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Setting Spray

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Primers & setting sprays for in your vegan makeup bag

We already hear you think: "What, for heaven's sake, are primers and setting sprays?" They are products that are less well-known among the general public than, for example, the basis of every make-up bag: eye shadow, lipstick, mascara and foundation. But (professional) MUAs can hardly do without it.

What exactly is a primer?

A primer is a beauty product that you apply over your day cream and under your foundation. It creates a perfect, solid and even base for applying the rest of your makeup. Moreover, the product ensures that your makeup will stay in place perfectly during the day and helps smooth out your pores.

What does a setting spray do?

A setting spray, also known as a fixing spray, finishes up your make-up routine. This spray also ensures that your makeup will stay as fleeky throughout the day as when you applied it in the morning. The product contains fixative ingredients and optimally cares for the skin. The spray also keeps the skin well hydrated and does not feel sticky. You do need to use the spray at a sufficient distance from your face.

Shop the best animal-friendly primers from sustainable brands here

If you really want to use animal-friendly makeup, then choose vegan and animal-free. The FLAWLESS ORIGINAL PRIMER by BARRY M is an animal-friendly primer suitable for all skin types. The vegan product is based on a soothing formula, which is enriched with vitamin E and willow extract. With this plant-based primer your makeup will stay on your face for an extra long time. In addition, your pores are made less visible and you can easily create an even makeup look.

The primers by MAKEUP OBSESSION are also ideal and specially designed for shiny or oily skin. (Team Greasy T-Zone greets you!) The cruelty-free silicone-based formula combats sebum and shine. In addition, the product is of course completely free of animal ingredients and perfume.

These are cruelty-free primers that perfectly correct your skin

The FLAWLESS COLOR CORRECTING PRIMER from BARRY M is ideal for reducing redness on your face. The primer is based on a softened formula with vitamin E and cucumber extracts.

You'll neutralize all imperfections and unevenness of your skin with the COLOUR CORRECTING WAND products of this sustainable brand. You can reduce dark circles on a light skin tone with the yellow corrector, the green stick reduces redness of the skin for all skin types, the purple variant clarifies and corrects yellow discoloration with every skin tone, and the terracotta primer neutralizes dark circles with dark skin. It's like magic!

Plant-based primers for a silky smooth base

We also have plant-based primers and vegan setting sprays from INGLOT, MAKEUP REVOLUTION, OFRA COSMETICS and REVOLUTION PRO with which you'll be able to create perfect, silky soft skin. Many of our vegan primers contain a lightweight formula that minimizes the visibility of your pores.

With one of our animal-proof setting sprays you'll be able to keep excess oil production and that annoying smudging at bay, so that your cruelty-free makeup remains intact. Because a vegan primer regulates sebum production and is usually provided with a nice, fresh scent (bonus!)

For an animal-friendly, intensely pigmented look

The animal-friendly setting spray from MAKEUP OBSESSION is an absolute must-have. This fixing spray is unique, because it not only ensures that your makeup stays put, but makes the pigments of your vegan eye shadow and cruelty free highlighter even more intense, too!

Plant-based towards healthy skin

Having healthy skin, under your makeup, feels amazing. With the animal-friendly scrubs & face masks, facial cleansers and face creams from our vegan and fair range you'll be able to nurture and nourish your skin.

Skin care is important because your makeup can easily block your pores, causing more impurities to appear on your face. So, before going to bed, a thorough animal-friendly cleansing and a lick of nourishing cream on your face, gives your skin a proper recharge!