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Kitchen Tools

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A nourishing and fulfilling plant-based kitchen: the safe haven for all vegans 🌱

As the world transitions to making veganism and plant-based diets the new norm, vegans all over the world may still struggle to find their favourite meals veganised in restaurants, bars, and cafes. Thankfully, there is one spot where we can always resort to: our own kitchens! That is where the magic happens and your dreams can come true. 

Cooking can be very satisfying, it is also an amazing family activity, besides, we all need to feed ourselves every day. That’s why we have compiled a selection of kitchen tools from socially responsible brands that will guarantee that your ultimate cookout will not be missing any utensils. 

To go with whatever appetizing snacks, meals, and desserts you create, make sure you have sustainable cups, recycled glasses, and pitchers to prepare and serve some cold lemonade and cocktails for the whole family! Make sure they are extra refreshing by popping some cubes made with the ice trays we offer in this section! 🧊

Ethically crafted kitchen tools: everything you need to cook and bake your meals 🥄

Stirring and mixing have never been so easy with these more sustainable wooden or bamboo spoons to help you get the job done. Grilling a vegan burger? Make sure to have a sturdy spatula to flip them up! Every grill master needs a nice ethical apron to protect them from getting dirty, make sure to check those out before inviting everyone for a vegan barbecue. 🍔

Measuring cups and spatulas made with recycled materials, in case you’re planning to cleverly measure all the right ingredients to bake a cake and spread a delicious vegan chocolate icing on it after it’s baked! Safely take your amazing plant-based gateau out of the oven with one of our oven mitts. 🍫

Awaken your inner-chef: create your vegan feast at home with all these utensils 👨🏿‍🍳👩🏼‍🍳

Mise-en-place is definitely the foundation of a flavourful meal. When it comes to kitchen tools, knives of all sizes are absolutely key to help you to cut up your veggies and fruits. These could be combined with a more ethical cutting board to make sure your preparation is on point and not all over the place!

We’ve also got ladles to serve and pour your soup in a beautiful handcrafted bowl, these big spoons always come in handy whenever making a stew as well. On a different note, browse through a selection of environmentally friendlier stainless steel tongs for pasta lovers! These are obviously multi-functional and will be very useful whenever you need to pick up and twirl your pasta for a beautiful presentation on a plate. 🍝