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At Will's Vegan Shoes they know for sure: if we all try to make a positive choice, we can make a positive change in the world. Will Green (what's in a name) founded the climate-neutral company of his dreams, offering more sustainable, ethical and vegan fashion. Will’s classic vegan leather derby's, brogues, oxfords, chelsea boots and ribbon loafers are super stylish and one of our favorites!

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Behind the scenes we're working hard on filling up this page with the most beautiful items. Do you know of a vegan, fair and sustainable brand that should not be missing here? Please share your tip with us and we'll do our best to get them on board!
Behind the scenes we're working hard on filling up this page with the most beautiful items. Do you know of a vegan, fair and sustainable brand that should not be missing here? Please share your tip with us and we'll do our best to get them on board!
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You don't have to be a vegan to see that you have something beautiful on your hands here

"Always and forever vegan" is written under a big painted heart on the website of Will's Vegan Store. But, says Will: "You don't have to be a vegan to enjoy our vegan products. Whether you're learning more about veganism, have a vegan lifestyle for years, or aren’t vegan at all: they're meant for everyone to wear. It is up to you to define the journey. If you work towards wearing vegan clothing, then that is exactly what the world needs."

This British couple is really passionate about raising the quality standard in vegan fashion. They do their best to reduce their impact on the environment and to deliver more sustainable vegan shoes and accessories. The company is claims to be completely climate neutral! From the production and sending of their packages to the running of their website and the packaging material. By investing in renewable energy projects such as wind, hydropower, geothermal, solar and biomass, they fully offset their emissions. Impressive!

Certifications: from The Vegan Society to PETA approved

By helping people around the world lead a more 'positive' life and taking them into the vegan lifestyle, Will's has become the go-to name for vegan shoes. Not only does this brand offer a beautiful shoe collection, the footwear is also 100% vegan – from their upper and their lining to the glue. All of their products are registered with The Vegan Society and even embossed with their trademark. A prize-winning shoe brand, and PETA approved vegan.

Will's Vegan Store: not only vegan, but also fair and more environmentally-friendly

Will: "We don't believe in doing everything we can to protect animals, while harming our fellow humans and the planet in the meantime. We are all animals. All life must be protected. And we must protect the environment that we share." He therefore calls his online shop a cruelty-free vegan store in every respect.

A low price always hides a story. The Wills Vegan Store products are ethically manufactured in Italy and Portugal, and the factory workers are well-protected. Wills ensures solid rights in the areas of health and safety, working hours, leisure time and annual leave, equal pay for men and women, maternity and parental leave, anti-discrimination and compensation for victims of discrimination.

Shoes made from plants

"We use vegan leather made from bio-oil, coming from organic cereals grown in Northern Europe," explains Will. Vegan leather is also known as pleather, artificial leather, synthetic leather, PU leather or simply: faux leather. How vegan leather is made, how it performs and its impact on the environment can vary greatly.

"For most of our vegan shoes and accessories we use our eco-friendly vegan leather made from plants. It is hard-wearing, soft, breathable and water-resistant. The rest of our products are made with environmentally-friendly Ecolabel certified vegan leather and suede from Italy and Spain that meet the Oeko Tex 100 and REACH regulations. Most of our outsoles are made of rubber. Since 2017, all our insoles from Spain have been made with recycled rubber. "

Unlike animal leather or suede, these materials will not easily damage or show signs of wear, he says. Even if they come in contact with road salt and snow mash in wet winter conditions. He also promises that the shoes are easy to clean and require little attention to look as good as new.

Plastic-free and climate-neutral production chain & (packaging) materials

Through independent measurements under the Carbon Neutral Protocol about everything they undertake, Wills Vegan Store knows its total CO2 emissions for the year. Because of all their efforts, they can rightly call themselves climate-neutral. Also, their entire production chain is plastic-free and they only use eco-friendly and recyclable packaging: untreated, unbleached paper shipping bags, tape and cardboard boxes from more sustainable sources and biodegradable document packages with water-based glue. They go all the way here. Fantastic!

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