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Sonja Sonja 25 Mar 2020 Shop The Cocoon-Look

If this crazy time makes one thing possible, it’s that many of us can curl up and cocoon in the comfort of our homes and take time for ourselves. Are you ready to replace your worn out sweatpants with an ultra-relaxing outfit that has been lovingly (hand) made yet is still damn stylish? Then we’ve got your back!
With this look you can feel wonderfully relaxed but still be ready to jump into one of those inevitable video meetings 😉 .

Sweater dress & comfy bralette

This incredible baggy jumper dress from NOUMENON is as chic as we’re accustomed to from this brand, but also oh so comfy. Made from organic cotton and produced fairly in Europe. In this cozy dress you will come across as sustainable-chic but comfortable at the same time.

And how about this organic cotton bralette from Organic Basics? With no braces or labels for maximum comfort, you won’t even feel it around you. With amazing pastels, nudes and pinks, the super inclusive The Nude Label and the romantic Olly Lingerie that works almost exclusively with recycled fibres, know exactly how to pamper you.

Dress Caitlyn C...
€ 154,00
Organic Basics

€ 40,00

The Nude Label

€ 13,50€ 45,00
Olly Lingerie
Dawa Bustier - ...
€ 59,00

Love on the ears

Are these sweet socks from Swedish Stockings getting you excited for spring? Fairly made from recycled nylon, they match perfectly with the cozy sweater dress!

Love keeps us going, even in these turbulent times. These super cute fair trade heart earrings are made in Kenya by People Tree who provide opportunities for people with physical disabilities. For every 300 pieces sold from this line, a wheelchair is donated to a disabled child.  Something that we love!

Swedish Stockings

€ 15,00
People Tree

€ 14,95

Self care: vitamins & indulgence

Be sure to keep yourself fit and happy by occasionally sticking your nose out of the window! Not only vitamin D, but also fruits & veggies will do you more good than ever, if you can resist the cookie jar while working from home that is 😉.
Don’t forget to relax every now and then and let go of everything, with a Happy Vegan face mask for instance. This sheet mask includes carrot complex and grapefruit oil to give your skin a nice pampering.
Are you suffering from dry hands with all that extra hand washing? Then the multi-balm from the Dutch SMPL is your saviour to get through this time.

Happy Vegan
Brightening and...
€ 3,31
Multi balm dry ...
€ 17,36