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STOP! Micro Waste
Guppyfriend was...
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Washing Bag Gup...
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Washing Bag Gup...
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Atelier Jungles
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How to keep your home spotless: cleaning and laundry supplies for every vegan household 🏡

There’s nothing better than coming home to a perfectly clean and tidy space. No dust on the shelves, stains on the floor, cluttered clothes, or bad smells roaming around. To help you get the hard work done before you can enjoy your dirt-free home, we have collected the more sustainable and ethically produced cleaning and laundry supplies. 👖

Whether you are going to do your weekly deep cleaning on the weekend, a spring cleaning to declutter your home, or just washing all of your clothes before going on a trip, we’ve got you covered with our plastic-free laundry detergents, sustainable cleaning kits, and microfiber catchers that can effortlessly remove the dirt from all surfaces.

Reducing waste and getting chores done: pro-earth home supplies 🌎

To take care of the laundry and the dishes, we provide environmentally friendlier capsules and tablets to wash everything, always committed to reducing the damage done to the planet.

In general, the entire household deserves attention. That’s why we have also included other ways and products to help you maintain the cleanliness within your home. Different types of detergent for different purposes, the necessary cleaning equipment as well as the supplies. 

Green cleaning without greenwashing: the advantages of caring about sustainability!

Our collection of sustainable household cleaning and washing products will definitely allow you to create a maintainable cleaning routine that is good for your home and good for the environment, but that’s not the only benefit you’re getting. 

Switching to using eco-friendly cleaning products, such as soap bars, is also one of the best ways to battle the harm inflicted on the environment daily. 🍃

Another amazing advantage to most of these products: they aren't toxic or as dangerous as ‘’normal’’ cleaning supplies! 

What we mean is: they are mostly naturally derived, safe, non-toxic, and produced with biodegradable ingredients that don't negatively impact the environment. Make your home safer, cleaner, and aligned with Mother Nature. 💚