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Personal Care

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45 results

About our vegan skin and personal care products

When companies try to sell you makeup products, the word ‘fresh’ is tossed around quite often. Bright colours. And modern Hollywood glam – perfectly applied black eyeliner and red lip gloss to achieve Kylie Jenner lip plumpness in the wink of an eye.

Shop your cruelty-free skincare here

With skincare it's no different. We see lemons flying around our screen, along with generous splashes of water. But how refreshing can a product really be, when it contains animal-derived ingredients like gelatin? And what price do animals pay for these 'glamorous' products to go to market?

At Shop Like You Give a Damn we only offer beauty products that have everyone’s best interests at heart. Products that are truly as refreshing as their marketing claims. No animal testing and no animal-derived ingredients. We promise you.

From vegan sunscreen to plant-based toothpaste

It all starts with the basics: hydrate! Drink plenty of water and eat healthy, that’s really the best skin-care routine there is. To aid you further in your quest for your best skin and appearance we've got plenty of vegan skincare products to help you achieve your optimal visage and not harm any animals in the process. That's right: all of our products – from moisturisers, hand creams and cleansers to sun care, scrubs, face masks, lip balm, bodylotionoral care and deodorant – are 100% cruelty-free and plant-based.

Lovely vegan cleansers and scrubs

In modern life, you and your face have to cope with more pollution than ever before. That’s why it’s so important to cleanse your skin when you get home after a long day. Scrub yourself clean!

With a gentle face cleanser or mild soap you can wash a whole day of pollutants and dirt off your face before going off to dreamland. If your skin has really taken a beating, pop on a generous amount of nourishing product from one of our fair and vegan brands, like REVOLUTION SKINCARE or SKØN.

Treat yo'self: 100% animal-free and honest pampering

Take the time, once or twice a week, to scrub your dead skin cells away with a lovely plant-ased scrub. Follow up with a vegan face mask, cleanse, and then seal the deal: lock all that moisture in with a soothing fair trade face cream. You can have your luxury spa treatments right at home, without breaking the bank. A few of our favourite brands for vegan skincare and makeup: SKØN, THE LEKKER COMPANY, SMPL, AURORA DIONIS, OFRA COSMETICS and NABLA.

Here comes the sun (care)

The sun is the main reason that life developed on earth. It's the reason that all life can continue to sustain itself, and for that we should be eternally grateful. But the sun doesn’t know its own strength sometimes, and this takes a toll on our skin and sometimes our health. That's why we need to protect ourselves from the sun’s lack of self-reflection.

Sustainable sun protection and aftersun for sensitive skin

Using a great vegan sunscreen daily is not a luxury but a necessity. Protect your skin with one of our cruelty-free sunscreens from ALPHANOVA SUN. (Bonus: they're sea and reef safe, so super eco-friendly!) And if you’ve been exposed to the sun, there’s always a soothing plant-based aftersun available. Forgive the sun its flaws: take your precautions and protect yourself.

Eco-friendly intimate care products made from organic cotton

Every month like clockwork. The experiences of ‘that time of the month’ tend to be pretty unpleasant for most of us. While we have limited ways of reducing our own suffering, we can definitely stop unnecessary animal suffering by buying vegan tampons, panty liners, cups and sanitary towels made from cornstarch (plant-based plastic) and organic cotton. No irritations, no itching, no chemicals in our body, a greatly reduced risk of infection, and no animal pain – just our own period pains. Now, that’s a better way to get through that pesky period, right?

Lose the fur: shave animal-friendly!

If you’re not into the concept of body hair – or hair in general – then don’t take (and test) it out on the animals. Just opt for one of our animal-friendly shaving creams, from BENECOS for example. Hello smooth operator! With our cruelty-free and sustainable shaving razors you can have a smooth shave and get rid of all that unwanted hair, while contributing to a better, kinder, eco-friendlier world. In short: losing hair and #winning at life.