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Father (Figure)’s Day is approaching!

João João 15 Jun 2021 Father (Figure)’s Day is approaching!

From top left to bottom right: Joshua & Derk, Jae-Lynn, Ronaldo & Anaiya-Jade, Kim & Herman, Paul & Sam, Jopie & Chiel.

An important date is incoming! Father (Figure)’s Day of 2021 is approaching, and since this is a great day to celebrate all kinds of dads, you might be wondering... How can I put together a special celebration for my father (figure) and surprise him with an ethical gift? 

Most of us can relate to this struggle of not knowing what to buy, and that’s okay. Because what really matters to our loved ones is that we are physically (or digitally) present to show them some love and care when it’s not necessarily Father (Figure)’s Day. But, if you are looking for an ethical gift to make their day extra special, fear not - we are here to help you out. We have curated a list of go-to gifts to surprise those who mean so much to us.

When father and daughter go vegan simultaneously, that is definitely celebration-worthy. Here’s a quote about Sam and her father Paul:

''Without knowing, we both went vegan within a period of two weeks, how cool?!''

If your dad (figure) is tryna flex this summer, make sure to get him a pair of sunglasses from Parafina, like these shades Sam chose for Paul to build this trendy bundle, made with recycled tire rubber. A clean and fresh denim jacket from Kuyichi (a Dutch brand that's a member of the Fair Wear Foundation) to match, and your dad has his sustainable OOTD ready to go!

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Vegan Denim Jacket & Recycled Sunglasses

Show the love and appreciation you’ve got for them! 

Father (Figure)’s Day is one of the dates throughout the year where you get to show your affection and maybe even materialize the appreciation you have for your (foster and step) dad(s), grandpa(s), uncle(s), brother(s) and single moms and dads who played 2 roles at once. It is the day to celebrate paternal bonds created and upheld by whoever really represented that father figure for you when growing up, or even as a grown-up. 

In terms of family, one thing we know is certain: blood isn’t everything! So let Father (Figure)’s Day be a day where we cherish all our fathers, parent figures, teachers or whoever really has been that role model in your life, as naturally, they all deserve to be part of this celebration. 

You can check out our second gift suggestion below! This bundle was chosen by Joshua. A classy gold and black watch from Votch, and an Empathy T-shirt made with organic cotton from Oat Milk Club. According to Joshua, Derk is:

''A sweet foster dad but also very clumsy.''

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Ethical empathy t-shirt and vegan watch

Celebration, or reminiscence? Make it a memorable day.

For some of us, Father (Figure)’s Day is not all about celebrating, but more about remembrance. Let’s reach out to our friends and family members who’ve lost a father (figure). On this day, they will probably miss their dad even more than usual. So make sure to show them some extra support if you’re able to. 

Thankfully, many of us can still take advantage of this opportunity to show some gratitude and surprise our father (figures) with an amazing vegan gift. We have curated a selection of beautiful and thoughtful presents for you to choose from, to make their day even more special. 

Here’s a quote and a gift bundle chosen by our in-house cruelty-free cosmetics expert, Jopie, about Chiel:

''This guy has only been my father since I was four. We’ve had quite the journey together, but I’m really happy I can still enjoy his dad jokes and that we’re still together as a family, even though we’ve both moved on to start another. Here’s to many more adventures!’’

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Vegan lether wallet and hemp belt

Jopie’s picks for Chiel consist of two stylish vegan accessories, a Watson & Wolfe plant-based leather bifold wallet, and a Risorse Future dark brown hemp belt.

More sustainable, ethical and vegan gift cards!

To those who’d rather give their amazing parent figures the freedom to choose their gifts themselves, we also have a great alternative: the Shop Like You Give a Damn gift cards

These will allow the lucky recipient to choose from no less than 13 000+ vegan, fair and sustainable fashion items, home accessories, makeup and care products. Whatever they feel like they want or need, they will find it here. 

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Shop Like You Give a Damn GiftCards

Shop Like You Give a Damn gift cards: available in 4 different values, or customizable!

Let your dad (figure) celebrate his/her/their special day in style by rocking one of these ethical pieces made with cruelty-free and/or plant-based ingredients. We’ve selected a bunch of thoughtful vegan gift bundles for your loved ones. Go for something specific, or mix and match a few items together until you find the perfect combo for your dad (figure).  

Here’s another example of a father (figure)’s day gift combo! This bundle was put together by Kim! A mix and match of useful and sustainable cleaning supplies from YouSea, and two matching accessories for her sophisticated pops, Herman: a black minimalist watch from Votch, and a black vegan leather belt from Watson & Wolfe

“Many moons ago and for some unknown reason during a happy summer holiday in the southern regions of Germany, we started calling ourselves ‘Die Hüpfelplüpfen’. He’s ‘der Große Hüpfelplüpf’, I’m of course the little one. While the only Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte we eat these days is vegan, not much else has changed.”

Sustainable cleaning kit and vegan leather belt and watch

We hope that you’ve been inspired by one of our many ethical, vegan and more sustainable gift suggestions and that you have a very happy Father Figure's Day! ??