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Find your perfect vegan makeup tools here

What good is all of your beautiful plant-based makeup if you don't have the right tools to apply it? Not much. Okay, for vegan lipstick or cruelty free mascara you don't need much more for applying than the product itself, but applying blush, highlighter, bronzer, foundation, eyeshadow and eyebrow powder is a bit easier with the right tools, such as sponges or brushes.

100% cruelty free and animal free brushes

Many make-up brushes are made from animal hair. Even brands that claim to be cruelty free sometimes sell natural make-up brushes made from animal fur. Not vegan. If you do a bit of research, you will see that most "natural" brushes are made from horse, squirrel, goat and mink hair. The chances are extremely high that these materials are not entirely obtained in an animal-friendly manner. So: a no go for you.

Fortunately, at Shop Like You Give a Damn you'll only find high-quality plant-based makeup brushes that are completely cruelty free and free from animal materials.

No cruelty on my plant-based makeup brush

For example, the professional vegan makeup brushes from SIGMA are specifically designed to surpass traditional animal hair. The brush is made from plant fibers that are antibacterial and hypoallergenic and retain their original shape and color even after several washes.

In addition, the handle is made of lightweight, durable wood with an 8-layer varnish, making them scratch-resistant and durable. Your face will love it. Every vegan brush has its own specialty and the capacity to bring out the best in your makeup (product).

100% cruelty free and vegan makeup, brushes and makeup accessories

Also check out our affordable makeup brushes from ECOTOOLS and BH COSMETICS, false lashes from QUEEN TARZI and GLAMLITE.

Your cruelty free make-up is completely on fleek, day after day, with the vegan make-up accessories from our range. So leave the Snapchat filters for what they are: you don't need them at all, honey.