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All the cruelty-free face toners you’ve been looking for 😌

Vegan face toners are truly smart skincare inventions. They can prepare your skin for moisturisers and serum to be used, right after you wash it with a face cleanser. They can also refine rough patches to smooth your skin.  

Find some of the best plant-based face toners in the market right here, in this compilation of vegan brands and sellers that have been tasked with this wonderful mission that is to provide skincare products to all of us. 

Plant-based solutions: natural toners to balance your skin ​​🌿

Are you a green tea enthusiast? Well, one of the brands on our website, Fair Squared, offers an amazing Green Tea Facial Tonic. Perfect to help you start the day with a fresh and clean face. Obviously, all their ingredients are fair trade certified. 

Focused on providing vegan skincare products for people with sensitive skin, BAO Skincare also offers some toners that are beneficial to your skin. Hydrate and nourish your face in the morning or in the evening with one of the mist hydrating solutions they’ve come up with. 

Moisturise and soothe your skin with one of these vegan toners 💦

SMPL is another one of the sellers committed to making an environmental difference. They offer face toners suitable for all types of skin, including sensitive and easily irritable ones. 

Their products are vegan and multifunctional, like the face mist and toner they offer. A perfect vegan solution for dry skin! Always delivered to you packaged in sugarcane tubes or recycled plastic bottles. 

PHB is a pioneer family business that offers balancing and skin-soothing facial toners. With 100% naturally derived ingredients, their products are sold via our vegan and cruelty-free seller X Performance. Make sure to check them out!