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Low waste homeware: environmentally conscious items to help you reduce your footprint ♻️

First things first, what is low waste? In short, to follow a low waste lifestyle means to focus on waste prevention and conservation of resources. This includes the redesign of life cycles so that all products and/or raw materials can be reused/transformed into something new. 

The power to change the world lies in our hands. Low waste or zero waste lifestyles are both beneficial, and they both depend upon consumer behaviour. Supply and demand dictate what the markets should adapt to. And although we would love to have more brands adapt their products to reduce waste management,  the ultimate goal is for no trash to be sent to landfills, incinerators, or the ocean. 🌊

Plant-based and low waste kitchen: everything you might need to create deliciousness and decrease littering! 🌱

In kitchenware terms, think about the items that you normally buy and only use once, to then dispose of it directly after it has served its purpose. Let’s say: a straw! A reusable straw is a low waste alternative because it can be washed and reutilized after you’ve used it, for your nutritious smoothie or vegan milkshake. 

Here in this segment, we have a selection of bamboo and metal straws, which are reusable and dishwasher safe. It could be an easy way to get you started on your low-waste lifestyle journey! 🥤

Low waste bathroom: more sustainable changes because the only waste created in there should be our own 💩

When you think about how to reduce waste at home, the bathroom could end up being on the list of most wasteful areas. Every day, we make use of so many items like makeup removers, swabs, and even toothbrushes that can be used up and thrown away quite quickly. 

The next best alternatives here at Shop Like You Give a Damn can help you reduce the amount of waste you dispose of. For example, by using reusable cotton pads from Poor Christine, which are a greener alternative to disposable make-up remover pads. After use, you wash it clean and use it again, again and again! 🔁 

The low waste home: how to switch towards a more sustainably aware approach to shopping!

Explore this department for many more items that can make your low-waste lifestyle journey possible! By changing our everyday habits and switching from a plastic-based item to one made with reusable materials, we can all reach a more sustainable livelihood and translate that into our household. 🏡