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Men's Face Masks

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5er Mask Bundle...
$ 38,67
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5 Mask Bundle- ...
$ 38,67
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Face Mask Solid...
$ 7,08$ 12,98
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Face mask Carik...
$ 8,26$ 15,34
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Saint Basics
Face Mask Navy
$ 5,85$ 11,71
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Saint Basics
Face Mask Aqua ...
$ 5,85$ 11,71
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Saint Basics
Face Mask Cloud...
$ 5,85$ 11,71
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Saint Basics
Face Mask Coral...
$ 5,85$ 11,71
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Saint Basics
Face Mask Jaffa...
$ 5,85$ 11,71
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Be safe with one of these more sustainable face masks for men 😷

Wearing a face mask has become increasingly more important nowadays. Whether you’re going around the city and have to take public transport, or perhaps to board a plane and go on your summer vacation. 

Face masks hold back droplets and prevent you from spreading and contracting any airborne infectious germs. Make sure you and everyone around you is safe with one of our vegan face masks for men. 

Reduce your waste with these reusable face masks for men 🦠 

Every time we make use of a surgical and disposable face mask for a few hours, we must dispose of them appropriately. Either because we’ve used it for too long, or it has been protecting you in a potentially dangerous area, it’s time for them to go.

But what if you could make use of them again? Well, we’ve compiled brands and sellers that offer men’s face masks that can be washed and reused. This way, you don’t have to waste a face mask every time you need to leave the house. 

Earth tones and washable men’s face masks 🌎

Stylish and breathable, the face masks made by are the ones to look out for. Made of linen and cotton, these can be washed and reused - the perfect way to reduce waste and keep your face mask for as long as it fits you. 

Made by fairly compensated workers in their factories in Nepal, the face masks offered by Studio JUX also come in minimalistic earth tones. Make sure to check out their collection before you make a decision! 

Going on a trip? Choose a face mask that matches your outfit  ✈️ 

We’ve also thought of the families going abroad together! Here you can find sets of multiple face masks in different colours, to please everyone. You can choose between sets of 5, 8 or even 10 face masks from our different brands and sellers. 

Our seller Sabinna’s goal is to create ethical fashion without compromising on aesthetics. The face masks they’ve made are comfortable and fashionable: choose your preference between striped and checked, and you’re all good to go. 

BORO*MINI also offers family packs! With fun prints on their face masks, these are handmade for adults and children. They’re made of leftover pieces of fabric, making every face mask distinctive and special.