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Dress Laavi Flower Sprin...
$ 69,90
View Dress Laavi Flower Sprin...
Fera Libens
Thalia Sandals - Black
$ 67,20$ 79,00
View Thalia Sandals - Black
Viktoriaa Flower Sprinkl...
$ 119,90
View Viktoriaa Flower Sprinkl...
All My Eco
Sneakers AMEs Perky Papr...
$ 99,00$ 150,00
View Sneakers AMEs Perky Papr...
Oat Milk Club
Tee Unisex More Pasta Le...
$ 25,00
View Tee Unisex More Pasta Le...
Kings of Indigo
Denim Jacket Ota Light B...
$ 149,99
View Denim Jacket Ota Light B...
Slingback Flats Beth - B...
$ 99,00
View Slingback Flats Beth - B...
People Tree
Maxi Dress Morgan
$ 119,00
View Maxi Dress Morgan
Kings of Indigo
$ 129,99
View BENTEN Skirt
$ 179,95
GURU mtp
Gorille Ankle Boots with...
$ 120,00
View Gorille Ankle Boots with...
All My Eco
Sneakers AMEs Captivatin...
$ 99,00$ 150,00
View Sneakers AMEs Captivatin...
Dress Xeniaa Multistripe...
$ 99,90
View Dress Xeniaa Multistripe...
Oat Milk Club
Make Hummus not War Tee ...
$ 27,00
View Make Hummus not War Tee ...
Thinking MU
Skirt Tugela Stone Hemp
$ 79,90
View Skirt Tugela Stone Hemp
Mireia Playà
Sandals Hilary Black
$ 119,00
View Sandals Hilary Black
Marjolein Elisabeth
Jip Trousers Night Blue
$ 69,98$ 139,95
View Jip Trousers Night Blue
Sneakers UX-68 Sand
$ 119,00
View Sneakers UX-68 Sand
Oat Milk Club
Milk For Humans - Organi...
$ 25,00
View Milk For Humans - Organi...
Marjolein Elisabeth
Skirt Anne Safari
$ 119,95
View Skirt Anne Safari
Brava Fabrics
Oversized Blouse Tile
$ 74,90
View Oversized Blouse Tile
Oat Milk Club
Kill nothing but Time - ...
$ 25,00$ 30,00
View Kill nothing but Time - ...
Marjolein Elisabeth
Floor Trousers Dark Blue
$ 54,50$ 109,00
View Floor Trousers Dark Blue
Good Krama
Skirt Dara Navy
$ 30,00$ 98,00
View Skirt Dara Navy
Kristen T-Shirt Blush
$ 28,50$ 57,00
View Kristen T-Shirt Blush
Kings of Indigo
Jeans LEILA Ecru
$ 139,99
View Jeans LEILA Ecru
Turtle Neck Top - Off Wh...
$ 59,00
View Turtle Neck Top - Off Wh...
Bucket Hat Sunshine Yellow
$ 29,95
View Bucket Hat Sunshine Yellow
Shorts Itiaa Black
$ 59,90
View Shorts Itiaa Black
Humans Are Vain
Sustainable Sneaker 'Ede...
$ 113,00
View Sustainable Sneaker 'Ede...
Humans Are Vain
Sustainable Sneaker 'Tid...
$ 113,00
View Sustainable Sneaker 'Tid...
Sneaker Hope Black Zwart...
$ 145,00
View Sneaker Hope Black Zwart...
Jacket Milfontes - Green...
$ 112,00
View Jacket Milfontes - Green...
Shop Like You Give a Damn
Gift Card for Sustainabl...
$ 25,00
View Gift Card for Sustainabl...
Jan 'n June
T-shirt Nina
$ 42,00
View T-shirt Nina
Slingback Flats Beth - B...
$ 99,00
View Slingback Flats Beth - B...
Rita Row
Dress Jianna Mustard
$ 180,00
View Dress Jianna Mustard
Kings of Indigo
$ 109,99
View Denim Skirt NEFERTITI
Risorse Future
Low Scout Hazelnut
$ 129,00
View Low Scout Hazelnut
Wrap Skirt - Aqua Print
$ 148,00
View Wrap Skirt - Aqua Print
Culotte Wrap Jumpsuit - ...
$ 198,00
View Culotte Wrap Jumpsuit - ...
Thinking MU
Top Heidi Black
$ 54,90
View Top Heidi Black
Slip Dress Tencel Rust
$ 114,95
View Slip Dress Tencel Rust
Leopard Loafers Silver
$ 115,00
View Leopard Loafers Silver
$ 159,95
Dress Beantaa
$ 119,90
View Dress Beantaa
Risorse Future
Rucksack Hemp Beige
$ 85,00
View Rucksack Hemp Beige
T-Shirt The Unisex White
$ 29,90
View T-Shirt The Unisex White
Sneakers UX-68 Leopard
$ 119,00
View Sneakers UX-68 Leopard
Culotte Karolinaa Black
$ 69,90
View Culotte Karolinaa Black
Blouse Yrsaa Flower Spri...
$ 69,90
View Blouse Yrsaa Flower Spri...
Humans Are Vain
T-Shirt Organic Cotton '...
$ 38,00
View T-Shirt Organic Cotton '...
Sneakers Dominique Suede...
$ 139,00
View Sneakers Dominique Suede...
All My Eco
Sneakers AMEs Shiny Silv...
$ 110,00$ 170,00
View Sneakers AMEs Shiny Silv...
Dress Madalenaa Black
$ 59,90
View Dress Madalenaa Black
Humans Are Vain
Sneaker Sustainable Tide...
$ 57,00$ 151,00
View Sneaker Sustainable Tide...
Sandals Gatria Coral
$ 99,00
View Sandals Gatria Coral
Sneakers UX-68 White
$ 119,00
View Sneakers UX-68 White
Humans Are Vain
Hemp Sneaker 'Hempy' - N...
$ 104,00
View Hemp Sneaker 'Hempy' - N...
Dress Porto Covo
$ 110,00
View Dress Porto Covo
Thinking MU
T-shirt Hemp - Mustard...
$ 50,00
View T-shirt Hemp - Mustard...
Sandals Kajam Brown
$ 79,00
View Sandals Kajam Brown
Backpack Klak Rose
$ 89,90
View Backpack Klak Rose
Heeled Sandal Cora - Cor...
$ 95,00
View Heeled Sandal Cora - Cor...
Marjolein Elisabeth
Dress Roos Metallic Stri...
$ 90,46$ 129,95
View Dress Roos Metallic Stri...
Marjolein Elisabeth
Dress Jolein Yellow
$ 129,95
View Dress Jolein Yellow
Risorse Future
Long Scout Beige
$ 129,00
View Long Scout Beige
Top Tuaa Multistripes Be...
$ 59,90
View Top Tuaa Multistripes Be...
The Vegang World
Hoodie Palm Tree Cotton Pink
$ 54,00
View Hoodie Palm Tree Cotton Pink
The Vegang World
Crewneck The Best Things...
$ 47,00
View Crewneck The Best Things...
T-Shirt The Unisex Black...
$ 29,90
View T-Shirt The Unisex Black...
Will's Vegan Shoes
Huarache Footbed Sandals...
$ 95,00
View Huarache Footbed Sandals...
Sandals Gatria Black
$ 99,00
View Sandals Gatria Black
$ 159,95
Blouse Shanti Embroidere...
$ 149,95
View Blouse Shanti Embroidere...

About our vegan & fair womenswear

Living a conscious lifestyle and don’t want to compromise on your style and appearance? Do you prefer leaving behind a good impression instead of a harmful footprint? Then you’ll probably choose to buy clothing, underwear and accessories that are made with the well-being of humans, animals and nature in mind. After exploring the best brands in our vegan and fair department store, you’ll know two things for sure: veganism isn't a thing that treehuggers do, although we sure love our trees! (Luckily you've come to the right place to shop for plant-based accessories that are made from bamboo and other sustainable types of wood.) 

Refined fair fashion for women

Shopping from home? Looking for a range of exclusive fair and vegan brands in one place, while refusing to contribute to the dark side of the fast fashion industry? In our online department store you'll find vegan, fair chain (and affordable) fashion that's sourced and produced as sustainably as possible. We also offer vegan women's and men's shoes, sustainable accessories and trendy vegan bags – there's a continuously growing range of high-quality items to choose from.

Shop vegan and buy with compassion

We believe in buying with compassion. And as little as possible. But always vegan, fair and as sustainable as possible. The advantages? A better world without the unnecessary suffering of humans and animal. No child labor, no testing on animals, less harmful production methods for a better environment and the normalization of animal-friendly shopping.

Animal-free brands for honest women

Based on 14 criteria, we've selected the best brands and sellers. Whenever you view any of the products in our vegan & fair department store, you can also view the 'criteria labels' and that way select your purchase on basis of the criteria that are most important to you. Our range consists of brands that are 100% vegan, socially active, plastic-free, circular, and fair chain. Some even use recycled materials from factories that are furnished as sustainably as possible. Everything is possible.

Find your fair trade outfit here

Shopping vegan fashion makes more impact than you might think. Many of our fashion brands work with pure, natural fibres and fabrics. That way you're not polluting the environment with microplastics while washing your clothes. Besides, your skin loves being covered in soft vegan materials that are breathable. And did you know that the materials that are being used for vegan bags, clothing and shoes are usually more durable than conventional (synthetic) materials?

From sustainable little black dress to pumps made of pineapple leather

From tops and blouses to the famous (and oh-so-practical) little black dress: we've got it all for you. In a whiff you can put together an entirely new look with one of the t-shirts, trousers or dresses from PEOPLE TREE, ARMEDANGELS or another honest brand. Vamp it up in the evening by switching your MATT & NAT ballerinas for pair of fierce NOAH pumps. Or for the classic ankle boots from NAE, that go with pretty much every outfit. From there, all you need to do is simply dance the night away – with your feet comfortably covered in faux suede or pineapple leather.

The most beautiful plant-based lingerie 

Pair your stylish vegan outfit with a pair of sustainable, plant-based underwear. We've curated a beautiful (and comfortable!) selection of lingerie that'll make you feel at ease, all throughout the day. Knickers or thongs that are soft and stretchy. Or a stunning bra so comfortable that you don't even feel it. We're in love with the underwear from brand like OLLY LINGERIE and SAINT BASICS. Plant-based underwear is mostly made from materials such as (organic) cotton, certified 'green' tule (a mix of lycra and polyamide), tencel, elastane and even eucalyptus (yes, really!). Using such materials is a lot kinder to the environment – and apart from that, they just feel really great on your skin.

Flash dem plant-based gems

An outfit isn't finished until you've added the right fair trade and vegan accessories. Throw a pair of unique earrings or one of our handmade bracelets and statement necklaces in the mix to take your look to the next level. Brands like WILDTHINGS, A BEAUTIFUL STORY and ANA DYLA offer gorgeous jewellery, made by hand and with love. Each and every one of these pieces are eco-friendly, free from animal products, cruelty-free and have been honoured with a Fairtrade certificate. Shine bright like a (cruelty-free) diamond!

Italian design vegan bags and clutches

Living sustainably and stylishly is certainly possibly. Travel in style with a luggage set, a weekend bag or a durable lightweight suitcase. In the NOAH bag collection you'll find some stunning vegan bags made from micronappa: a high-quality microfibre material similar to nappa leather. It's 100% cruelty-free, but it feels and looks like real leather. The MATT & NAT bag collections also feature amazing models: from practical plant-based crossbody bags to minimalist animal-friendly wallets.

The plant-based luxury life

Our plant-based bags are designed with a luxurious feel and finish. But that's not all: these pieces also make life a lot easier – by their practical features. And by being spacious enough to carry, organise or hide all your stuff in. No more panic attacks while searching for your phone or wallet, that always seem to be playing hide-and-seek in your handbag when you need them. And from now on, you're keeping your vegan make-up at hand in a cruelty-free toiletry bag, 'cause you're smart and have no time to waste.

100% cruelty-free beauty products

Here's a fun challenge: give yourself (and your vanity) a vegan, cruelty-free makeover. It's easy, 'cause we've already curated the best vegan cosmetics for you! Here in our webshop, you can find beautiful and pigmented eyeshadow palettes, long-lasting lipstick, waterproof mascara, smudge-proof eyeliner and many other completely cruelty-free makeup products. But you've also come to the right place for soothing care products to pamper your hair and skin with. Give your skin a lovely boost with one of our cruelty-free scrubs. Or nourish your skin with a vegan face cream or body lotion and give it the love that it deserves. Just a few of our favourite vegan makeup brands and sustainable sellers: OFRA COSMETICS, QUEEN TARZI, GLAMLITE and YADAH.

When choosing one of our products, you know for sure what you're putting onto your glowy skin: animal-friendly products containing individual ingredients that have not been tested on animals. Sure sounds like a win-win!

Honest shopping is the future

Are you shopping fair trade? Making 100% vegan purchases that are made from organic and/or recycled materials? In our shop, we guarantee you sustainable and hassle-free shopping that's mindful of people, animals and the environment. We strive for being as transparent and clear as possible about how, where and by whom our products are made and the impact they have on the planet. We're constantly on the outlook for the most stylish and innovative slow fashion brands and aim to curate the most beautiful vegan fashion, plant-based lingerie, sustainable shoes, animal-free bags, fair trade accessories, and cruelty-free makeup and cosmetics. We select our brands and seller's based on the sustainability of their entire supply chain (fair chain), the materials they use, their affordability, and their eye for design and aesthetics. So, dive right in – explore our online collections and Shop Like You Give a Damn!