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Weaning Set Suc...
La Romi
Weaning Set Suc...
£ 23,74
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Wooden Plate Vi...
AAI made with love
Wooden Plate Vi...
£ 17,92
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Bowl Medium Vin...
AAI made with love
Bowl Medium Vin...
£ 23,88
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Child's Bowl Be...
La Romi
Child's Bowl Be...
£ 11,35
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Handmade ceramic bowls: pieces of art for your daily plant-based porridge breakfast 🥣

We all have our staple, everyday go-to vegan breakfast. Cereal, oatmeal, or porridge, or maybe a huge bowl of fresh fruits in the morning! For all of the above reasons and more, we have curated a selection of ethically produced bowls from the socially responsible homeware pioneering brands and sellers - committed to our planet, its animals, and humans. Here you can find small bowls, big bowls, ceramic or wooden bowls, all sizes, and materials! 

Whether you’re looking for a single, unique, and original bowl, or a set of bowls to complete your tableware sets, we can help you with both. You might also want to check out our dishes and cutlery to mix and match the sets and create a bowl-tastic and sustainable tableware collection for your ethical home. 🏡

Let’s get a big misconception out of the way before we start: vegans only eat salads. We do eat salads though, but not ONLY that, and when we do prepare one, they are absolutely epic. An ethical large bowl is a necessity if you’re a salad lover like we are, to fit as many greens as you can into one single meal! 🥗 

Ethical bowls for vegan soups: the perfect dish to pour your hearty noodles into 🍜

Who doesn’t love a heart-warming vegan soup? Or a delicious bowl of noodles topped with some vegetables? All these mouth-watering delicacies can be made at home, and better yet: poured into a more sustainable bowl. Help the environment by buying only what you need, made with materials that are guaranteed to be recycled someday in the future and potentially turned into something completely different. 

Stay true to yourself, you will definitely make a mess while eating noodles. If you don’t, it’s not fun! Here we have a collection of sustainable napkins to make sure that when you let it slip, you won’t get yourself dirty or wet! 

Final touch: don’t forget to browse through our utensils in the cutlery section! Whether you’re a chopstick or fork type of person, we’ve got both options made by environmentally aware brands and sellers

More sustainable bowls to serve your rice and curry: amazing Asian evenings at home 🍛

Plant-based Thai or Indian Curry? Red or green curry? Any one of these is fine with us, with some soft or toasted bread, or some yummy freshly cooked basmati rice. Whichever combinations you may prefer, those rich dishes can be beautifully assembled into one of our handcrafted wooden bowls from AAI made with love for you to enjoy! 

A plain bowl of rice? Fine with us. Rice is the staple food of more than half of the world's population, and for many of us, it’s a must-have on the dinner table - which you can make look beautiful and fancy by laying some sustainable table cloths over it! 🍚

Summertime and warm evenings: time to buy some freezing cold vegan ice-cream 🍨 

When it becomes a little bit too warm, it’s time to get out there and find your favourite plant-based ice cream! Maybe from your local grocery store or at that special vegan restaurant you love to visit for your sweets and enjoy a delicious and generous portion of gelato, on your brand new sustaina-bowl -> with the option for a top-up, of course! 

A refreshing bowl of ice cream for the sweet-tooths out there, as a snack anytime of the day or as a dessert after an appetizing meal. You decide! 😋