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Shop The Makeup Look: Vegan Glam

Jopie Jopie 26 May 2020 Shop The Makeup Look: Vegan Glam

Do those beautiful red carpet looks at the Oscars leave you speechless for hours? I know that feeling! Unfortunately, behind all of that glitter and glamour there’s often unnecessary animal suffering. But don't worry - you can rock a stunning red lip and feel like Hollywood glam guilt-free!

A good foundation is everything

If you want to create a beautiful look that lasts all night, a good primer is a must, although these are (wrongly, imo) skipped often. Personally, I'm a fan of the Northern Lights Illuminating Primer from vegan and cruelty-free brand OFRA COSMETICS. Of course you’ll need a good foundation and concealer too - hide that annoying spot effortlessly with the vegan concealer from MAKEUP REVOLUTION and get that flawless skin with foundation from our top brand ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS!

Then it's time for shaping and contouring - this has been a hit for a while, but has actually been done for decades - movie stars of the past did this too. Maybe it's not for every day (unless you're feeling fancy, which I do regularly), but it can lift a look from beautiful to truly showstopping.


There are several types of contouring products available. I like powder myself because I have oily / combination skin and I think it looks just a bit more subtle, but there are also creams available. Finish your contour with a sparkly highlighter from OFRA COSMETICS and a beautiful blush from MAKEUP REVOLUTION and shine bright like a diamond!

Vegan eyeliner for cruelty-free cat eyes

A beautiful eyeliner is a must for that vintage Hollywood glamour look. Eyeliner is often not vegan or even cruelty-free - common animal ingredients in eyeliners include glycerine or stearic acid (although these can also be plant-based), beeswax, or even carmine. And don't get fooled by the smart marketing of those huge cosmetics companies: yes, animal testing is unfortunately still happening widely. 

Luckily, there are also lots of cruelty-free beauty products nowadays too and those animal ingredients are not necessary in a great eyeliner formula. You can rock as beautiful a cat eye as Adele without any animal involvement! My favourite animal-free eyeliners are from the brands INGLOT and MAKEUP REVOLUTION.


Eyeliner can be roughly divided into 3 types: liquid eyeliner (often with a brush), gel eyeliner and eyeliner with a felt tip. The first two often give a super sharp result, but if you are not proficient with a brush, choose the last option. There is also a new product on the market that I'm honestly super excited about: the stamp eyeliner! Stamp on the perfect sharp wing in no time, and finish the line with the felt tip on the other side. May the wings of your eyeliner always be even.

Red lips that Marilyn Monroe would bow to

A classic red lipstick is perhaps one of the trickiest makeup products to find - many lipsticks contain beeswax and carmine (also known as cochineal).

Carmine is a commonly used red dye made from cochineal insects, which are boiled alive or killed by exposure to the sun. Then the shells of the insect are crushed to a red powder, with which fluid (the blood) is released. Pretty nasty practices, when you consider that for one pound of carmine no less than 70,000 cochineal insects are needed.

However, there are now plenty animal-free alternatives available with a beautiful color payoff to rock that beautiful red lip without worry!


The classic lipstick is of course a favourite, but to be honest, I'm even more of a fan of the liquid-to-matte lipstick. These are waterproof and also kiss proof, and feel super light on your lips. Say goodbye to unappetising prints on your glasses or on your significant other - with a liquid lipstick, your red lip will stay firmly in place.

Do watch out with oil - this dissolves the lipstick, which is useful if you want to take it off, but it may be a bit difficult when you are eating. My go-to vegan liquid lipstick is from OFRA COSMETICS and SUGARPILL. NABLA is also a wonderful brand!

Vegan fake eyelashes for an irresistible look

Did you know that false lashes were already popular with the Hollywood stars of the 1930s? Back then they were often made from animal hair, and as of today animal hair lashes are still widely available - these are usually made of mink hair. Minks are often kept in fur farms, including in Europe and the US, under terrible conditions.

Unfortunately, many make-up brushes are also made of mink hair (check the SIGMA brand for an animal-friendly alternative).

Don’t worry though – you can get just as much of a sultry look as Marilyn Monroe - there are really beautiful fake eyelashes that are just as pretty as mink lashes, such as the falsies from QUEEN TARZI.


Tip: did you know Marilyn Monroe cut her falsies? She often only used fake lashes on her outer eye corner instead of her entire lash line to create her famous bedroom eyes.

To wrap it up – wrap yourself in your faux fur stole and indulge in vintage glamour without guilt: there’s a great choice in cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics to awaken the conscious diva in you!