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Vegan, fair & sustainable shopping in the USA
14558 products in our department store

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These are the faces behind Shop Like You Give a Damn, established in 2018 by Alex, Kim and Stephan. Together, we started this online vegan, fair and sustainable department store – with big plans and a healthy dose of impatience to turn the retail industry upside down. Why? Find out below. Or dive into our mission to make compassion and sustainability the new normal, and which (of the) 14 ethical & sustainability criteria the brands on our marketplace are meeting!


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Why we started this online vegan & fair department store

Veganism is our starting point. As passionate vegans we were frustrated with how difficult it was to find stylish vegan products online. It’s why we started our own online vegan department store, Shop Like You Give a Damn. 

We ‘simply’ wanted a large collection of beautiful, ethical clothing, shoes and bags to choose from, where we could shop with peace of mind and never had to (triple) check any labels ever again. We know what it’s like to worry about whether your order really is fully vegan – just to find out that it isn’t when you’re finally holding it in your hands.

Before, whenever we bought something online, we could never really know for sure if an item was 100% vegan until it arrived. A nice wool-free sweater or a pair of jeans that turned out to have a leather label sewn in, for example. Not to mention shopping for vegan shoes: finding a high-quality pair that’s made with vegan glue was a tough job. Luckily there are many beautiful brands with the best certificates and mission statements to choose from these days, but their collections are often scattered throughout several small online shops.

We found it really hard to find a broad online range of stylish vegan clothing, shoes, bags, jewellery, accessories, cosmetics and skin care products that wasn’t just guaranteed vegan, but also free from all other types of slavery and exploitation (fair chain) and produced as sustainably and locally as possible.

That’s why we wanted to found the largest online vegan & fair department store in the Netherlands, Europe, and maybe one day even the world. At last, it’s possible to shop ethically, confidently and stylishly. We were our own first customers.

We give a damn. Do you?

This online vegan & fair department store gives a damn about the planet, and encourages you to do the same. Shop compassionately. And as little as possible. But when you do buy something, make it a vegan, honest and sustainable purchase.