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6 results

What is multitasking makeup?

Multitaskers are sticks, brushes or small containers with one single product you can apply to multiple areas of your face. How useful - and pretty - that is? You can read it here!

Multitaskers are the all-in-one vegan products you were waiting for

There’s obviously no such thing as too much makeup. But pockets can be tight and clutches can be too small. So when you’re already holding your phone, keys and wineglass, where in heaven’s name should you keep your lip gloss, blush and eyeshadow?! 🍷🔑📱💄

The plant-based multitasker is here to change the game. It may look just like a little lip balm, but you can apply the product on your cheekbones and eyelids as well. Or on your temples or bridge of your nose - it’s up to you! (We’ll give you a heads-up once we’ve figured out how to use it as a nailpolish and mascara.)

Completing multiple tasks at the same time, all-in-one makeup can get you quickly through these stressful mornings. And who has time for a complicated makeup routine before work anyway? Save some sleep with your new and efficient multitasker and make your coworkers guess what’s the secret behind that well rested look of yours. You know it’s the magic workings of your new all-in-one vegan makeup product!

Gender inclusive makeup - because we all deserve to shine 🌟

Our seller SGM Cosmetics connected us to CTZN: a lovely, inclusive cosmetics brand founded by three American sisters of Pakistani descent who never saw any models in beauty campaigns that looked like them. They began to realize that many of their friends of colour felt the exact same way about their own demographics being underrepresented in the beauty industry. And so the sisters started their own skin tone and gender inclusive makeup brand. Awesome! And that makes their Globalm multitasker a great gift as well, you simply can’t go wrong.

CTZN’s Globalm is vegan, oil-free, non-sticky and has a silky smooth texture. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a long and boring Monday at the office or a steamy dance floor on a Friday night, this multitasker will make you glow like a late summer afternoon. 🌞

Plant-based and ethical cosmetics, gentle to the skin

Seller Noumenon introduced us to the Mexican-Australian Ere Perez. Her brand creates wonderful vegan beauty products, like plant-based and organic cosmetics. And that makes them very well suited for the sensitive skin. Ere Perez, who is a big advocate for an eco-lifestyle, has the belief that we should all celebrate our beauty. And of course we can only applaud that! The Colour Pot 3-in-1 multitaskers are high quality, rich in colour and gentle to the skin. Multitasking has never looked this good.

We’re lucky to sell more beauty products by Ere Perez. Take a look at the lipsticks and foundations for example, they are so pretty. We 💖 our vegan friendly beauty brands!

Cruelty-free makeup: we want more! 🐰 (just not on our pillow case)

And if you do have some room to spare or you want to mix and match, take a look at our wonderful cruelty-free and vegan beauty products like lip balms, eyeshadows and blushes. Just promise us - and your skin - one thing. Take your makeup off before you go to bed, even when it’s been a long day. Thankfully, the multitasker is both easy to apply and easy to remove. Why won’t you let our nurturing and vegan face cleansers help you to get ready for a well-deserved night of sleep? ‘Cause before you know it’s time to shine all over again.

Multitaskers and more without animal ingredients or animal cruelty

Feel free to browse through our extensive collection of 100% vegan, cruelty-free and more sustainable cosmetics! Everything we have curated in these sections are free of animal ingredients. Shop Like You Give a Damn helps you to make vegan friendly makeup your new standard. Real beauty causes no harm.💚

What is a multitasker? Now you know!

No blush, no lipstick, no eyeshadow? No problem. The multitasker makeup products are here to make our lives so much easier. They are perfect for any occasion, regardless of your gender and complexion. So choose vegan, travel light, and spread the word!