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DIY Candle Making Kit
Label my Light
DIY Candle Maki...
From £ 17,20
Rug Heavy Weave 60x90
AAI made with love
Rug Heavy Weave...
£ 37,84 £ 47,30
Scented Candle Blossom Large Clear
Scented Candle ...
£ 32,25
Hanging Lamp Tarwin Cardboard
Hanging Lamp Ta...
£ 67,94
 Peshtemal Mete Rose & Salt Beige
Peshtemal Mete...
£ 35,26
Cushion Cover Bina Dark Yellow
Loft and Daughter
Cushion Cover B...
£ 34,40
Candle set 2
Label my Light
Candle set 2
£ 8,60 £ 17,20
Bedspread Linen Waffle Coral 270x280cm
AAI made with love
Bedspread Linen...
£ 150,50 £ 197,80
Lamp Strong Cardboard
Lamp Strong Car...
£ 21,50
Bedframe Cardboard
Bedframe Cardbo...
From £ 86,86
Christmas Tree Cardboard
Christmas Tree ...
From £ 29,24
Cardboard Classic Vase
Cardboard Class...
£ 25,80
Cube For Cats
Cube For Cats
£ 24,08
Bed frame Cardboard
Bed frame Cardb...
From £ 86,86
Throw Linen Waffle Coral 140x200cm
AAI made with love
Throw Linen Waf...
£ 77,40 £ 129,00
Glass Candlesticks Orange
Label my Light
Glass Candlesti...
From £ 12,47
Hanging Lamp Wanaka Cardboard
Hanging Lamp Wa...
From £ 70,52
Sit & Stand Desk
Sit & Stand Des...
£ 34,40
Room Screen Beige
Room Screen Bei...
£ 43,00
Cushion cover Salma Square Jute
Loft and Daughter
Cushion cover S...
£ 20,64 £ 29,24
Cushion Cover Rita Stripe
Loft and Daughter
Cushion Cover R...
£ 23,22 £ 29,24
Cushion Cover Binu Dark Yellow
Loft and Daughter
Cushion Cover B...
£ 34,40
Hanging Lamp Tarwin XL
Hanging Lamp Ta...
£ 232,20
Candle set 8
Label my Light
Candle set 8
£ 8,60 £ 17,20
Candle set 1
Label my Light
Candle set 1
£ 8,60 £ 17,20
Candle set 8
Label my Light
Candle set 8
£ 30,10 £ 60,20
Emin Pillow Organic Cotton Sea Foam
Emin Pillow Org...
£ 13,33 £ 69,23
Sox Wax Candle Soothe - Clary Sage & Lavender
Sox Wax Candle ...
£ 12,04 £ 29,24
Hemp Mat Mekong Nights Gray 60x90
AAI made with love
Hemp Mat Mekong...
£ 24,08 £ 30,10
Hanging Lamp Gelsenkirchen Cardboard
Hanging Lamp Ge...
£ 32,68
Hanging Lamp Tolmin Cardboard M
Hanging Lamp To...
From £ 44,72
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For a relaxed and calm atmosphere: light a more sustainable candle 🕯

Candles can transform an atmosphere through scent and light. They can help you to create the perfect ambiance as well as to ease and soothe the mind. That’s why, here at Shop Like You Give a Damn, we have compiled a selection of brands and sellers who offer some of the most ethically made and socially responsible candles. 

Whether you would like to light up your rooms with our organic, paraffin-free candles, tea lights, or candlesticks, or if for a special occasion you'd prefer a nice scented candle, we've got some lovely options for you. Made by some of the ethical, plant-based pioneers that work with soy wax and organic cotton wicks: the more eco-friendly and cruelty-free options, as they are made without animal products, with natural and biodegradable raw materials.

Definitely take a look at our beautifully handmade candle holders, tea light holders, and lantern collections too: made of sustainably sourced acacia wood, brass, and other materials.

The comfiest cruelty-free cushions, inner cushions, and vegan pillowcases 🛌

If you’re currently in the process of veganising your home, or just looking for fair and socially responsible cushions and covers, look no further! You’ve come to the right place to find sustainably made, down-free cushions.

The German-Indian brand Jyoti - Fair Works takes pride in their socially responsible production process, as they’re committed to making sure that everybody across the supply chain can actually live from what they earn. Handwoven by seamstresses in India who are fairly treated and compensated, they sell comfortable and minimalistic, 100% organic cotton pillowcases

Our seller Loft and Daughter’s cushion covers and pillowcases are part of their ‘’Another Woman’s Treasure’’ collection, in solidarity with the #PayUp movement. Packaged in fully recyclable, low-waste packaging.

Store your stuff away, dress up your new plant or go for a lil’ shopping: these baskets are multi-functional 🧺

Another lovely collection of homeware items is the cotton and jute baskets, whether you'll use them to store the clutter away, or maybe to provide a home for your brand new plant! Take these out for a stroll if you go shopping, whatever you decide, these small, medium and large baskets will definitely come in handy. 

You can also opt for some fairly handmade cane baskets that come in different sizes too, assembled by craftsmen and women according to their traditional design from Nagaland, India. Our seller AAI made with love works closely with the people who collect the beautiful used fabrics and the families who make these amazing, crafty, and hearty baskets that you can use to decorate your home while storing your goods safely.

More sustainably and fairly produced furniture to brighten up your vegan home! 💡

AAI made with love is definitely a champion of working with jute! They have these amazing brown shades of hand-braided jute mats available that will look amazing in your kitchen, hallway, or bathroom floor. All their products are lovingly made from natural, recycled, or vintage materials. The mats have a latex backing, so the mat stays perfectly on every smooth floor. 

When it comes to making sure the house is well-lit, you can find the most unique (hanging, desk, or table) lamp pieces made by KarTent, who have a unique and environmentally responsible story. First, they make festival tents from FSC certified cardboard. As soon as they are no longer usable as a tent, these tents are recycled into beautiful lamps, cabinets, and other original furniture made of cardboard. Isn’t that so smart? This brand is dedicated to making a difference by introducing circularity in the production process. Make sure to grab some cardboard lamps by KarTent and brighten up your beautiful and more sustainable home 🏡

Everybody deserves a great night of sleep – perhaps even on a bed put together with recycled materials. Sustainably sourced wood for your bed furniture: headboards, slates, frames, or footboards, we got it. 

Make your baby comfortable at home: we offer baby-sized furniture for your children, designed with the little ones in mind. 👼

Dining chairs, desk chairs, living room chilling chairs, drop-everything-on-it-at-the-end-of-the-day chairs. So many options, so little time. Here you’ll find the more sustainable chairs, made with recycled (and/or organic) materials, with the right purpose: be it vegan or ethically produced. To complement the office desk, for a multi-purpose in the bedroom or for the plant-based dinners at your dining table. 🪑

Accessorise your home with our ethical decoration: pretty vases and planters, picture frames, and posters 🖼️

By now, the essentials are probably covered, but perhaps you would like to decorate your home, making it a little cosier using some ethical embellishments. Check out our home decor collection to find all the more sustainable decorations we offer! From wall decorations like posters to decorative accessories like picture frames, we’ve got everything you need to make every room in the house more stylish and attractive, in the most environmentally friendly way. 

Hey there plant moms and dads, how many plants do you have at home? If you’re like us, and you can’t even count anymore because you basically live in a jungle by now, this is the right place for you. We have compiled a selection of vegan and fair pioneers who sell vases and planters for your magnificent plants and crops, small or big, short or tall. Fun shapes, colors, and recycled materials: filter away until you find the one that resonates with you the most, and makes your greenery stand out. 🌿

Nowadays, we keep all of our special pictures and memories on our smartphones. But, what about a thoughtful daily reminder about how special someone is to us? An ethically produced picture frame can be that daily reminder that your loved ones are there for you, or to bring back those special moments you do not want to ever forget. 💚