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Shop with compassion. No more than you need. And always vegan, fair and as sustainably as possible.

We founded this store because we dream of a world where veganism isn’t the exception, but the rule. A world where animals aren’t used to serve people, but can freely be. A world where humans and animals truly live in harmony.

Our mission is to make compassion and sustainability the new normal, by making ethical and mindful shopping really easy for you. That’s why we founded the largest online vegan department store for fair and sustainable products in Europe. For those who give a damn. 

We invite you to shop compassionately. Not only for the sake of people and sometimes even children, but also for all the animals that are being exploited on a large scale by the (fashion) industry. No need to choose between ethics and aesthetics: shopping for beautiful, fair fashion is easier than ever.

But be mindful and try to buy as little as possible, as the clothing industry has a huge impact on our planet. And we truly need way less than we think. But when you do buy something, make it a purchase that’s vegan, produced fairly and as sustainable as possible. A purchase that’s kind to all beings – to the animals, to our fellow humans and to all future generations. Shop like you give a damn!

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Our vision

On the world… and consuming

Not a week goes by without the media telling us about the environment and its current state, climate strikes, the pollution of our oceans and earth, climate change, pollution, our excessive use of plastic, the disastrous fast fashion industry, the alarming effects of factory farming and meat consumption, food waste, child labor and slavery in the chocolate and coffee industry, palm oil, oil in general, and all of those saddening farm fires nearby and sweatshops far away..

We’re guessing you’ve heard about these issues many times before. Maybe you hear about them every day. Maybe you’re sick of hearing about them. But one thing is pretty clear: something huge and important is going on here.

“Take a moment to reflect: which companies are you giving your hard-earned money to? Who and what are you supporting?”

We’re told that the industries that are polluting our earth must undergo major changes. Sure, we could continue to wait for those big companies to change. We could wait for the government to solve the climate crisis. Or... we can reflect on our own behaviour as consumers and be the change we want to see in the world. Yep, it’s pretty cliché (but true).

‘Cause the thing about living in this society of ours is that we’re able to vote with our wallets, every second of every day. And even the smallest purchases can make a big and direct impact on the brands and industries we’re buying from.

Which companies are you giving your hard-earned money to? What mission and values do they have? What brands are you supporting and helping to make a profit? Are you financially supporting the kind of world you want to live in?

Co-founder Kim started her career at an environmental organization where one of her colleagues once so strikingly said: maybe it doesn’t feel like you can make any significant changes on your own. How much of a difference can one person make, right? But don’t forget:

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

(We’re paraphrasing here so that the meaning of her words isn’t lost in translation.)

And the sum of all individuals striving for the same cause – a better planet for all beings – is incredibly powerful. It can make a lot of good stuff happen. Simply look at the enormous impact Greta Thunberg has on the world and the massive wave she’s created. So imagine: what would happen if suddenly everyone would stop buying meat and cheese? Ban everything that is not cruelty-free? If the masses would say 'no' to fast fashion?

Small steps and the ripple effect

We hear you thinking: never gonna happen. It’s a hypothesis which might not come to reality within the next ten or twenty years. But: it's a simple matter of supply and demand. The industry will stop producing whatever consumers will stop buying, as it doesn’t bring any profit. It's that simple.

Our mission is to make it as easy and accessible as possible to make vegan, fair and sustainable purchases – that way large, polluting, unethical industries will be urged to adjust their business and production processes accordingly. Companies will no longer get away with greenwashing, but will really have to clean up their act. That way, vegan, fair chain production, absolute transparency and sustainability will become the new normal.

So let’s join forces. Let’s vote every day – with our wallets, our forks, our heads and hearts. We can directly influence the world. Also, sustainability and doing good for the planet is contagious. The ripple effect is real.

And please don’t let yourself get overwhelmed and discouraged by everything that you feel needs to change. Just because you can’t change everything in the world, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do a thing: 

“Don’t do nothing because you can’t do everything. Do something. Anything.”

Wise words by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. She says: “At least do what you’re able and willing to do. But to not do anything at all because you think you have to do everything makes absolutely no sense. It’s the ultimate example of self-sabotage.”

Even if you do just a bit of researching, you’ll find that small steps in the right direction are actually not that hard at all. You’ll probably feel encouraged to change more and more aspects of your life... and while doing so you’ll inspire others to do the same. 

“More compassion, less shopping, more vegan, honest and sustainable purchases. All good, but: where do I start, for goodness sake?”

For years, many movements have committed themselves to manifesting change. Cruelty-free, plant-based, fair trade, slave-free, child labor-free, organic and eco-friendly products, solar panels, heat pumps, electric cars, renewable energy, circularity, recycling, upcycling, re-using, buying less stuff, producing less waste, sharing more... Yeah, you've heard it all before. Changes may not happen as quickly as we’d like them to, but they’re undeniably underway.

Slowly but surely, the masses become increasingly aware of the negative effects that their lifestyle has on the planet, other people, animals and their own health (despite their best intentions). People are starting to reject all that the misery.

We (Alex, Kim and Stephan) are no different: we’d like to make the world a better place. And we’d love to help you to do the same. Where to start, you ask? No worries, we got you. We’ll help you tick all the boxes on your shopping list.

We say: shop compassionately. No more than you need. And always vegan, fair and as sustainably as possible. That is kind to all beings on earth. Kind to our fellow animals, to our fellow people, to all future generations.

Veganism isn’t just about reducing (often hidden) animal suffering – it’s also a way to do something about the climate crisis and the unequal distribution of food. Switching to a vegan lifestyle is ‘the single biggest way’ to drastically reduce your ecological footprint. And if all of us would eat plant-based, there would be enough food for every human on the planet.

We probably don’t need to explain why fair working conditions and (re-)using more sustainable and local materials are awesome. And we’re pretty sure that you give a damn too. But, with so much greenwashing around, how can you know for sure that what you buy ticks all those sustainability boxes? That it’s really a better buy towards a better world? Well, that’s where we come in.

This online vegan department store is your one-stop shop for ethical shopping

You've come to the right place. Shop like you give a damn, at Shop Like You Give a Damn. Get to know us and read why we started this department store, learn which 5 meaningful ethical and environmental values our products are reflecting, why veganism is so important and what vegan fashion exactly is (and what isn’t).