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Fleeky eyebrows: follow trends or go natural?

If your brows are on fleek, the world is at your feet, or so it seems. Although the monthly changing Instagram trends in the field of eyebrows are very creative, we prefer to opt for a natural look ourselves. #wokeuplikethis

Brows on fleek with vegan eyebrow pencil, pomade and powder

But what if you are not blessed with beautiful full brows by nature? Fortunately, there are plenty of tricks that you can use to accentuate your eyebrows. You can also do this in a way that is free of any animal suffering: with the beautiful animal-friendly eyebrow pencils, vegan brow pomade and cruelty-free eyebrow powders that you spot in our vegan and fair range.

You can create the perfect eyebrow like this:

Achieve the perfect eyebrow shape and color with the vegan eyebrow pencils from BARRY M, MILANI, REVOLUTION PRO and UOGA UOGA. Every single one free from animal ingredients and using them you are assured of a beautiful pair of eyebrows.

Soft pencils are incredibly easy to use. Comb your eyebrow hairs with the small brush at the end of the animal-free eyebrow pencil and then let the pencil do the work. Okay, fair is fair: you will have to "operate" the pencil yourself. But hey, practice makes perfect.

Cruelty-free brow powder & animal-free brushes

Do you prefer to use a beautiful brow powder? We also have plant-based options, such as the vegan brow powders from REVOLUTION PRO. With a specially animal-free eyebrow brush, such as that of SIGMA, BH COSMETICS, ECOTOOLS or BOHO-COSMETICS, it is easy to fill the eyebrow.

Did you know that make-up brushes are traditionally of animal origin? For example, they are made with hair from squirrels, goats, horses and mink. But the plant-based or synthetic fibers that you find in our vegetable brush collection are not only vegan but also antibacterial, hypoallergenic and extremely strong.

Waterproof & long-lasting brow pomade

In addition to vegan eyebrow pencil and cruelty-free powder, vegan brow pomade is also a good way to get your eyebrows in shape. With this cruelty free cream-like formula you can work extremely precisely. In addition, the vegan brow pomade is waterproof, long-lasting and highly pigmented.

And from cruelty free brow gel ...

Another kind of product is the brow gel. With the gel and the included brush you can create beautiful brows in no time. As far as we are concerned, you can get the best plant-based brow gels at BARRY M.

... to plant-based brow wax

If you really want to go all out, you can indulge yourself with the beautiful brow wax from REVOLUTION PRO and magic pencils from NABLA and MILANI.

In short: you can find all the vegan makeup you need to create the perfect eyebrows right here. And the best thing about these products is that they are not only nice to your skin, but also to humans and animals.