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Men's Swimwear

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Vanilla Sand
Swim Shorts Pep...
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Vanilla Sand
Swim shorts Coc...
$ 122,87
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Fair and more sustainable swimwear for men 🏖️

When summer is around the corner, you know it’s time to take your swimwear out of the wardrobe and get it ready for the pool or the sea! 

Whether you’re going to your local swimming pool or to a friends’ house - perhaps even on a holiday, here is where you will find more sustainable men’s swimwear.

Our brands and sellers are committed to creating men’s swimwear with environmentally friendlier materials and promoting fairness and transparency throughout the process. 

Vegan swimming shorts for men: go for a swim on the beach 🩳 

Loose-fitting or tight, swimming trunks are extremely popular! They’re kind of like brief shorts - comfortable and make sure that everything’s covered up. Not only that, but they’re also stylish and multi-purpose. 

You can wear swimshorts to go swimming, surfing and even sun-bathing. We’ve selected a bunch of pieces in this men’s swimwear section for you to choose from, in a variety of colours and patterns. 

Our friends from Brava Fabrics have created some really fresh swimming trunks with extravagant patterns. Because taking responsibility for the environment is at the core of their values, they use 100% recycled polyester for their men’s swimwear collection. 

Water sports: passion and respect for the environment 🌊

The brand Bleed, originally part of Bleed Clothing, is a sports-focused sustainability champion. So much so that they’ve created Econyl boardshorts for you to go surfing while wearing the coolest swimming trunks for men out there. 

Men’s swim briefs: ethical swimwear for a pool day 🩲 

Have you ever heard of a speedo? They’re timeless and the old-school, classic swimwear piece for men. Very much like briefs, they don’t really cover your legs. So be your most confident self and show off those thighs! If they feel comfortable, it’s a yes for me.