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Trio Knit Hat, Scarf & Jumper Blue Night
Trio Knit Hat, ...
£ 136,40
Watch Gift Set Aalto All Black
Watch Gift Set ...
£ 116,16
Watch Gift Set Classic Silver & Black
Watch Gift Set ...
£ 110,44
Trio Knit Hat, Scarf & Jumper Brown
Trio Knit Hat, ...
£ 136,40
Socks Set Xmas Fun Box
Socks Set Xmas ...
£ 20,24
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Remarkable, ethical and more sustainable gift sets for men! 🎁  

It’s that time of the year to make them feel special! Unique and sustainable gifts for plant-based men who deserve the best of the best. For whatever special occasion that’s about to happen - they do deserve a gift; be it a birthday present, a wedding gift or dating anniversary celebration, a Father’s Day gift set, or even Christmas gifts.

Whether you’re looking for a gift that’s simple and thoughtful like a set of organic cotton socks, or a full-on luxurious gift set, like an ethically-extravagant box of vegan leather belts: we have fun and refined gift ideas for all the important men around you. 

And in case you have absolutely no idea what to buy, here’s a full-on guide on how to buy ethical, vegan and sustainable gifts for men!

Handy coin holders or stylish cardholders: ethical wallets 💷 

Minimalistic designs hold the cards and currencies they deem most important. A double-folding wallet from Noah, or a trifold wallet from Watson & Wolfe. Produced with great craftmanship under good and fair conditions, these wallets will keep everything a man needs, neatly organised. So many gift options that it becomes hard to choose, but that he will be bound to love! 

Fortunately, we have collected the sleekest wallets in gift sets for you to buy and surprise your loved ones with a bundle of stylish gifts and cruelty-free presents. 

Sophisticated gift sets: vegan-friendly leather watches ⌚ 

If you’re looking for a fashionable and distinguished gift set, a watch box with a set of interchangeable straps will definitely match your search: classy gifts for men. 

Our 100% vegan seller Votch is committed to doing better, inflicting no harm on animals and as little to the environment as possible. That’s why the straps for the watches are either made of Piñatex leather (a plant-based replacement to animal leather, that’s made of fibre from the leaves of the pineapple plant), or stainless steel mesh. 

Plant-based gift set ideas: vegan leather belt boxes 👖 

When it’s time to go out on a special occasion, all the accessories and sustainable add-ons to an outfit matter. Wearing a sophisticated vegan leather belt can make all the difference. 

Our seller Will’s Vegan Shoes has a great variety of plant-based leather belts! The perfect gift to complement a man’s fancy pair of pants. Available in different colours and styles, WVS is a 100% vegan brand that’s committed to making a positive change in the world. 

The go-to gift set: socks made with organic fabrics 🧦 

Socks are the best gift you could give to someone! It’s a perfect way to warm one’s feet and heart at the same time, and they are usually quite affordable. 

Here at Shop Like You Give a Damn, we have compiled the cutest and environmentally-friendlier socks in gift sets, so that you can make the man you love or cherish very happy.

One of our sellers, Sophie Stone, offers the softest bamboo socks ever! Fairly and sustainably produced, the Swole Panda socks come in different colours and are the perfect fit for every foot. 

Let a man choose what he wants with our ethical gift card 🤴 

Sometimes, a man in our lives is so important that we can’t really decide on the best socially responsible gift (set) to buy. Sometimes, it’s hard to find a gift for men who have everything. Still, we do the best we can to surprise and indulge them with our vegan gifts on their special days.

We have thought of you, who’s scrolling aimlessly because you can’t decide on which slow-fashion piece or cruelty-free beard care product to buy for him. At Shop Like You Give a Damn, you can buy your loved one a gift card! Our gift card allows for the man you love to choose from more than 10 000 planet-friendly and more sustainable options.

We have gift cards with €25, gift cards with €50, gift cards with €75 or gift cards with a €100 shopping budget. Yet, if you want this sustainably aware man to go all out with his gifts, you can also choose to customise his gift card to whatever value you see fit! Just get in touch with us, and we’ll arrange it for you. 

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