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Find the best vegan and cruelty-free eyebrow gels online with us✨

Dreaming of coming across an actually good eyebrow gel? Time to wake up, then. In our collection, you'll find eyebrow gels that will create beautiful brows in no time. That's not all. Our eyebrow gels are not only kind to your brows, but also to animals and the planet.

Yup, that's right! All eyebrow gels you can find in our online department store are free from animal ingredients and were not tested on animals at any point in time.

The vegan and cruelty-free eyebrow gels from PHB are worth checking out. Their eyebrow gels are made with organic ingredients such as protein-rich quinoa and fruit extracts. These eco-friendly eyebrow gels will strengthen your eyebrows and also your eyelashes. Plus, they stimulate the growth of your hair. Blink twice if you want one too!

Clear or dark brown eyebrow gels, but always cruelty-free & vegan 🌱

We're pretty sure you'll find the eyebrow gel you're looking for with us. We have plenty of wonderful and cruelty-free clear eyebrow gels.

Take Makeup Revolution, for instance. Their clear brow gels prevent your eyebrow hair from shooting in all directions. With their vegan eyebrow gels, modelling your brows will be a piece of (vegan) cake. There is more good news. They are eyebrow gels and mascaras in one!

You don't need to go to a salon to get the splendid eyebrow look. At least, not after discovering affordable vegan & cruelty-free eyebrow gels from Catrice. From their vegan tinted eyebrow gels in blond, brown or dark brown shades... to transparent eyebrow gels. There are plenty of options!

You can find cruelty-free eyebrow gels that are waterproof, last up to 72 hours and are free from oil, microplastics, parabens and perfume. So, these eyebrow gels are also suitable for sensitive skin!

Feel the benefits of plant-based & more sustainable eyebrow gels 👀

There are plenty of reasons why to use eyebrow gels. The best vegan and cruelty-free eyebrow gels give your brows more volume, make them thicker, fuller and longer. And they also ensure that your eyebrows stay in one shape all day long.

So, don't hesitate and give your eyebrows a voice. You can go for a more natural look with eyebrow soap from West Barn Co. Or, you can go for a more defined and full eyebrow look with eyebrow gels from Essence.

Not only looking for vegan and cruelty-free eyebrow gels but also pencils and powders? Well, lucky you! We also have plenty of vegan & cruelty-free eyebrow pencils. And plant-based eyebrow powders that were not tested on animals too.