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Rugtas Klak Roze
$ 64,00$ 89,90
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Bundel Rolltop Rugzak en...
$ 173,00$ 183,00
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Plant Faced Clothing
Illusions Tote Bag - Sto...
$ 9,00$ 16,00
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City Bundel Rugtas + Fle...
$ 113,00$ 123,00
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Plant Faced Clothing
Illusions Gym Bag Stop E...
$ 13,00$ 17,00
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All My Eco
Shopper "Make Love, Not ...
$ 15,00$ 20,00
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Yoga Tas
$ 29,90$ 39,90
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About our vegan & fair men's bags

When you step into the office on a run-of-the-mill day, what do you always have on you? Perhaps your phone, wallet, some cards, a water bottle? Maybe you’re going to work or running errands around town. Whatever you’re doing, nowadays there’s a lot to take with you.

Sustainable fanny pack, anyone?

You could opt for a fanny pack, which will amp up your streetcred with every step. Or, if size matters, you can browse for the perfect backpack or duffle bag on our website. We have the vegan bag to uphold your social standing and fit all your daily equipment in one convenient place: right here.

Papa’s got a brand new plant-based rucksack

If you’re looking for a sustainable, plant-based bag that'll last a lifetime (or two), then we’ve got you covered at Shop Like You Give a Damn. We've selected the most beautiful and fair products from brands that design and produce bags in an animal-friendly and sustainably way. BOLD BANANA, UCON ACROBATICS, LALU PRODUCTSPINQPONQ and DANIEL SILFEN, for example. Bye bye, plastic grocery bags. And a friendly farewell to backpacks with straps that dig into your shoulders.

Shop your plant-based laptop bag here

For work you choose a stylish briefcase or laptop bag (MATT & NAT, ECOWINGS, NOAH), with which you never struggle to get your tablet or laptop in it. And when you hit the gym, your vegan duffle bag (FRAENCK, RAINS) is your trusted workout buddy that always shows up. Going to a festival or a nice getaway? With our classic 'man bags' you have everything you need (or never thought of needing) right at your side. A bag needs to be – apart from it being a perfect addition to your outfit – functional above all. Don't forget to bring a nice t-shirt, your fave jeans and a fresh pair of underwear.

Fair fashion for men

Some other factoids to close the deal on you going through life with a vegan bag. Leather and suede are materials of animal origin that are 'extracted' through unimaginable animal pain and suffering. Also, these materials are simply outdated. Leather production is immensily polluting and has a huge impact on the environment and (inevitably) us. Not having enough good-looking vegan bags available has always been a cop out at best, but now even that flag doesn’t fly: just browse through our stunning collection!

From vegan wallet to fair trade shoulder bag

Looking for a new bag or two? Or that new vegan wallet from MATT & NAT that you didn’t want to get because you’re trying to cut back on the shopping, but still... it’s calling you. Well, good news for you. This is where your guilt-free shopping spree begins. Where you can treat yourself to a vegan briefcase, plant-based duffle bag, sustainable backpack, animal-free suitcase or honest travel bag. Now, when you go through daily life or explore the world you’re trying to be kind to, you could do so with the least amount of guilt possible (for someone who’s conscious of our current predicament). We make that possible at Shop Like You Give a Damn. For those who give a damn.