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Vegan lipstick in every shade your animal-friendly heart could desire

Lipstick is the secret weapon for creating a sensual, sophisticated or artistic look. Many badass women are known for their infinite love for lipstick. A well-known quote from Coco Chanel reads: "If you're sad, add more lipstick and attack."

That's exactly how it is. Nothing is more dangerous than a strong, independent woman with a bold, cruelty free lipstick on her lips, who fights and strives for a better, more beautiful world for people, animals and nature.

Cruelty free lip balm and lipgloss for every #mood

The perfect vegan lipstick and lip balm for every skin color, hair color and age can be found here in our online vegan and fair department store. Every season, every occasion and every mood requires a different kind of animal-free lipstick; unless you have your own special signature lipstick of course. Anyway, the magical power of the cruelty free lipstick cannot be disputed. But concerning the ingredients and the production of the make-up product, we can.

Why cruelty-free lipstick and vegan lip balm?

Unfortunately, far too many animal tests are still being carried out worldwide in the cosmetics business. Not only the animal tests are extremely animal-unfriendly: animal ingredients such as beeswax and the bright red carmine are also often used in this famous beauty product.

Because both aren't sourced very animal-friendly, we abandon the use of these animal components. In addition, there are sometimes even dangerous substances, such as lead, processed in the conventional lipsticks that you find in a typical drugstore.

100% plant-based and free from animal suffering

Fortunately, at Shop Like You Give a Damn you will only find natural vegan lipsticks and nurturing sustainable lip balms that are kind to your lips and health and which are also 100% cruelty-free and plant-based.

In our cruelty-free range you can shop the most beautiful animal-friendly makeup, vegan lipstick, plant-based lip balm and animal-free lipstick from beautiful and fair makeup brands such as ARGANIQUE, BARRY M, BH COSMETICS, GLAMLITE, NABLA, OFRA COSMETICS, REVOLUTION PRO, BOHO-COSMETICS, SUGARPILL, and YADAH.

Matte lipstick or vegan lip gloss?

We are a big fan of the matte lipsticks from YADAH, the ultra shiny lip gloss from GLAMLITE, the lip oil from BARRY M and the liquid lipstick from OFRA COSMETICS, SUGARPILL and NABLA.

The hydrating, highly pigmented products of BOHO-COSMETICS prove once again that the perfect vegan lipstick does exist. You can choose between a matte or glossy finish.

Never chapped again: vegan lip balm with shea butter

The lip balms from REVOLUTION PRO, on the other hand, are based on shea butter and give your chapped lips (hello winter!) all the hydration they need. Every one of these wonderfully smelling lip balms are free from artificial ingredients, from palm oil and animal suffering. Yep, our balms are literally perfect!