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AAI made with love
Houten Bord Vin...
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Sustainably sourced materials make great dishes: vegan plates and bowls to serve and assemble your tastiest plant-based foods! 🥗

Wooden dishes and tableware in general always add a raw touch of nature to a kitchen. They are absolutely long-lasting and can withstand many years of daily use if cared for.

Whether you’re about to plate a beautiful and nutritious salad or a variety of appetizers, we have beautiful dishes and many other tableware items to make sure that your kitchen and dining sets are complete! 

Durable dinnerware: unique handmade pieces to complement your vintage or contemporary kitchen style ✨

Think about how you could use one of these dishes to help you decorate your table: to place your vegan cake and plant-based pastry on and serve a snack to yourself and your friends, to have breakfast in the morning, or to set the table for a fully vegan celebration dinner. 🌱

We have the pleasure to be selling products from a pioneer in fairness. AAI made with love offers a variety of vegan dishes, crafted with natural, recycled, or vintage materials. 

Besides small and large dishes and bowls, and wooden plates, the company also offers beautifully crafted fruit stands for you to display some colourful produce. 🍎

Different dish sizes for different types of meals: recycled materials and a fair production chain 🔗

When it comes to tableware, there is always a way to make your kitchen more sustainable. Be it with items that can last longer like wood, which can’t rust, unlike metal. 

Be it with more sustainable materials like recycled plastic, instead of brand new, mass-produced plastic, bamboo without melamine or stoneware. For more homeware sustainable swaps, check out our handy cutlery sets and the kitchen tools to make sure you’ve got all you need to cook and serve the most succulent plant-based meals. 

Responsible, just, and fair: everything you need for a fully vegan kitchen 🍽️

The raw materials are not the only environmental aspect taken into consideration at Shop Like You Give a Damn, you can also have a look at our criteria for products! We outline the most important factors when it comes to the products we offer here on our website.

A compilation of 14 criteria and high standard values, holds the brands and sellers to a degree of social responsibility to make sure that the humans involved are treated fairly. 🌎