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We work on expanding and improving our online vegan & fair department store with immense daily effort. We have a clear vision and wish for the world, and are therefore on a mission to make compassion and sustainability the new normal. We’re well on our way, but far from finished.

A carefully curated collection: 14 criteria

Each new seller that joins our platform is selected with great care and needs to answer an extensive set of critical questions. This way, we do our best to ensure that all items in our department store are truly ethically produced. And as sustainable as possible.

From autumn 2019, we’ve started labeling our products in an entirely new way and soon we’ll be adding brand statements to each product. This way, you can select the specific criteria that matter most to you, filter our collection by those criteria and read what each brand has to say about their performance on each of these important issues.

Filter all items in our department store by the following labels:

3/2/1 star vegan 
Respectively: items from a 100% vegan company / from a non-vegan (or not entirely vegan) company that offers a vegan collection / product that’s highly likely vegan, based on the ingredient declaration and/or statement

Fair compensation throughout the entire chain, and both physically and socially safe working conditions

The company gives back to society and is a social enterprise, supporting the local population and/or valuable projects
European sourcing and/or production
Sustainable use of raw materials
For example: low water consumption, efficient use of natural resources, zero or fewer chemicals used during cultivation and production processes
More sustainable factory
Green energy and energy saving, low water consumption or even closed-loop systems
More sustainable packaging
Less and recycled material, plastic free, no disposable packaging and/or climate neutral
More sustainable transport
Delivered electrically or by bicycle, or even completely climate neutral
Zero waste / waste reduction
Referring to the use of (auxiliary) substances in the factory as well as packaging material
100% plastic free company
From the product itself to the packaging material
Slow fashion
Classic and/or seasonal design
From endlessly recycled materials to a take-back service when the product is worn-out
Organic fabrics
The brand advertises that the product is produced without pesticides and with substantially less water
Recycled materials
The brand advertises that the product is product is made from recycled materials

Filter on materials & certifications

You can now also filter for specific fabrics and materials - perhaps you prefer to only wear Tencel, or like to avoid organic cotton, or just want to purchase recycled materials or shoes made with cork for example.

And you can see which beautiful certifications a specific product carries (from PETA-Approved Vegan and GOTS to Fairtrade and Fair Wear Foundation). Want to know what these certifications actually mean and whether you should base you opinion on these or not?

The criteria: plans for the future

We’re continuously working on the implementation of this new labeling system and the product statements. What to expect from our store in the meantime? That you’re at the right place for 100% animal-free shopping. Around 80% of our fashion range comes from brands that have explicitly stated and shown that these products are, in fact, fair trade. On the remaining 20% ​​we need to perform some extra research – although we certainly trust the fair origin of these items, as their providers are all fair fashion entrepreneurs.

Behind the scenes however, as we're learning more and more about the complex industry that fashion is, we are working hard to expand and deepen our criteria. We don't feel that the current 14 criteria are enough to make real impact in the world. We will give you an update about this as soon as we can.

We’re working towards a collection that’s demonstrably 100% fair trade, as sustainable as possible, and coming from entrepreneurs who are just as passionate about the planet’s well-being and future as we are. We’re busy making all of this transparent and verifiable for you as well, and in the coming months you’ll see our department store becoming increasingly transparent, with the previously mentioned 14 labels in full effect.

Why do we say ‘more sustainable’ instead of ‘sustainable’?

A very important side note: essentially, the process of producing new clothing is of course never ultimately sustainable. Depending on the choices you make, it takes a lot of land, water, energy, and chemicals before your clothing can be produced. The cultivation and processing that is necessary to get from fiber to garment have a certain degree of impact on the environment. (Just like any other product you buy, use for years, or put in your mouth.)

The most eco-friendly option might simply be to endlessly repair or hand down the clothes that we already have, to buy second hand, and to borrow and exchange – for the rest of our lives. (This is not to mention the microfibers that are shed from our synthetic clothing while washing them.)

But if you do buy something new, then you can certainly make more sustainable choices. Recycled materials or fibers, materials sourced and processed in Europe, treated with less chemicals, pesticide-free and cultivated and processed with as little water as possible... you can definitely opt for more environmentally-friendly alternatives, and we offer such options through Shop Like You Give a Damn. For everyone who wants to do a bit better.

Please do continue reading below this image!

Mooi duurzaam betere wereld

Why we believe veganism is so important

We founded this store because we dream of a world where veganism isn’t the exception, but the rule. A world where animals aren’t used to serve people, but can live free. A world where humans and animals truly coexist in harmony.

Although veganism originated from feelings of compassion for animals that are being exploited at large by commercial industries and the urge to reduce all unnecessary animal suffering, a vegan lifestyle brings about many more positive effects. By leading a vegan lifestyle you quickly and effectively do less harm upon the environment, help improve the unequal distribution of food in the world, and have healthier meals more often.

Each time you use your wallet and fork for a vegan choice, you cast a vote for the reduction of animal suffering. For a better environment. For the reduction of world hunger. And for a healthier you.

You don’t only do so by eating plant-based, by the way, but also by choosing vegan clothing and vegan, cruelty-free makeup that hasn’t been tested on animals.

More vegan food for thought:

And definitely check out the rest of our blogs about ethical fashion.

The same applies to fair trade shopping: you vote with your wallet. Question of conscience: which companies and corresponding values are you spending your hard-earned pennies on and, hence, supporting? It’s an interesting question that could be applied to all of your life choices – but don't feel paralyzed because you’re overwhelmed.

One of our favourite lines is:

“Don’t do nothing because you can’t do everything. Do something. Anything.”

Wise words by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. She says: “At least do what you’re able and willing to do. But to not do anything at all because you think you have to do everything makes absolutely no sense. It’s the ultimate example of self-sabotage.”

On to decisively the best choice

Our starting point is veganism, but we also want you to shop fair trade with us (without any form of slavery and exploitation). And as sustainably as possible. Stylish, vegan clothing made from high-quality materials. Free of packaging, packaged in less plastic, or packaged in RePacks without any unnecessary waste. Slow fashion that’s timeless, seasonless, and perfectly matching your capsule wardrobe. That’s made with natural materials and without any pesticides. Organic. Recycled main materials. PETA-Approved Vegan. With a good story. From brands that work just as passionately towards a better world as we do. Whatever it is you want, you must be able to find it at our department store.

We’re therefore growing towards a comprehensive range that’s decisively the best choice, from whatever angle you look at it. A rewarding task, as more and more products from new and amazing initiatives are being added to our store – initiatives that each undertake beautiful, sustainable and social entrepreneurship within their own field. Passionately on their way to a better world, just like us.

Got any feedback or questions for us?

We know that we’re not quite there yet. We’re working hard to do well on all areas that matter, and we’d gladly take you along for the ride. If you can help us improve in any way, then we’d love to hear from you. Your knowledge, feedback and other help are more than welcome!

With great conviction and the best, most sincere intentions, we commit ourselves daily to offering you a beautiful collection that’s both vegan and fair trade. However, we process the thousands of products by hand, which has turned out to be an enormous task. So if you doubt something you see on our website: please let us know! We’ll immediately take the article offline and will quickly investigate what’s going on.

Got any tips or questions for us? Or spotted a product that you have doubts about? Please send us an email. We’d love to receive your feedback!