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Starter Kit Sustainable Cleaning with 12 Eco-Xtabs™
Starter Kit Sus...
£ 42,96 £ 61,92
Degreaser Cleaning Pods
Degreaser Clean...
£ 8,56
Washing Bag GuppyFriend
Washing Bag Gup...
£ 11,09
DIY Candle Making Kit
Label my Light
DIY Candle Maki...
From £ 17,20
Reusable Shoppinglist
Moyu Notebooks
Reusable Shoppi...
From £ 4,26
Toiletry bag/Pencil case Blue
Jyoti Fair Works
Toiletry bag/Pe...
£ 24,94
Notebook Ring Binder A5 Pink Planter
Moyu Notebooks
Notebook Ring B...
From £ 23,18
Erasable Notebook Ring Binder A5 Stone Paper Purple Paradise
Moyu Notebooks
Erasable Notebo...
From £ 23,18
Productivity Box Essential Variant
Moyu Notebooks
Productivity Bo...
£ 25,76 £ 31,73
Productivity Box Premium Variant
Moyu Notebooks
Productivity Bo...
£ 34,36 £ 40,25
9 Side Notes 10 x 8 cm
Moyu Notebooks
9 Side Notes 10...
From £ 4,26
Week Planner Blue
Moyu Notebooks
Week Planner Bl...
£ 25,76
Month Planner A4
Moyu Notebooks
Month Planner A...
From £ 5,98
Erasable Agenda A5 Business Black
Moyu Notebooks
Erasable Agenda...
£ 25,76
Notebook Ring Binder A6 Navy
Moyu Notebooks
Notebook Ring B...
£ 14,58
Notebook Pride Limited Edition
Moyu Notebooks
Notebook Pride ...
£ 23,18
Hamam Towel XL Grey
Atelier Jungles
Hamam Towel XL ...
£ 34,36
Mini Starter Kit Microfiber Filter
Mini Starter Ki...
£ 68,37
Erasable Power Placemat Stone Paper
Moyu Notebooks
Erasable Power ...
From £ 7,70
Erasable Agenda A5 Lovely Leaf
Moyu Notebooks
Erasable Agenda...
£ 25,76
Notebook Ring Binder A5 Dear Daisy
Moyu Notebooks
Notebook Ring B...
From £ 23,18
Rug Heavy Weave 60x90
AAI made with love
Rug Heavy Weave...
£ 37,84 £ 47,30
A4 Erasable Notebook Rock Paper Misty Mountain
Moyu Notebooks
A4 Erasable Not...
£ 30,06
Scented Candle Blossom Large Clear
Scented Candle ...
£ 32,25
Hanging Lamp Tarwin Cardboard
Hanging Lamp Ta...
£ 67,94
 Peshtemal Mete Rose & Salt Beige
Peshtemal Mete...
£ 35,26
Cushion Cover Bina Dark Yellow
Loft and Daughter
Cushion Cover B...
£ 34,40
XL Starter Kit Microfiber Filter
XL Starter Kit ...
£ 124,27
Notebook Ring Binder A4 Navy
Moyu Notebooks
Notebook Ring B...
£ 30,06
A5 Erasable Notebook WWF x MOYU Flamingo
Moyu Notebooks
A5 Erasable Not...
£ 23,18
A4 Erasable Notebook Rock Paper Dear Daisy
Moyu Notebooks
A4 Erasable Not...
£ 30,06
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Shop our vegan, fair and more sustainable homeware products online 🏡 

Being vegan covers all aspects of life. This includes everything from the food you eat to the homeware products you use every day. Like our clothing items, cosmetics and accessories, our homeware products are vegan, ethical and more sustainable. 

We are committed to onboarding vegan brands and more sustainable sellers that commit to the conservation of the environment. These environmental pioneers share our principle of leaving the animals out of the equation when it comes to designing homeware products.

Our department store has all the ethical homeware products and more sustainable furniture you could ever wish for! 

More sustainable and ethical pieces of art to decorate your vegan home

What’s a vegan without an aesthetic instagrammable meal? Look no further, we have all the environmentally friendlier homeware products you need to make sure you can create that. 

Awaken your inner chef with our more sustainable kitchen tools and ethical tableware! Our beautifully handmade ceramic dining sets from The Table will ensure enjoyable vegan meals AND cute photos. Check out our cruelty-free and vegan kitchen and dining supplies.

Our more sustainable home decor collection has been curated to make sure everything is vegan and cruelty-free. We’ve got ethical vases and fair plantersHandcrafted plant-based baskets can also be a great home to your brand new plants: multi-use homeware products! 

Ethical and more sustainable homeware products for lower waste ♻️

Living a sustainable lifestyle is nothing out of this world. If anything it makes a lot more sense. Most items like ear swabs, cotton pads and straws are used once and disposed of.

Be kinder to your wallet and the planet! Make the switch to reusable items like zero-waste or low-waste homeware products. 

We’ve got washable cotton pads sold by our seller Sophie Stone. Check out the stainless-steel straws and bamboo toothbrushes sold by thegreenlabels. These reusable and compostable homeware products will help you transition to a lower waste lifestyle. 

Low-waste bathroom: reduce your impact by choosing vegan textiles 🛁 

Cocoon yourself in animal-friendly textile softness right out of the shower with our vegan and cruelty-free cotton towels from Atelier Jungles. Committed to ethical production with family ateliers in Turkey, they can help you turn your bathroom into a sustainable spa.

Fair and vegan Hammam towels are great! These traditional cotton yarn towels can also be found in our homeware textile section. Ethical and cruelty-free washcloths are amazing alternatives for the sustainable homeware products you find in your bathroom too. 

Vegan and cruelty-free candles: create the perfect atmosphere 🕯️

Our growing collection of gorgeous vegan and cruelty-free candles with natural herbal and floral oils is a luxurious addition to your home. These scented, more sustainable candles that come from Atelier Warm, Hustle and Spice and The Very Good Candle Company can be a great finishing touch to your bathroom.

The more sustainable and cruelty-free yoga-mats of your dreams 🧘

100% natural rubber, a recyclable microfibre surface and water-based inks. FITTASTIC produces vegan, more sustainable and durable yoga mats. They're also in the business of creating accessories, such as sustainable and ethical yoga blocks and cruelty-free yoga straps.

This way, you can make sure to care for the mind and body as well as the environment. Not to mention, their unique marble patterns are beautiful! The best part is that you will be able to use these yoga mats in the comfort of your home, but also be able to take them to a yoga studio if you feel like it. 

If you're on the path to becoming a fitter version of yourself, our ethical and more sustainable sports gear section will definitely have the equipment you're looking for! Create an environment that's inviting to exercising at your home with these sportsy homeware products. 

Vegan and more sustainable stationery: cruelty-free notebooks 📓 

The traditional luxury and extravagance of leather-bound notebooks are things of the past, no need for all that cruelty. Ecowings have sleek and professional-looking clasped notebooks made from recycled rubber from the inner tubes of Indian truck tires.

What if there was no need to ever buy a notebook again? MOYU has created beautiful notebooks that are erasable and took 0 trees to make. With pages made from stones, your office space can take that extra step towards becoming zero-waste. Pair that with an ethical and more sustainable pencil case and you're good to go.

Your home office space deserves socially responsible stationery accessories and environmentally friendlier furniture. More sustainable homeware products for the win!

Fewer microplastics: wash your vegan clothes sustainably 🧪 

Common homeware products contribute to polluting our environment with waste, but also with chemicals. It’s important to take into account that our household products can be plant-based, vegan and ethical as well, and we thought of that for you.

With Werfzeep's vegan, organic and cruelty-free soap, cleaning your dishes won’t flush any pollutants down with your food. Take care of your home with these environmentally friendlier homeware products. 

When it comes to laundry, we always want our clothes to smell fresh and look clean at all times. But, what about the microplastics released in every wash? We've got a solution for these often used homeware products. Guppyfriend has created the perfect washing bags for you to safely wash your clothes. 

Read more about veganism and low-waste with these books 💚 

We'd love to make it easy (and fun!) for you to shop cruelty-free lifestyle & homeware products that are honest, plant-based and free of harmful ingredients.

Here you'll find everything you need to make your home more sustainable. So browse your heart out, beautiful. Grab a more sustainable book about ethics in the fashion industry or even veganism if you feel like it!