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Moyu Notebooks
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Etui Torti Pols...
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Moyu Notebooks
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Useful, practical, and sustainable: our stationery segment has all the professional and authentic essentials for your ethical workspace 🤓

All the writing materials you’re going to need to get the job done! In this section, we have brought together the best tools to help you create the ideal and sustainable (home) office supply kit. 

From everyday gear all the way to special and thoughtful gifts, we will leave it up to you to filter out the materials and criteria you are looking for! We have gathered a selection of notebooks (ordinary or reusable), pencil cases, and postcards

Store your writing supplies in an environmentally friendlier pencil case ✍️

No stationery tool kit is complete without getting a hold of the right pencil case that’s going to store all your erasers, markers and highlighters, pencil sharpeners, pencils, and pens. 

Either to sit neatly and organised on your desk or for when you’re on the go, a handcrafted pencil case is ideal if you need to pack your things up quickly and take your office from place to place. 

Vegan postcards: a great souvenir, a little decor, a friendly gift, or a gesture of love 💞

If you are searching for a beautiful and ethical card for a loved one, you will definitely find one here. We have a collection of stunning postcards to serve as decoration, to keep on an environmentally friendlier picture frame, to complement your working space, or to send a memorable souvenir to your loved ones! 

Postcards are a lovely way to celebrate someone’s birthday, let them know you are thinking of them by sending one over to who you love. 💌

Keep everything in one place: ethically produced notebooks for your goals, tasks, schedules, and brainstorming 🧠

One of the major principles of working or studying effectively is organisation. Now, there are so many ways to keep your schedule neat and your tasks organised, and one of the best ones is to write things down. 

That’s why we offer a great selection of vegan notebooks, ordinary ones, and some that you can reuse! Truly with the sustainable aspect in mind, the reusable notebooks are guaranteed to be fully erasable. 📔