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Women's Key Rings

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Watson & Wolfe
Keyring Black
$ 20,06
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$ 6,79
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$ 6,79
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Ethical, vegan, more sustainable & cute keyrings for women 🔑

Make your keys more special with fair, vegan and eco-friendly women's keyrings. It won't take you ages to find your keys in your ethical, vegan and more sustainable women's bags & purses. And let's be honest. Plain keys might not put a smile on your face. But ethical women's keyrings made of vegan leather might, right?

Vegan, upcycled and cheap keyrings & keychains for her 💚

Are you looking for an ethical, vegan and more sustainable gift for her? The golden women's keyrings from Gunas send the perfect vegan message. Decorated by animals, it's one of the keyrings that guarantees a smile.

If you're looking for vegan and upcycled women's keyrings, you came to the right place. UNBEGUN offers cheap women's keyrings made from old market stall tarp covers. They are strong, water-repellent, handmade and locally produced in Amsterdam.

Or you could go for vegan and affordable women's keyrings from Ecowings. They are made with recycled rubber. So, if you need proof that upcycled rubber is an awesome alternative to animal leather, this is it.

Never lose your keys again: vegan & eco-friendly women's keyrings

These vegan, ethical and more sustainable women's keyrings can decorate your bag or belt, it's up to you. But one thing is sure. Losing your keys will be a thing of the past.

Will you go for women's keyrings that serve as small coin wallets from Matt & Nat? We wouldn't be surprised. Their vegan leather women's keyrings look super stylish. Or would you prefer simple and classic women's keyrings from Watson & Wolfe? They are made from vegan leather, are PVC-free and truly stunning.

If you love the combination of practical and beautiful, check out Melie Bianco. Their USB chargers are also women's keyrings made from vegan leather. How cool and handy is that?!