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Shop Like You Give a Damn
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The cruelty-free eyeshadow of your plant-based dreams

You have just arrived in eyeshadow paradise. So many colors, so many varieties, so much choice ... and the best of all this: these are plant-based cosmetics without any animal suffering! All of these beautiful eyeshadow (palettes) are 100% vegan and free of animal ingredients and animal testing. Makeup at its best.

Vegan eyeshadow from 12+ beauty brands

In our online vegan and fair department store you will find the best eye shadow of vegan and vegan-friendly brands such as BARRY M, BH COSMETICS, GLAMLITE, I HEART MAKEUP, I HEART REVOLUTION, MAKEUP OBSESSION, UOGA UOGA,NABLA and OFRA COSMETICS. As beautifully as the boxes look, these pigmented plant-based shades will certainly sparkle on your eyes.

Animal-free palettes with 5 to 35 shades of eyeshadow

The vegan BARRY M palettes and the 32-color palettes from MAKEUP REVOLUTION are perfect for everyday use. With these beautiful soft and warm colors you'll create a beautiful, casual, timeless look. Play around with the different shades and let your eyes sparkle like never before.

Sparkling gaze: cruelty free glitter & glamour

And talking about bright eyes: these vegan cosmetic brands also offer cruelty-free and animal-proof palettes with pigmented glitter eye shadow, which are 100% cruelty-free and 100% fantastic. And there is no age limit to glitter, right? The vegan eye shadow and highlighters of OFRA COSMETICS are ideal for parties or other special occasions where you want to look extra.

Animal-friendly makeup for (party) animals

Another brand that deserves a big spotlight is GLAMLITE. The products are cleverly designed as a pizza slice (we love a good vegan pizza!) And their production process is kind to humans, animals and nature. The cruelty-free eye shadow of this fair brand contains highly pigmented colors that make your eyes look suuuper extra.

The natural eye shadow of UOGA UOGA is also a feast for the eyes. The beautiful luxury designs of the 100% plant-based eyeshadows are just as beautiful as the eyeshadows themselves. This stylishly designed vegan make-up makes our animal-loving heart beat faster and faster.

Loose vegan powders

In addition to eyeshadow palettes, we've also got a range of "loose" cruelty-free eyeshadows. You can get these from the awesome and sustainable brands NABLA and OFRA COSMETICS.