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Veganise your home from scratch: sustainable furniture for every room in the house! 🏡

In this section, we have collected a variety of items you might be looking for to introduce into your brand new home, from chairs and tables for your kitchen or office, all the way to rugs and doormats to decorate the front door. 

This segment is filled with beautifully crafted furniture by the plant-based and environmentally aware pioneers: the brands, and sellers that are committed to the planet to make a difference by fairly compensating its workers and not harming the animals and the environment in their production processes. 

So, filter away until you find whatever you’re looking for right here! 

Ethical lamps for your evening shift: a well-illuminated environment makes all the difference! 💡

When it comes to brightness, we would love to have the sun shining 24/7! Well, sometimes during winter, we consider ourselves lucky to have the sun out for a few hours a day. 

The great news is that we have an environmentally friendlier alternative to the wasteful lamps that are out there! Standing lamps, hanging lamps, and office lamps for your home office desk, we’ve got it all. 

Check out our vegan lighting segment to find out the many options we have, produced with more sustainable materials such as FSC certified recycled cardboard, for example. 

Sustainably sourced materials to craft your dining area and home office 🌱

If you’re looking for more home-office essentials, don’t forget to check out the tables, chairs, and stools we’ve selected just for you! Crafted by brands that are committed to their workers and to the environment, the raw material used in their production processes is what really makes a difference.

Fairly produced furniture for all: furnishing your child’s bedroom has never been so easy 👼 

Everyone in the home deserves the best, that’s why we have also taken into consideration our dearest little humans! Children also get their furniture section, specifically designed just for them. Cute little tables and chairs for them to do their drawing and painting time! 

Socially responsible bedrooms: a great night of sleep on a vegan bed! 🛏️

What about going to sleep without any guilt? Here in the furniture section, we have also compiled the brands and sellers who are committed to producing more sustainable beds! These are crafted or assembled with recycled or reclaimed materials, minimising waste. 

Buying a comfortable bed is a must, and if we can help reduce the damage to the environment by choosing an alternative to the mass-produced beds - that’s even better! 

No more clothes laying around or pilling up: cabinets made of recycled materials! 

While you’re at it: safely storing your clothes in an organised way, Marie Kondo style, could really make a difference in the overall space you have in a room. 

That’s why we have also provided a collection of cabinets crafted with more sustainable materials, to help you keep your room neatly put together. 🗄️