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Cross Body Bag Dublin Light Purple
Cross Body Bag ...
£ 25,79 £ 47,29
Cork Toiletry Bag Blue
Watson & Wolfe
Cork Toiletry B...
£ 55,04
Combo Karel+Sam Army Green
Combo Karel+Sam...
£ 32,25
Backpack / Shoulder bag Cosmos Brown
Backpack / Shou...
£ 30,09 £ 55,89
Backpack Marseille Green
Backpack Marsei...
£ 83,68 £ 119,54
Sports/Travel Bag Brown
Sports/Travel B...
£ 38,69
Crossbody Bag Wilton Black
Watson & Wolfe
Crossbody Bag W...
£ 175,01
Bag Multifunctional Brown
Bag Multifuncti...
£ 173,72
Backpack / Shoulder Bag Cosmos Black
Backpack / Shou...
£ 30,09 £ 55,89
Crossbody Bag Lica Pale Blush
Crossbody Bag L...
£ 61,40 £ 102,34
Handbag Tate Black
Handbag Tate Bl...
£ 102,34
Crossbody Bag Elly White
Crossbody Bag E...
£ 42,14
AppleSkin Bag Elli Emerald Green
AppleSkin Bag E...
£ 145,34
AppleSkin Bag Elli Night Black
AppleSkin Bag E...
£ 145,34
Handbag Milano Black
Handbag Milano ...
£ 21,49 £ 42,99
Backpack Tokyo Black
Backpack Tokyo ...
£ 38,69 £ 68,79
Clutch Padova - Black
Clutch Padova -...
£ 72,24
Backpack Tokyo Sand
Backpack Tokyo ...
£ 38,69 £ 68,79
Clutch Padova Velvet - Green
Clutch Padova V...
£ 93,74
Shoulder Bag Black
Shoulder Bag Bl...
£ 60,16
Lily Golden
Lily Golden
£ 102,34
Shoulder bag Dawa Orange
Shoulder bag Da...
£ 60,16
Toiletry bag/Pencil case Blue
Jyoti Fair Works
Toiletry bag/Pe...
£ 24,94
Backpack Tokyo Brown
Backpack Tokyo ...
£ 38,69 £ 68,79
Natural Gokyo Backpack
Natural Gokyo B...
£ 107,50
Bag Stunning Seagul Black
Bag Stunning Se...
£ 60,16
AppleSkin Bag Elli Millennial Pink
AppleSkin Bag E...
£ 145,34
Backpack Annapurna Lilac and Pistachio
Backpack Annapu...
£ 98,90
Annapurna Backpack Green
Annapurna Backp...
£ 98,90
Green Nuptse Backpack
Green Nuptse Ba...
£ 136,74
Bag in Bag Pisa Oker
Bag in Bag Pisa...
£ 33,54 £ 53,32
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About our vegan & fair bags for women

How much does your bag resemble an Alice in Wonderlandesque rabbit hole, where everything magically seems to disappear in? And do you ever find yourself struggling to fit all of your stuff into a clutch, that could better be described as 'a slightly elaborate wallet'? Well, perhaps it’s time to split that difference and get yourself a brand new vegan bag that would fit both situations. At Shop Like You Give a Damn, you can find your favourite plant-based bag today.

From plant-based hip packs to sustainable shoppers

Here you'll find the perfect cruelty-free shoulder bag, clutch or handbag for any occasion, and made entirely without animal suffering. Whether your lifegoal is to spend all summer at festivals, or whether you're utilitarian in your choice of carry-ons: we have the right bag for you (and a fitting wallet to go with it).

Like our handy and sustainable shopping bags from SUSAN BIJL, to keep in a coat pocket for when you find yourself buying groceries at an unexpected moment. Or when you impulse buy that pair of shoes and would like to hide it from the world. All the bags you could want – signed, sealed and delivered right to your door, baby.

Animal-free designer bags made from vegan suede and micronappa

From recycled plastic bottles to vegan silk and from rubber to vegan suede. Eye-catching but still stylish, modern bags that are produced in a animal-friendly and eco-friendly way. With an ever-growing range of designs from brands such as DENISE ROOBOLNOAH and MATT & NAT, your options for purchasing a bag that won't eat away at your conscious is increasing by the day. Who doesn't love a good guilt-free shopping spree?

Put it in a pineapple

Another innovative material that's being used for designing beautiful vegan bags is Piñatex ('pineapple leather): a strong fabric made from pineapple fibers, extracted from waste from the pineapple industry. The production process is environmentally friendly and sustainable – so when you’re rocking a Piñatex bag, you can be sure you're being fashion-forward. Don’t just buy a bag: make the statement that you give a damn. We're obsessed with the fruity and metallic backpacks from KALIBER FASHION, made from pineapple leather. This must be the tastiest eyecatcher ever.

Plant-based light weight: small bag, big impact

When you're a girl who doesn’t have that much to carry (you smart woman!) or are just a big fan of traveling light, then a vegan WANA BANA mini bag might be the perfect match for you. These clutches are made with unique upcycled vintage prints, copied onto the plant-based leather exterior of the bag. The prints hail from Bogota, Amsterdam or Utrecht. In short: a real conversation starter and a statement look, all in one!

If you're more into minimalism, then take a look at our elegant handbags from INYATI, OSIER and FRAENCK. We're super obsessed with the glossy shoulder bags from HVISK, made from faux patent leather and available in the most fresh and stunning colors – from pink to midnight blue. Also worth checking out: the striking square-shaped handbags from LINEA, made from 'cork leather' and organic cotton. Yep, the days of bland plant-based fashion are long gone, girl.

New vegan backpack, new you

Your good ol' backpack was a true trooper... but it's time to say goodbye now. You ask: what to replace it with? Of course, it'll need to represent the new woman you’ve become since you bought your previous backpack, right?

No worries, we got you. Here, you'll find your new favourite vegan backpack that'll safely hold your tickets, books (or e-reader), phone, wallet, toiletry bagmakeup, dry shampoo, perfume, and even offers extra space for knickknacks. Extra compartments and handy storage options make it possible to have your lipstick or any other item within two seconds – without any searching or grabbing. #Sorrynotsorry Marilyn, 'cause backpacks are a girl's best friend.

Sustainable rucksack aka faithful companion fo' life

Are you the type of girl who doesn't really care if she breaks a nail? A girl who just rolls with the punches? Then take a look at our cool and sturdy vegan backpack from RAINS, made from water-repellent fabric. In our online vegan & fair department store, you can also get your hands on other durable, cruelty-free backpacks from conscious brands like BOLD BANANA, RAINSUCON ACROBATICS and LALU PRODUCTS. These sustainable bags are faithful companions and ready for the ride.

Business time: shop your plant-based laptop bag here

Yeah, you could just strut into the office with your canvas tote. We won't judge. But you’re a career-driven power woman, a real go-getter. And you want your bag to show that to everyone who crosses your path. Professionalism, that's what you're all about. So on your way to the top, you're looking for a sophisticated yet durable briefcase or laptop bag – without any animal-cruelty involved. Good news, girl: all of our vegan work bags are meeting these criteria.

The Canadian brand MATT & NAT really knows how to make a bag that'll suit all your professional needs: high-quality faux leather on the outside, lining made from recycled PET bottles on the inside. The messenger bags from FRAENCK are also super environmentally friendly. These beautiful bags are, in fact, handmade and produced from upcycled vegan leather and canvas.

Slow fashion activewear for fast #fitgirls

So you've spent a long day at the office, flaunting your stylish work bag. And after that, you're either off to a proper Netflix session on the couch (hello loungewear!) or the gym. Fully on-trend, of course – like a true #fitgirl. At the gym, you find it’s a toss up who gets more attention: your vegan activewear, your trendy trainers, your plant-based duffle bag, or you. Either way, you're winning at life – in cruelty-free womenswear.

Living from your cruelty-free suitcase

The holiday season is coming closer and the big question starts to dawn: how will I get all this sh*t into my suitcase? Every woman knows: a good suitcase is worth its weight in gold. Having room for your holiday impulse purchases and the gifts you’ve brought back for friends and fam, can seem impossible at times. But luckily you've foreseen that like a pro, and have all the space you need in your vegan suitcase or plant-based travel bag from a conscious brand like FRAENCK. Your faithful luggage for life, without any animal suffering: now that’s a damn good deal, isn't it?

Conscious shopping from fair chain brands: from cruelty-free cosmetics to plant-based pumps

Keep an eye on our online vegan & fair department store for brand new sustainable womenswear, shoes, bags, jewellerybeauty products, makeuphair care, and skincare. Plant-based shopping has never been this fun and hassle-free!

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