 15,62
Sugar Coated Facial Hair Removal Kit
Sugar Coated
Sugar Coated Fa...
£ 13,01
Sugar Coated Leg Hair Removal Kit
Sugar Coated
Sugar Coated Le...
£ 13,01
Sugar Coated Bikini Hair Removal Kit
Sugar Coated
Sugar Coated Bi...
£ 13,01
Food for Skin
Mini Powder Makeup/Beard Brush
Hurtig Lane
Mini Powder Mak...
£ 11,57 £ 16,53
Sugar Coated Pure Fine Talc
Sugar Coated
Sugar Coated Pu...
£ 8,66
Sugar Coated Underarm Hair Removal Kit
Sugar Coated
Sugar Coated Un...
£ 13,01
Sugar Coated Soothing Mist Spray
Sugar Coated
Sugar Coated So...
£ 8,66
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Shaving & grooming: whether you prefer a nice full beard or an ultra soft jawline, shop your products here 🧔🏾👨‍🦳

Do you wear a full beard, a bit of a stubble or do you prefer your chin completely shaven? We have the best vegan beard products and sustainable razors in our collection! None of our products such as razor blades, shaving cream and nourishing oil are tested on animals and all our brands try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. With Shop Like You Give a Damn you shave and smear in style while looking after Mother Earth at the same time.

Durable razor blades for soft cheeks 

Disposable razors belong to the past, so choose our environmentally friendly reusable razors. Better for your wallet and for our planet! 🌍

Reusable razor blades: stylish and easy to keep clean 🪒

The durable razor blades from Oceonics are a lot less harmful to the environment than disposable blades. The Safety Razor is even more long lasting, because the knife comes with five stainless steel blades. The closed comb makes shaving very easy and great to use for the bikini line and armpits as well. Oh, have we already mentioned these razor blades look very stylish?! "Spoil yourself, not the planet" is the slogan of the Dutch brand Oceonics. Amen to that!

Cruelty-free shaving soap, foam and gel for a smooth chin 

A wet shave can feel great, but you do need the right products. At our department store you will find rich, vegan shaving soap, vegan shaving cream and vegan shaving gels. Animal-friendly beard shampoo rinses your beard without harming anyone. 🐇

Cruelty-free shaving soap: the right treatment before shaving

Use Fair Squared's Apricot Shaving Soap to cleanse and soften your skin and to prevent irritation and ingrown hairs. Due to the low pH value of the soap, you can also use it for your most intimate parts. The fruity scent of apricots and the soft texture of the foam gives you that clean, fresh feeling after shaving.

A fresh face with the animal-friendly shaving products 🌱

The shaving bar from Juuls Store is a refreshing shaving cube fed with natural lemongrass and orange extracts. First you wet your face, then rub the bar over your face, (or use a vegan shaving brush, of course) and you are ready to shave! The soothing shaving gel from Juuls Store, with hibiscus and lime scent is also recommended. Smells great! But wait, there’s more! Wash the hair on your head while you’re at it, with our cruelty-free hair products.

Plant-based shaving soap for the sensitive skin 🧼

Werfzeep's shaving soap is a great choice, especially if you have sensitive skin. This organic handmade shaving soap is specially made to soothe the sensitive skin. The avocado, castor and borage oils make your skin supple and soft. Speaking of soap, we selected the best vegan shower gel and foam right here for you

Vegan beard styling and care: keep your hair soft and fresh with plant-based beard oil

If you wear a beard (or kiss someone who wears one) then you know how important it is to use nourishing beard products. Shop Like You Give a Damn has the right vegan beard oil, vegan beard wax, vegan beard pomade and vegan beard balm in store, for yourself or as a gift to that bearded person you like. 💚

Animal-friendly and luxurious beard oil

The L.O.V Cosmetics Luxury Caring Oil is a luxurious and vegan oil that nourishes the hair. The vegetable lipids (a type of fat) keep the beard supple and soft.

For the finishing touch, take a look at our plant-based aftershave care or our sustainable beard combs and brushes. Less is more, except when it comes to beard care.

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