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Women's Earrings

192 results
192 results

Create a wow effect with these beautiful vegan and fair earrings

You know that: going out the door without earrings in your ears, that always feels a bit naked. A few nice buttons, rings or pendants can make a big difference. Because the right accessories give your outfit that last sparkly finishing touch.

Never mind what effect these accessories can have if they are not only beautiful to the eye, but are also made sustainably and animal-friendly. Only the most beautiful, vegan, fair trade earrings can be found in this range .

Looking for a matching necklace, statement ring or vegan bracelet of the most beautiful recycled materials that is produced fairly? You can find them all among our #damnstylish accessories.

Fair trade jewelry with a beautiful story

The earrings from A BEAUTIFUL STORY are not only beautiful to look at, but also carry a beautiful story. The jewelry is produced in a fair and sustainable manner in Nepal at Beads For Life. This is an organization actively engaged in supporting women in difficult economic situations. In addition, all products of this brand are produced according to the guidelines of the World Fair Trade Organization.

Golden apples on silver dishes

The earrings from A BEAUTIFUL STORY are made of sterling silver and therefore last extra long. The charms on the earrings each carry a symbolic meaning. For example, the leaf symbolizes hope, renewal and revival and the dragonfly embodies a guide in transition and change.

Bling bling

The earrings from PEOPLE TREE are true eye-catchers : 100% glamorous and 100% vegan. Thanks to their subtle, yet shiny design, the buttons and hangers can be combined with every outfit from your wardrobe. Take for example the CIRCLE silver earrings or the STER & MAAN gold earrings with a special relief. Very subtle, but very present.

Love for animals, nature and human beings

Each and every one of these cute earrings from PEOPLE TREE are hand made in Kenya at Bombolulu. At this organization, silver and brass-based jewelry is made by craftsmen with a physical disability. For every 300 jewelry sold, a wheelchair is donated to a child with a disability. How beautiful is this concept?

Recycled Silver & women's empowerment

The jewelry of our friends at TAJ are made with great care and lovingly handmade in a studio in Bali, from recycled silver. The rough design gives your outfit a cool twist. These earrings are also completely animal-friendly and sustainable.


All this TAJ jewelry is made under fair conditions and by hand in their workshop in Bali. The makers are paid a fair wage, work in a safe environment and within regular working hours. In addition, they guarantee that no children work in the production process of their jewelry. 

In Indonesiaë it is often difficult for women to work outside the home. They have responsibilities as mothers, but they also have to make sacrifices to the family temple several times a day for their religion. This can be especially difficult for single mothers. Because the TAJ silversmiths work in workshops at home, they can care for the children and fulfill their religious responsibilities. In this way Taj offers women the opportunity to meet their own needs. 

The company also donates a portion of the proceeds to charities, including a shelter in Bali for underprivileged children of single parents and a Dutch foundation that restores forestation in West Africa. These ladies totally get it.

Unique & ‘wild’: durable earrings for the finishing touch

If you are looking for a truly unique yet subtle earring, then the silver GALATIC EARRING from WILDTHINGS perfect for you. Its striking design makes the earring one of a kind, just like you! The sustainable accessories of WILDTHINGS are also handmade in a studio in Bali, just like those of TAJ, in a sustainable, animal-friendly and fair way.

Which brands do we love more when it comes to the most beautiful sustainable earrings? Well, there are quite a few! A selection: SUNNY AFTERNOONJULES BEANNEINTIES en ANA DYLA. By the way, have you already taken a dive into our vegan and fair range with fair trade necklaces, < a href="">rings and bracelets?

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