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Vegan, fair and more sustainable children's clothing and accessories!

Our children are becoming more and more aware of the influence that our lifestyles have on the planet. If children had a choice, they'd probably choose animal-free products. We both know they wouldn't hurt a fly.

Here you can find an ever-growing range of fun, vegan and fair children's clothing. But it doesn’t end there. We’ve got vegan and ethical children's shoes as well as stylish vegan and more sustainable children's accessories to match. 

When it’s time to go to kindergarten or school, check out these vegan and more sustainable children’s bags for them to carry their supplies in. Kids also deserve to have some fun! You can find entertaining, vegan and inclusive toys for children of all ages.

Inclusive, vegan and ethical clothes for your kids 🧒

Are you looking for children's clothing made with the softest sustainable materials? Then check out the Infantium Victoria collection.

We've got vegan, fair and more sustainable children’s jumpsuits that are made from organic cotton. Perhaps some comfy, cruelty-free and vegan children's knitwear is what you’re looking for. Stylish down to the smallest details - your child is never too young to be fashionable and look adorable!

Conscious kids: vegan, ethical and sustainable children's clothing 👕

Children's organic cotton clothing offers several advantages. The material is light and breathable, it is not subject to chemical bleaching processes that may irritate your child's skin, and is easy to wash.

The vegan, fair and more sustainable children's t-shirts and tops we offer are from brands like Oat Milk Club. They use 100% recycled packaging and 100% organic cotton for their clothing production.

Combine some of these with a vegan, fair and recycled pair of children’s jeans or trousers. Finish off by slapping on some cruelty-free and ethical children's sneakers and they'll be ready to go!

When it's wintertime, we've got to dress the children up! We haven't forgotten about the winter gear. That's why in our ethical children's clothing section you will also be able to find fair and more sustainable coats and jackets for your children. The necessary clothing for when it's raining or snowing outside. 

A pair of vegan, ethical and more sustainable footwear for your child!

No-fuss when putting shoes with laces on and off? Hurrah! Loafers make getting dressed sooo easy. Choose a pair of classy Will's Vegan Shoes, like some loafers (admit it, you want that too!) or a pair of fancy vegan ballerina flats for your child.

Going to school, walking on the street, and going on vacation. A pair of comfortable vegan sandals or, some NOAH's slip-on shoes can complement a sustainable and versatile closet for your little one. 

In case your child is attending a fancier occasion than their everyday business, such as a wedding, a recital or a graduation, we have the perfect vegan and ethical smart shoes for your children

Vegan, ethical and more sustainable accessories for children 🧢

Accessorise those winter outfits with a vegan and more sustainable pair of gloves and mittens or a wool-free vegan scarf for your child. With these accessories, your little ones are ready and prepped up to get to school on a freezy or rainy morning!

Shop vegan and ethical children’s accessories and toys online 🎈

Your time is precious, and your time with your children even more so. Shop for ethical children's clothing, children’s vegan shoes, more sustainable children’s accessories and ethical toys whenever it suits you. Buy a children's gift for your friends' kids from the comfort of your home.

To make sure your child can have fun at home, we have a selection of delightful children’s vegan and cruelty-free toys from our seller KarTent! These are made with recycled cardboard, and they stimulate active play. From assembling the toys, your children can even learn a bit about recycling!

Here, there is no hassle with busy changing rooms and crowded shops, no never-ending search for honestly produced vegan items. Shop Like You Give a Damn and take it easy. 

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