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6 sneakers that everyone buys and nobody returns

Polly Polly 13 Mar 2024 6 sneakers that everyone buys and nobody returns

Do you ever find yourself wondering whether those snazzy sustainable sneakers you have your eyes on are the ones? You really zoomed in on the photos, reviewed the cool vegan materials and sustainable certifications, and checked the size guide in detail… but you crave extra reassurance? That's when a list of 6 gorgeous sneakers that many conscious people buy, and no one returns, comes in handy. Ready to find your solemate?

We present you 6 amazing sneakers that will steal your heart (and feet)! See for yourself, they truly tick all the boxes:

  • Stunning and comfy? Obviously! 
  • Affordable? Of course! Especially with the cost per wear concept in mind!
  • Sustainable, fair, and animal-free? Check, check, and check!
  • Often bought but never returned? Ding-ding-ding!

Can't wait to see the popular sneakers loved by other conscious shoppers? Take a little sneak(er) peek before reading all about them:

6 sustainable vegan sneakers that many people buy but nobody returns

6 unisex vegan & sustainable sneakers people don’t return

1. Sneakers Line 90 White by Corail

French vegan brand Corail has really stepped up the sneaker game. These stunning white sneakers have the classic style of the 90s and sea waste in their DNA. Yes, you read that right. They are made out of plastic water bottles collected from the waters near Marseille. They have proven to be a great companion on the road. Are you ready to take them for a stroll?

2. Sneakers Taiga Red by ARZE

If the 80s are more your cup of tea, the beautiful brand ARZE has something in store for you. Iconic silhouette, eye-catching shade of red as well as organic and recycled materials in just one pair of sneakers? Yes. For ARZE, vegan and sustainable materials for their gorgeous sneakers are simply the obvious choice. And for many ethical shoppers, the obvious choice is therefore ARZE.

3. Sneakers Grape Leather White by Zèta

Grape vegan leather, a flashy bright white color, and a timeless look. All of this defines these aesthetic sneakers from Zèta. As you can see (and soon, you can show the world), there's no need to sacrifice style or comfort for ethics. Also, we have seen that our shoppers don't return these sneakers, they wear them until they are worn out. And then what? Well, Zèta can take them back for recycling! Full-circle.

4. Sneakers Fragment Low All Black by QURC

A jet black, minimalist design, from breathable cork leather. These sneakers from QURC just never go out of style! The founders of this beautiful brand walk the talk too. They regularly visit their small workshops in Portugal to check the working conditions there. Our customers have shown that they love these QURC sneakers, and the chances are quite high that you will love (and keep) them too.

5. Sneakers Gen2 - Corn White & Beige by MoEa

Let us take a small detour to the 80s again, we promise that these MoEa sneakers are so worth it. These super comfy and absolutely gorgeous sneakers, made with cruelty-free corn leather, combine basketball aesthetics with contemporary urban vibes. Once you try them on, you'll find yourself falling even more in love with them – hopefully, without any actual falling involved. We did too: they’re a big hit within our team! Ready to give them a try? Your predecessors did not regret it! 

6. Sneakers Open21 White by RICE

These RICE sneakers feel like finding the holy grail of footwear – comfy, stylish, modern, and yet with a vintage vibe. And it goes without saying, they are also made with high-quality vegan and organic materials, of course. There are plenty of reasons why conscious shoppers love (and keep) these sneakers. Their insoles developed with your back's well-being in mind (hi fellow millennials, we see you!) are just one of them. The fact that when you look closely, you can see grains of rice on the soles is just a bonus.

Found the unisex vegan sneakers of your sustainable dreams?

We hope that seeing the stylish sneakers that other people from women, men and beyond the binary are rocking as well as reading about amazing brands that truly care about your style, comfort, and our planet, will help you make the right and sustainable choice. Because stepping outside in ethical sneakers can really leave a positive footprint! 👣

6 sneakers that everyone buys and nobody returns