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Loft and Daughter
Basket Fiesta T...
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Jyoti Fair Works
Elephant Emil W...
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Spice up your home with our vegan interior decorations: a unique piece for every living space! 🏡

Home decoration is definitely a game-changer when it comes to creating a calm or extravagant atmosphere in your home.

Therefore, shopping for some extra ethical embellishments and sustainable accessories in this segment would go a very long way in giving your home a better look! 

We offer a variety of items to help you make every room a tad more stylish and attractive, while always respecting the environment. 

Sustainable wall art decoration: posters to make your home feel more lively 🖼️

Posters are a great way to beautify a room, whenever the walls are looking too empty, you can slap a poster that resembles one of your passions, mottos, or values. 

Prints and posters can also be a reminder of a great time you’ve had in a music concert, a tv show you loved, or about something you really value: like our beautiful animals who cohabit this planet with us. 🐠

For the plant parents: how to choose the perfect ethical home for your plants 🌵

What’s the best way to choose your brand new plants’ planters and vases and make your greenery stand out? Check out its size and then visit our home decor segment to find the best fit for your lovely new housemate. We have a selection of vases in different sizes, colours, and shapes to make sure your jungle is well dressed up. 

No unfair production, wasteful methods, or mass-produced articles. Here at Shop Like You Give a Damn, we can guarantee that each vase is a unique piece fairly produced by a responsible brand or seller, made with recycled, biodegradable, or organic materials to make sure we are reducing our emissions on this earth. 

Nothing wrong with overpopulating your home with plants! We are here to make sure they can have the proper accommodation, and that you feel happy with how they look. Whether you’d like to have a set of similar-looking vases or each of them different from the last one, we’ve got you covered. 

A reminder of love - keep those memorable pictures in a special frame 📸

It is undeniable that we all have smartphones nowadays, and that we can keep our pictures on our phones, tablets or computers, forever. It is also true that some pictures have a truly special meaning to us!

Those moments that we just cannot forget, with the wonderful people we’ve had the chance to have in our lives - those pictures deserve a special place in our homes. 

What about a picture frame made with more sustainable materials? Those can be a great item to help you decorate your home, and be a meaningful reminder of love! 💚