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9510 results

Shop vegan, ethical and more sustainable women's fashion online 💚

Living a conscious and sustainable lifestyle? There's no need to compromise your style and appearance. We make shopping for vegan, ethical and more sustainable women's fashion easy and fun!

So, if you prefer leaving behind a good impression instead of a harmful footprint... you came to the right place. Our vegan, ethical & environmentally responsible women's clothing, shoes, bags and accessories will leave you speechless.. Made with the well-being of humans, animals and nature in mind.

Have you already met our vegan, ethical and sustainable brands for women's fashion? Then, you know that our women's collection ain't only for tree huggers. Although we sure love our trees! And we adore women's clothing made from bamboo, Tencel or other sustainable types of wood.

Ready for making compassion and sustainability the new normal for shopping? We sure are.

More than a trend: vegan, fair & more sustainable women's clothing 🌍

With us, you'll find the fair and durable women's clothing items of your dreams. High-quality, durable, free from animal products and ethically made.

Our hundreds of pioneering sustainable fashion sellers have an important message for everyone. Sustainable women's fashion isn't just ethical, but is damn stylish too. But you should judge that for yourself! So, check out our vegan, ethical, more sustainable yet fashionable women's clothing.

Find yourself some beautiful animal-free, ethical and durable women's dresses. Or do you need some comfy socially and environmentally responsible women's coats & jackets ?

Also, don't forget about our beautiful ethical & environmentally friendly women's swimwear. Or comfy vegan & durable women's activewear and cruelty-free and fair women's jeans. Oh, there's much more!

Where and how to shop for vegan, fair & eco-friendly women's clothing

In our online department store, you truly have plenty of fair and sustainable brands to choose from. Will you go for women's fashion from Mud Jeans, Infinitdenim or Kings of Indigo? Or you can't wait to discover ethical clothing from People Tree, Armedangels and Ilk + Ernie?

A tip: use our filters on materials, criteria or certifications. Interested in women's clothing made from organic hemp or recycled plastic bottles? Would you prefer to buy from circular fashion brands? Or do you love wearing GOTS-certified women's clothing? Our filters make your shopping smoother!

From heels to sneakers: beautiful vegan and ethical women's shoes 👡

Meet the vegan, ethical and more sustainable women's shoes of your dreams. Check out our hip vegan and more sustainable women's trainers & sneakers. And our stylish vegan and more sustainable women's pumps & heels.

Our women's shoes are made with more sustainable materials. Think of GOTS-certified organic cotton, vegan apple leather, pineapple leather and recycled fabric.

A fair warning: our wonderful ethical & sustainable women's shoes are quite irresistible. Find comfortable and stylish classics with Will’s Vegan Shoes, Nae or Mireia Playà. And we gotta mention Beflamboyant, All My Eco, Matt & Nat and NOAH Italian Vegan Shoes too. So, leave a positive footprint (literally) with these ethical & more sustainable women's shoes.

Style & ethics: stunning vegan and fair bags & purses for women 👜

Sustainability, ethics and style can go hand in hand. Check out our vegan, ethical and more sustainable women's bags & purses. It's cruelty-free, but the cool (vegan) leather look is guaranteed.

Searching for the best vegan, ethical & durable women's backpacks? They are spacious enough to carry, organise or hide all your stuff in. Say goodbye to playing hide-and-seek with your phone or wallet in your handbag from Trashious or MAGNETHIK.

Looking for plant-based bags designed with a luxurious feel for a night out? Would you go for vegan bags made from apple or pineapple leather, cork, or recycled materials? No problem. We got it all.

Check out our cruelty-free & ethical women's handbags. And our vegan & more sustainable women's shoulder bags too.

Spice it up: vegan, ethical & more sustainable women's accessories

As the saying goes… vegan and fair trade accessories are a woman's best friend. Finish your vegan outfit with beautiful handmade earrings or bracelets. In need of stunning women's watches made from vegan leather? Oh, say no more. Just check out our vegan, ethical & more sustainable women's accessories.

We have plenty of gorgeous vegan, ethical and more sustainable jewellery. You'll find jewellery fairly made by hand and with love from recycled gold, silver or brass. Flash dem plant-based gems and shine bright like a (cruelty-free) diamond.

Have a look at Ana Dyla, Flawed or Young Frankk. And definitely don't miss out on Wildthings and A Beautiful Story.

Environmentally responsible women's watches, face masks and more ⌚

For as long as they’re necessary: find some eco-friendly women's face masks made from upcycled and organic materials. Need a tip? Check out Sabinna and

And discover our vegan, ethical and more sustainable women's watches made with vegan leather. We hope you've heard of Votch already. This wonderful seller of ours makes splendid women's vegan watches from Piñatex and stainless steel mesh.

Enjoy the summer with beautiful and more sustainable women's sunglasses from social entrepreneurs. Take Pala Eyewear, for example. This brand funds eyecare projects across Africa. And their unique sunglasses cases from recycled plastic are made by Ghanaian artisans. Awesome!

Your go-to place for vegan, fair & eco-friendly women's fashion 💚

Oh, we know. There are so many wonderful vegan, ethical and more sustainable women's fashion items to discover and wear proudly. But remember. Shop compassionately. And as little as possible. But always vegan, fair and sustainable. Have fun at Shop Like You Give a Damn!

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