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Corduroy Shorts Cloud
Brava Fabrics
Corduroy Shorts...
£ 43,41 £ 78,21
Gift Card For Sustainable, Vegan & Ethical Shopping
Shop Like You Give a Damn
Gift Card For S...
From £ 8,70
T-Shirt Black
T-Shirt Black
£ 17,31
Straight Jeans Samuel Mid Indigo Blue
Straight Jeans ...
£ 112,23
Eco Bio Two Strap Sandal Vegan Truffle (W/M/X) Grey
thies 1856
Eco Bio Two Str...
£ 43,46
Ecofoam Two Strap Sandal Khaki
thies 1856
Ecofoam Two Str...
£ 34,76
Shorts Flip Teal Green
Shorts Flip Tea...
£ 35,24 £ 45,24
Sneakers Ux-68 White
Sneakers Ux-68 ...
£ 156,59
Wood Flip Flop Sasha
Wood Flip Flop ...
£ 25,23 £ 60,03
Gen1 Sneakers Maize Beige
Gen1 Sneakers M...
£ 94,83 £ 129,63
Sneaker Street Vanilla
Sneaker Street ...
£ 165,29
Sneakers Fragment Low Ob Stone
Sneakers Fragme...
£ 103,53 £ 155,73
Gen1 Sneakers Grape Full White
Gen1 Sneakers G...
£ 129,63
Punchy Ankle Socks X3 Navy
Punchy Ankle So...
£ 14,36
Chino Dexter Regular Tapered Dark Navy
Chino Dexter Re...
£ 87,00
Sneakers Ux-68 Caramel
Sneakers Ux-68 ...
£ 121,17 £ 130,49
Sweatshorts Unisex Trainer Black
Sweatshorts Uni...
£ 32,10
Punchy Ankle Socks X3 Multi
Punchy Ankle So...
£ 14,36
Shorts Flip Clay Orange
Shorts Flip Cla...
£ 35,24 £ 45,24
Sneaker Jor Black
Sneaker Jor Bla...
£ 86,13
Gym Yilmaz Bomber
Gym Yilmaz Bomb...
£ 130,41 £ 173,91
Gen1 Sneakers All In
Gen1 Sneakers A...
£ 134,85
Eco Bio Two Strap Sandal Vegan Cognac
thies 1856
Eco Bio Two Str...
£ 43,46
Darco - Black
Darco - Black
£ 73,95
Lace-Up Boots Harley Black
Lace-Up Boots H...
£ 114,84
Polo Forest Green
Polo Forest Gre...
£ 46,07
Gen1 Sneakers Piñatex Full Yellow
Gen1 Sneakers P...
£ 94,83 £ 129,63
Unisex T-Shirt Organic Cotton Tillo Olive
Unisex T-Shirt ...
£ 17,31 £ 26,01
Origins Sneakers Trash White
Origins Sneaker...
£ 117,45
Sneakers Low Top Reclaim Black
Sneakers Low To...
£ 56,55
Sneaker Jor White
Sneaker Jor Whi...
£ 86,13

Discover our vegan, ethical and more sustainable men's fashion 🧑 

Don't feel like hitting the crowded shopping streets and wandering around endlessly? Dragging yourself from one shop to another until you're completely fed up because you haven't found your new go-to ethical and more sustainable men’s t-shirt or those fresh fair and vegan men’s sneakers you were looking for?

Do your shopping attempts always end up in frustration because you can't find more sustainable and plant-based men’s fashion items, accessories or vegan leather shoes? Or are you convinced that vegan and fair shopping just takes up too much time and energy?

No worries, we got you. 'Cause from now on, you'll be shopping for cruelty-free, fair and inclusive men's fashion straight from the comfort of your home. Shop Like You Give a Damn offers anything you could possibly look for as a vegan and eco-conscious guy in an online, sustainable department store. This means no more frustrating shopping sprees.

We have onboarded a great selection of vegan, fair, ethical, inclusive and more sustainable men's fashion brands and sellers to provide you with the utmost best when it comes to cruelty-free men's clothing items, accessories and shoes! 

Shop more sustainable, vegan and upcycled men's fashion online ♻️ 

Renewing your wardrobe by adding some contemporary pieces to the clothes you've already got is a piece of (plant-based) cake. We've got beautiful and ethical options when it comes to more sustainable men's fashion that'll allow you to freely mix and match with vegan leather men's shoes and ethical men's accessories. 

Are you into the effortless look? Check out the vegan, ethical and more sustainable men’s jeans from Kings of Indigo or a pair of upcycled jeans from MUD Jeans. Jeans go well with basically everything and are one of the essential clothing items that can help you build your everyday outfit.

We've also got a range of fair, more sustainable and socially responsible men’s hoodies and sweats, as well as cruelty-free and vegan knitwear for you to choose from. Pick your fave to match with the more sustainable men’s jeans, plant-based and environmentally friendlier men's trousers or pants. Everything you need to create your outfit for any occasion, in one place, including the right pair of vegan men's shoes to match with your brand new more sustainable pants. 

Fair, vegan and more sustainable men's shoes all in one place 👞 

Before hitting the streets with your brand new pair of vegan and more sustainable men’s smart shoes or plant-based and environmentally friendlier leather boots for men, you want to put on your new pair of comfy vegan socks made from Tencel. This innovative, breathable and socially responsible wood-based textile is great for the environment. You can read more about Tencel and other sustainable materials on our blog.

Now, if you're at home chilling, you’d definitely rather go for our more sustainable and cruelty-free men's flip flops from ECOALF, made of recycled car tires. Perhaps, if you’re more into sandals, a pair of environmentally friendlier, vegan sandals from Zouri might fit your needs. Comfortable and stylish, these shoes-alternatives will get you ready for a relaxing day at home. 

Fair, vegan and cruelty-free shoes for all men 👟 

Did you know that our sustainable brands and sellers design some kick-ass men’s vegan and environmentally friendlier shoes? We are talking about Ella & Witt, NAE, Will's Vegan Shoes and Beflamboyant. These vegan shoe champions (and many more) go beyond when it comes to men’s shoe design and the selection of more sustainable materials to do so! 

Go get your vegan and more sustainable sportswear, gentlemen 🏃 

Our vegan men's clothing collection is vast, and of course, it includes a men's sustainable fitness clothing section! Only the best ethical brands and more sustainable sellers who commit to activewear fashion for men can be found here. After you've picked your more sustainable sporty outfit, check out our cruelty-free men's shoes. You'll definitely find a nice vegan pair of sneakers for your run or a sturdy plant-based leather pair of boots for your hike. 

Swimming, climbing, running. You'll feel a lot fresher during and after the training by sporting our vegan and environmentally friendlier men’s sportswear, made from natural fibres. You'll notice that your practical and comfortable Saint Basics men’s shorts keep you hella cool, calm and collected. Even when you're on the treadmill and sweating like hell. 

And if picking up a huge bag of chips is all the weightlifting you actually do: nobody needs to know! Just trick 'em into thinking you're a gym pro by wearing your vegan, fair and more sustainable Pure Sportswear men’s shirt.

Wanna impress your gym crush with your sustainable and fair activewear men's fashion sense? Don't break a sweat! Shopping for men's clothing items, accessories and shoes here is easy, affordable, fair and better for the environment.

Animal-friendly bags for men: a different vegan bag for every need 🌱 

Versatility, practicality and usefulness. Bags are absolutely essential. All these more sustainable and cruelty-free men's bags are sturdy and will fulfil your everyday needs. 

Take a look at the fair and vegan men’s shoulder bags and socially responsible and more sustainable rolltop backpacks for men from GOT BAG, for example. Perfect bags to take with you when going to work, school or a festival. They offer all the space and compartments you could need and are made from circular and durable materials like recycled plastic. 

In case you want something more specific and tailored to your needs, we've got men's ethical laptop bags from our seller Unbegun. They make their laptop cases with recycled materials, ideal if you’re looking for a handmade and rock-solid laptop sleeve. 

Men’s cruelty-free and vegan accessories to complement your outfits ⌚

You've built your look for the party, with all the vegan men's fashion and plant-based leather shoes you could ever wish for. Now, there's nothing better than to finish off an outfit with a few ethical men's accessories. 

Got a job interview and want to show up looking as classy as Joaquin Phoenix on the red carpet? Check out our seller Votch, they’ve got the right environmentally responsible vegan watches for that. Browse through all the men’s ethical and cruelty-free accessory range we’ve curated for all of you.

When it comes to building a classy outfit, every men's clothing items and accessories matter. Pair your brand new, more sustainable men's trousers with a Watson & Wolfe’s vegan leather belt for men. A Fairma Ethical Design men’s bifold vegan and more sustainable wallets made of microfiber will help you organise all your cards and cash in the right place.

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