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Long Sleeve Shirt Pete D...
$ 129,95
View Long Sleeve Shirt Pete D...
Boots Maxi Black
$ 124,00$ 155,00
View Boots Maxi Black
Kings of Indigo
CHARLES Jeans - Dark Use...
$ 119,95
View CHARLES Jeans - Dark Use...
Jumper Smutje Vintage Red
$ 99,00
View Jumper Smutje Vintage Red
Kings of Indigo
Corduroy Shirt Hakan Red...
$ 69,98$ 139,95
View Corduroy Shirt Hakan Red...
Shirt Black Checks
$ 94,91
View Shirt Black Checks
Jeans Scott Regular Clas...
$ 110,00
View Jeans Scott Regular Clas...
Oat Milk Club
Hoodie Herbivore Maroon...
$ 50,00
View Hoodie Herbivore Maroon...
Will's Vegan Shoes
Recycled Slouch Mockneck...
$ 73,00
View Recycled Slouch Mockneck...
Backpack oslo Red
$ 62,40$ 78,00
View Backpack oslo Red
Kings of Indigo
Puffer Jacket Algernon N...
$ 219,99
View Puffer Jacket Algernon N...
Hoodie Logo Stick burgun...
$ 89,00
View Hoodie Logo Stick burgun...
Laarzen Dover Brown
$ 130,00
View Laarzen Dover Brown
Watch Aalto Gold & Brown...
$ 169,00
View Watch Aalto Gold & Brown...
Jumper Fine Eco Yellow
$ 94,91
View Jumper Fine Eco Yellow
Sneakers UX-68 Sand
$ 119,00
View Sneakers UX-68 Sand
Oat Milk Club
T-shirt Off The Meat Bla...
$ 28,00
View T-shirt Off The Meat Bla...
Will's Vegan Shoes
Recycled Long Sleeve Pol...
$ 68,00
View Recycled Long Sleeve Pol...
Will's Vegan Shoes
Bomber Jacket - Brown
$ 146,00
View Bomber Jacket - Brown
Kings of Indigo
Fleece Jacket Egbert Dar...
$ 149,95
View Fleece Jacket Egbert Dar...
Parka Guerilla Thermal R...
$ 284,81
View Parka Guerilla Thermal R...
Matt & Nat
Bag David Chili Brown
$ 195,00
View Bag David Chili Brown
Derby Shoe Angelo Black...
$ 269,00
View Derby Shoe Angelo Black...
Kings of Indigo
Chino SUJIN Military Green
$ 77,99$ 129,99
View Chino SUJIN Military Green
Will's Vegan Shoes
Dress Boots
$ 118,00
View Dress Boots
High Top Sneaker APL Whi...
$ 129,00
View High Top Sneaker APL Whi...
Brogue Boots Alex Brown...
$ 101,50$ 145,00
View Brogue Boots Alex Brown...
Jeans Jamie Slim Back 2 ...
$ 100,00
View Jeans Jamie Slim Back 2 ...
Kings of Indigo
Jeans John Stretch Eco F...
$ 149,99
View Jeans John Stretch Eco F...
Bum Bag Nik Khaki
$ 29,90
View Bum Bag Nik Khaki
Sneakers UX-68 White
$ 119,00
View Sneakers UX-68 White
Cap Toe Derby Rob(bert)...
$ 159,00
View Cap Toe Derby Rob(bert)...
Shirt Penguin Fun Light Blue
$ 89,00
View Shirt Penguin Fun Light Blue
Sneaker Partizan Ruby Ro...
$ 45,00
View Sneaker Partizan Ruby Ro...
Kings of Indigo
JIMMU Jacket
$ 319,95
View JIMMU Jacket
Sweater Thomas Turtle Ne...
$ 90,00
View Sweater Thomas Turtle Ne...
Turtleneck Thomas Navy...
$ 90,00
View Turtleneck Thomas Navy...
Will's Vegan Shoes
Waterproof Chelsea Boots...
$ 149,00
View Waterproof Chelsea Boots...
Kings of Indigo
RYAN Jeans - Blue Rinse
$ 99,99
View RYAN Jeans - Blue Rinse
Sneaker Boots Noah OrgCo...
$ 115,00
View Sneaker Boots Noah OrgCo...
All My Eco
Sneakers AMEs Captivatin...
$ 99,00$ 150,00
View Sneakers AMEs Captivatin...
Will's Vegan Shoes
Insulated Dock Boots - B...
$ 113,00
View Insulated Dock Boots - B...
Will's Vegan Shoes
Work Boots Black
$ 105,00
View Work Boots Black
Will's Vegan Shoes
Dock Boots Faux Suede Br...
$ 98,00
View Dock Boots Faux Suede Br...
Oat Milk Club
T-shirt Animals Maroon...
$ 28,00
View T-shirt Animals Maroon...
Will's Vegan Shoes
Signature Deserts Taupe
$ 102,00
View Signature Deserts Taupe
Beanie Flag Deep Beige
$ 29,00
View Beanie Flag Deep Beige
Beanie Logo Block Red
$ 39,00
View Beanie Logo Block Red
Scarf Block Grey
$ 59,00
View Scarf Block Grey
Sneakers MADRACIS Black
$ 112,00
View Sneakers MADRACIS Black
Kings of Indigo
Jeans John Stretch Dry
$ 119,99
View Jeans John Stretch Dry
Oat Milk Club
Hoodie Falafel Maroon
$ 50,00
View Hoodie Falafel Maroon
Jeans Jim Tapered Rebel ...
$ 110,00
View Jeans Jim Tapered Rebel ...
Desert Boots Marica & Ma...
$ 119,00
View Desert Boots Marica & Ma...
Brava Fabrics
Shirt Roasted Morning Bl...
$ 67,92$ 84,90
View Shirt Roasted Morning Bl...

Sweatshirt Marsh - Plum
$ 84,95
View Sweatshirt Marsh - Plum
Shop Like You Give a Damn
Gift Card for Sustainabl...
$ 25,00
View Gift Card for Sustainabl...
Will's Vegan Shoes
Boots Chukka - Brown
$ 107,00
View Boots Chukka - Brown
Boots Archie Black
$ 108,50$ 155,00
View Boots Archie Black
Sneaker V-10 White Red
$ 130,00
View Sneaker V-10 White Red
Watch Aalto Juniper & Go...
$ 152,00
View Watch Aalto Juniper & Go...
Beanie Kogge Mango
$ 39,00
View Beanie Kogge Mango
Sneaker Boots Noah PET G...
$ 115,00
View Sneaker Boots Noah PET G...
Watch Kindred Gold & Tan...
$ 146,00
View Watch Kindred Gold & Tan...
Will's Vegan Shoes
WVSport Waterproof Hikin...
$ 131,00
View WVSport Waterproof Hikin...
Sweater Captains Yellow
$ 85,41
View Sweater Captains Yellow
The Longsleeve - Black
$ 39,90
View The Longsleeve - Black
Kings of Indigo
ANNEI Jacket - Black
$ 269,99
View ANNEI Jacket - Black
Mo Backpack
$ 129,00
View Mo Backpack
Humans Are Vain
Sneaker Challenge V2 Bla...
$ 108,00$ 148,00
View Sneaker Challenge V2 Bla...
T-Shirt Blanko Burgundy
$ 29,00
View T-Shirt Blanko Burgundy
Matt & Nat
Dean Chili Bruin
$ 185,00
View Dean Chili Bruin
Kings of Indigo
DANIEL Jeans - Blue Rins...
$ 99,99
View DANIEL Jeans - Blue Rins...
Will's Vegan Shoes
Recycled Hooded Puffer B...
$ 163,00
View Recycled Hooded Puffer B...
Will's Vegan Shoes
Two Piece Suit Black
$ 270,00
View Two Piece Suit Black

About our vegan & fair menswear

Don't feel like hitting the crowded shopping streets and wandering around endlessly? Dragging yourself from one shop to another until you're completely fed up with it and haven't even found your new go-to shirt or those fresh sneakers you were looking for. Do the days you go shopping always end in your favorite pub and without any shopping bags? Or are you convinced that shopping for vegan shoes, clothing and accessories just takes up too much time and energy?

No worries, we got you. Take a breath, get up, walk to the fridge and fix yourself a nice drink. Easy does it. 'Cause from now, you'll be shopping for vegan menswear straight from home – right on your tablet, phone or computer. Shop Like You Give a Damn offers anything you could possibly look for as a vegan guy in an online department store. Which means: no more frustrating shopping sprees.

Fair fashion for honest men

Did you know that our sustainable brands, including ARMEDANGELS, JAN 'N JUNE, NAE. WILLS VEGAN SHOES and THE DRIFTWOOD TALES, design some kick-ass vegan shoes, shirts and jeans? You didn't? Well, we do! Our quest for cruelty-free garments knows no limits.

Got a job interview and want to appear in a suit that'll make you look just as put together as Joaquin Phoenix on the red carpet? We got what you need. Wanna impress your Tinder crush with your sustainable and fair fashion sense? No sweat! With us, shopping is easy, affordable, vegan, fair chain and as eco-friendly as possible. Shop like you give a damn.

Sustainable jeans made from organic cotton

Updating your wardrobe by adding some contemporary pieces to the stuff you've got is a piece of (plant-based) cake. We've got beautiful and sustainable options that'll allow you to mix and match away. Are you into the effortless look? Then you can't do without a pair of classic vegan jeans from KINGS OF INDIGO, in neutral colors like black, gray or blue. We've also got a range of fair trade hoodies, cardigans and well-fitting t-shirts to choose from (tip: ARMEDANGELS). Pick your fave and you're good to go.

Unless... you want to hit the streets in your new pair of socks made from Tencel. This innovative, breathable and environmentally friendly wood-based material is perfect for feet might start smelling a bit funky towards the end of the day. If you know what we're talking about you should definitely check these comfy lifesavers out. (Trust us: your Tinder date, your partner or your cat will thank you for it.) Are you a sustainable sneakerhead? Check out our beautiful animal-free sneakers from WILLS VEGAN SHOES, NOAH, NAE, ROMBAUT and GOOD GUYS DON'T WEAR LEATHER.

Go get your plant-based sportswear, gentlemen

Swimming, climbing, running. You'll feel a lot fresher during and after the training by sporting our vegan sportswear, made from natural fibers. You'll notice that your SAINT BASICS joggers keep you you hella cool, calm and collected. Even when you're on the treadmill and sweating like a pig. (Fun fact: pigs don't sweat.) And if picking up a huge bag of chips is all the weightlifting you actually do: nobody needs to know! Just trick 'em into thinking you're a gym pro by wearing your comfy and plant-based PURE SPORTSWEAR shirt.

This is how we do animal-friendly men's fashion

Plant-based restaurants are popping up everywhere. And yet, a vegan lifestyle is being called a trend. But we believe it's here to stay, and always has been. That's why we offer such an extensive range of animal-friendly menswear. Listening to our demands, a growing number of brands becoming more and more aware that people want to shop compassionately and consciously. That we care about ethics and aesthetics. That we want quality and cruelty-free.

Take a look at the bags and backpacks from MATT & NAT, for example. Perfect pieces to take with you when going to work, school or a festival. They offer all the space and compartiments you need and are made from honest and durable materials like micronappa. Start your own trend: shop plant-based.

Cruelty-free cosmetics & vegan skincare

Why buy and use toxic substances bottled in plastic whenever you need to shave, shower or freshen up? You can do better. Be kinder to your skin and the planet: choose non-harmful and cruelty-free formulas that are wrapped in biodegradable materials. Like the soothing and handmade BUMI BARS which come in recycled paper packaging. These amazing vegan shampoo bars are free of palm oil, SLS, parabens and haven not been tested on animals. Keep your morning routine simple and effortless by just using the essentials. Less really is more. Dressed and ready for the day? Don't forget to pop on your pair of vegan sunglasses. MATT & NAT also makes those. No more squinting – let's protect that glorious skin and eyesight of yours!