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Shop the Look: Quarantine Edition

Polly Polly 12 Feb 2021 Shop the Look: Quarantine Edition

So, it’s day 9,128,816,574 of this pandemic. If you find yourself wondering which outfit will boost your productivity because coffee no longer does the job, how you can avoid having to change those sweatpants and still look cute from the waist up for your online date or create the illusion that YES INDEED you have showered today before joining that online pub quiz with your friends or coworkers, this blog is essential reading for you.

Or maybe not, but it is probably still better than snoozing off during yet another Zoom meeting.

In this article, you'll find:

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Quarantine Look - Work meeting

A perfect quarantine outfit for an important online work meeting

What to wear for an important work meeting that really couldn't have been an email (or at least, that's what your boss keeps telling you)? The essential item that no one expects: sweatpants! Just don't forget to move the camera when reaching for your cup of coffee during the meeting - of course, you don't want to let everybody know that you actually gave up on wearing jeans.

And try not to think about how on earth you will force yourself to wear jeans again at the office - that's a worry for the future you. Now, just enjoy wearing these sweatpants from Will's Vegan Store.

Who says that wearing sandals made out of trash from Zouri will make you feel less trashy? Well, we do! And when they are combined with those funky-looking socks from Dedicated or Brava Fabrics, it won't be that difficult to smile during your work meeting. Just look down to your funky feet!

But let's jump on the important stuff: this professionally-looking blouse from Arber Studio. Some advice you should definitely take to heart: put it on after your breakfast. Small details that will make your work meeting outfit even better: golden earrings from TITS or Loft and Daughter.

Go for a nice carrot balm (how vegan is that???) from Ere Perez or a dewy, lightweight balm from CTNZ that quickly adds glow to your cheeks and lips, hiding the fact that you woke up just a few minutes before your meeting.

Pro tip: take notes during your meeting in your Moyu notebook so nobody knows your mind is actually on the TikTok clips or the cat memes you saw the night before.

Scroll a bit further down to see our damn stylish outfit ideas for a quarantine-style online date night.

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Quarantine outfit for an online date

Damn stylish outfit ideas for a quarantine-style online date night

Feeling fancy and confident during your date night is crucial. This cute blouse from Cossac complemented by a golden necklace and earrings from Ana Dyla, especially while wearing that animal-free eye-catching red lipstick from Nabla and eyeshadows from Barry M will make you feel special as ****.

It’ll be like you are not just alone in your living room, talking to someone on Zoom and you are so not losing your mind when the screen freezes mid-sentence.

But definitely don't bother switching the sweatpants. No one can see it, no one can judge. By now, everyone does it, just no one wants to admit it. If it is your first date, it might be a great icebreaker. So, be courageous and ask: “What are you actually wearing?”

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Quarantine outfit for an online game night with friends

A very cute quarantine outfits for online game night with friends

So, who still thinks that it is a good idea to organise an online game night with friends after surviving four online work meetings and a whole day spent in front of a screen? Your ‘friends’, you say? Well, at least we can help you with the outfit.

No surprise here: the sweatpants, socks and slippers are staying. Because why not? Seriously, can anyone come up with a valid reason why to wear jeans again?

To enjoy the online game night as well as seeing yourself on the screen, this animal-print turtleneck top from Common and Sense with a pink cardigan from Sabinna on top of it is the way to go. Try to move your look to the next level with these killer earrings from Loft and Daughter, vanilla scrunchie from Atelier Jungles and cruelty-free, vegan satin lipstick from Catrice.

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Quarantine outfit for chillaxing on your own

Chillaxing on your own in this comfy quarantine outfit

We can hear your thoughts right now: “Chillaxing... on my own... during... a third lockdown?” But trust us when we say, self-care in a third lockdown can bring you at least half of the joy it brought you during the first one. Worth it!

Get into a warm sweater, just like this one from KABOOSH, get a comfy corona-proof hug from a soft blanket from Lüks, tie your hair with the same vanilla scrunchie from Atelier Jungles so you can safely enjoy cleaning and softening your skin with a mask from Clay and Glow.

And why wouldn't you go back to baking banana bread just like you did during the first lockdown? You can still consider it as a trendy thing to do even though it was trending one year ago. (Can we make #slowlytrending a thing?). A smart man once said: “Time is relative.” But feel free to spice it up with a cool apron from Studio Jux this time.

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