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Revolution Skincare
Cocoa & Oat Moisturising...
£ 7,52
See Cocoa & Oat Moisturising...
Revolution Skincare
Pink Clay Detoxifying Fa...
£ 7,52
See Pink Clay Detoxifying Fa...
Ofra Cosmetics
Fro-Zay Peel Off Mask
£ 15,08
See Fro-Zay Peel Off Mask
Ofra Cosmetics
Ofra Cosmetics X Talia M...
£ 49,52
See Ofra Cosmetics X Talia M...
Bean Body
Coffee Scrub Manuka Hone...
£ 13,40
See Coffee Scrub Manuka Hone...
Bean Body
Coffee Scrub Coconut
£ 13,40
See Coffee Scrub Coconut
Ofra Cosmetics
Talia Mar Tea and Biscui...
£ 24,32
See Talia Mar Tea and Biscui...
Clay And Glow
Clay And Glow Pink Clay ...
£ 21,80
See Clay And Glow Pink Clay ...
Revolution Skincare
Green Tea & Walnut Exfol...
£ 7,52
See Green Tea & Walnut Exfol...
Barry M
Lip Scrub Peppermint
£ 5,45
See Lip Scrub Peppermint
Barry M
Lip Scrub Mango
£ 5,45
See Lip Scrub Mango
Handmade Roots Lip Scrub...
£ 5,84
See Handmade Roots Lip Scrub...
Revolution Skincare
Revolution Skincare x Ja...
£ 7,52
See Revolution Skincare x Ja...
Revolution Pro
Revolution Skincare Nigh...
£ 9,20
See Revolution Skincare Nigh...
Revuele Organic Nourishi...
£ 3,32
See Revuele Organic Nourishi...
Revuele Organic Cleansin...
£ 3,32
See Revuele Organic Cleansin...

In addition to the healthy and animal-loving meals that you prepare and the soft cruelty free clothing that you love to wear, you might also like to take care of your body and skin in different ways. Vegan, and with ingredients from mother nature. Don't hesitate: you can find all the scrubs and masks of your dreams right here.

A silky smooth complexion

Being vegan, you probably already let your skin shine through those generous portions of fruit and vegetables, but a weekly scrub and a good mask in due time should certainly not be missing in your beauty ritual. A good excuse for some me-time as well: a cup of tea, a magazine and a bit of scrubbing. Get rid of those dead skin cells to make way for the new ones. Smooth complexion, here we come! For a final boost, use an invigorating mask to pamper baby-soft skin with a moisturizing vegan cream.

Scrub to your heart's content

For a great and gentle scrub you are dead set with BEAN BODY. The Coffee Scrub Coconut gives your skin a royal treatment. The coffee provides a mild exfoliation, while the sugar, the Himalayan salt, the coconut and the vitamin E give your skin the complete and wonderful care it deserves. Time for a celebration!

A party for your lips

Do you suffer from dry or damaged lips? Try one of the fantastic lip scrubs. The Lip Scrub Mango from our brand BARRY M takes care of your lips with a mix of moisturizing oils and also smells delicious. Would you like something more refreshing? Go for the Lip Scrub Peppermint. Both of them contain a good dose of vitamin E to repair damage and to hydrate your lips.

The final touch

After scrubbing, you naturally pamper your skin with a wonderful mask from REVOLUTION SKINCARE. Do you have dry skin? Then go for the Green Tea & Walnut Exfoliating Skin Mask. Enriched with delicious green tea that brings in moisture and makes your dry skin radiate again. Another fantastic mask is the Cocoa & Oat Moisturizing Face Mask, which not only lets your skin glow from the inside, it smells amazing too. Maybe you should stop surfing, because the scents almost come out of your screen!

But we are not done yet. Discover the OFRA COSMETICS, HELEMAAL SHEA or REVUELE brands too! These are all wonderful vegan scrubs and masks. Don't forget to browse our animal-friendly face cleansers, body lotions, deodorants and hand creams. Hmm, starting your own environmentally friendly and vegan beauty salon doesn't sound bad!