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Men's Ties & Bow Ties

4 results
Jyoti Fair Works
Bow Tie Udhan B...
$ 38,67
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Jyoti Fair Works
Strik Udhan Bla...
$ 38,67
View Strik Udhan Bla...
Jyoti Fair Works
Bow Tie Farin G...
$ 38,67
View Bow Tie Farin G...
Jyoti Fair Works
Bow Tie Farin L...
$ 38,67
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More sustainable ties and bow ties for men: take your pick 👔

A necktie is an accessory usually worn by men, but let’s normalize it: anyone can wear it. It’s nothing more than a decorative piece of cloth tied into a knot, and the difference between a ‘’normal’’ tie and a bow tie is in the knot. 

Well, if you’ve been invited (or invited yourself) to an occasion where a fancy tuxedo or a suit will be necessary, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled ties and bow ties made with environmentally friendlier materials by socially responsible brands and sellers.

This way, you are safe to choose the one you like the most, without worrying about whether you’re harming animals, people or the planet in the process.

Ethical bow ties for the men looking to dress up 🤵

Our seller Jyoti - Fair Works has created some elegant and minimalistic bow ties for you to wear. Handsewn and dyed in India, they come in solid colours and are adjustable to your liking.

Now, if you’re more into bow ties with beautiful flower patterns or white stripes, Studio JUX has exactly what you need. Their bow ties are made with GOTS certified organic cotton! A great sustainable alternative to normal cotton. 

Vegan ties: Finish off the outfit 👨‍💼

Are you going back to the office and need to rock a formal business attire? We’ve got the skinny and standard ties for that. Choose from a varied selection of solid colours or stripes, always made with more sustainable practices or materials.