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OrganiCup offers you a great alternative to your usual disposable tampons and sanitary pads: a menstrual cup made from medical grade silicone. Since its founding in Copenhagen in 2012, OrganiCup has come a long way, providing more than a million people with an environmentally friendly menstrual cup. The chemicals that can be found in regular tampons and pads can be harmful and do not belong in a body. OrganiCup's menstrual cups and accessories are made for, and with the people who use them and offer a great alternative. Sustainability is a core value at OrganiCup, aswel as transparent communication and the desire to destigmatize periods. Easier, healthier, greener!

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Menstrual Cup OrganiCup ...
$ 28,55
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Intimate Wash OrganiWash...
$ 8,32
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Cleansing Wipes OrganiWi...
$ 5,94
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