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Shop The Look: Got No Beef

Kim Kim 31 Mar 2020 Shop The Look: Got No Beef

Want to jump into spring dressed beautifully, but also vegan, fair & as environmentally friendly as possible? I went through the spring collections of our online vegan & fair department store and selected my favorite brands for VEGAN Magazine! I’ll help you shop ethically for your fellow earthlings, without losing sight of the environment. Buy with compassion, but as little as possible!

Mo bag

💚 Fraenck

This amazing and super socially-conscious Dutch brand is - up till this day - 100% vegan and uses all kinds of upcycled materials for its bags, everything from tarpaulins to seat belt buckles. Even the logo is made from excess stainless steel! And what’s more: everything is made in-house in their Arnhem studio. Awesome on every level!


Black Buck wallet

💚 Ecowings

Now this is upcycling at its best! Ecowings inventively uses the inner tubes of truck tires from factory waste in India to give them a second life as these cool industrial looking bags and wallets. This repurposed rubber is a fantastic and much kinder alternative to leather.

Piñatex sneakers


“No Animal Exploitation” is what the proud letters of this vegan brand stand for. With materials from cork to ocean-sourced plastic to make their shoes, but also vegetable leather made from… pineapple leaves! This is a waste product that is usually thrown away but is now given a new life as ‘pinatex’. With no additional land to grow or pesticides sprayed, it provides a welcome additional income for pineapple farmers.


Chelsea Boots

💚 Will’s Vegan Shoes

Affordable, hip and comfortable shoes from a completely climate-neutral company that also operates exclusively vegan? Yep, it is possible. Founder Will Green (what an appropriate name huh!) created the company of his dreams and honestly, his shoes are damn stylish too.

Skinny Hazen skinny jeans

💚 Mud Jeans

This awesome Dutch brand knows how to make beautiful, sustainable jeans: made with half post-consumer recycled cotton and half organic cotton, colored with cradle to cradle paint. Of course, no leather patch, but a printed label on the back instead. A bonus: they are also delivered without disposable packaging in a repack envelope!

No Beef sweater

💚 Plant Faced Clothing

Edgy, tough and obviously #teamvegan: this compassionate PETA-Approved Vegan street style brand uses catchphrases such as "Earthling", "Kale 'em With Kindness" and "Ethical is the New Black". What’s more: in their latest lines they only work with organic cotton and recycled materials. You can wear this statement line with pride!

Vegan leather jacket Draden

💚 Matt & Nat

Occasionally there’s that one item where you just think: it’s such a shame I can’t find this both certifiably vegan and high quality. So you can just imagine our excitement when this beauty from Matt & Nat finally dropped: this stylish faux leather biker jacket is a dream come true! Will’s Vegan Shoes also has a pair of vegan, honestly made and even climate neutral vegan leather jackets.


Lipstick Criminal Babe

💚 Nabla

Vegan cosmetics are not only free from animal ingredients (such as beeswax, beetle carmine, fish collagen, sheep's wool fat, animal hair keratin, hooves and bones), but also not tested on animals. Fortunately, there are plenty of beauty items to choose from these days! With a classic color, this vegan lipstick from the cruelty-free Nabla hits the spot.


Cinta Suede belt

💚 NOAH Italian Vegan Shoes

I love cork, but a truly indestructible and also chic-looking material for belts is this vegan suede, sometimes called microfibre, a high-quality material for vegan leather alternatives. And we can testify to this ourselves: Stephan's is beautiful and shows no signs of use even after a year and a half of intensive wear. Now that’s sustainable!


💚 Guppyfriend

Not only from fishing nets, litter and exfoliating beads in cosmetics, but also through washing synthetic clothing, microplastics can end up in the surface water via the sewer. Want to act against the growing plastic soup? This laundry bag promises to stop almost all loose microfibers in your washing machine!