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Behind the scenes we're working hard on filling up this page with the most beautiful items. Do you know of a vegan, fair and sustainable brand that should not be missing here? Please share your tip with us and we'll do our best to get them on board!
Behind the scenes we're working hard on filling up this page with the most beautiful items. Do you know of a vegan, fair and sustainable brand that should not be missing here? Please share your tip with us and we'll do our best to get them on board!

About our vegan & fair makeup

When it comes to cruelty-free makeup, today's beauty industry still has a to learn and explore. Conventional beauty products and popular brands like MAC and L'Oréal may exude 'glamour'. But the world behind their products is everything but glamorous.

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The makeup products of many popular makeup brands are, aside from the actual ingredients, filled with animal pain, torture and suffering – yet very neatly hidden, so we only see the shiny outside of that lip gloss or mascara we're holding in our hands. You ask: how bad can it be if Julia Roberts, Blake Lively or the next superstar is selling it to you? Well, pretty darn bad. That's why we only sell cruelty-free makeup that hasn't been tested on animals.

Animal testing & China

For years, animal testing is required for any cosmetics sold in China. Meaning: makeup brands which label themselves as 'cruelty-free' can still be testing their products on animals (or deploying third parties to do so on behalf on them), as these brands also sell their makeup in China.

Daily, tons of bunnies, mice, rats and other animals are suffering their way through the day. Suffering to stay alive, while the conventional beauty industry is running the most excruciating tests on their skin, fur and eyes. Non-vegan eyeliners, for instance, are often tested on lab rats to see whether irritation will occur when the product gets into their little eyes – to make sure the consumer won't get eye irritation or, in the worst case, goes blind.

But now, it looks like time are finally a-changing. From 2020, China will no longer require animal testing on cosmetic products. The Chinese government has announced that, by 2020, long-contested laws that made animal testing compulsory will finally be lifted. That doesn't mean however, that the animals will be off the hook. Animal tests can still occur. And makeup products that haven't been tested on animals can still contain animal-derived ingredients.

Dead bugs? Not in my vegan lipstick

Red lipstick often contains carmine; a pigment made from crushed cochineal bugs. It's been reported that more than 70,000 of these bugs are killed to produce just 1 pound of dye, which can be found in many cosmetics and other products (PETA, 2017). Saddening statistics.

The animal-friendly news

But there's also some good news. There are great vegan makeup brands out there which operate in a fair, animal-friendly way. And we've selected the best of them. Here, you can find a selection of the finest cruelty-free makeup brands and vegan makeup products – so you won't only look good on the outside, but will also feel great about yourself on the inside. So far so good, right?

Toiletry bag filled with cruelty-free beauty essentials

Ever heard about the 5-minute face? It's a term used to describe women's daily five-minute makeup transformation from human-turned-zombie to awake-human-that's-ready-to rumble. Relatable realness. The good thing is that you only need a few makeup essentials to get that lovely little sleepy face of yours back on track. Just grab a toiletry bag and fill it with some key products that you can use on-the-go and for touch-ups.

From vegan mascara to fair trade nail polish

Pop in a handy vegan concealer, primer and a creamy, lightweight foundation that matches your skintone. Add your favourite smudge-free mascara (lashes for days!), eyebrow pencil, and blush to lively things up. Also grab a long-lasting lipstick while you're at it. Now just slide your plant-based toiletry bag into your handbag and off you go, gorgeous.

Seductive vegan lip gloss? Yas please!

We're not done yet. Let us give you the tour: we offer beautiful 100% vegan and cruelty-free powders, eyeshadow palettes, nail polish and eyeliners. And of course, there's more. We definitely haven't forgotten about those special moments when you want to look and feel extra-extra. Those nights when the basics just don't cut it for you. When you want to go beyond au naturel and show your fiercest self to the world. Well, girl, hold on. 'Cause we've got just the right plant-based bronzer and highlighter for you.

Plant-based bronzer? Check!

You'll outshine the sun and stars with our vegan eyeshadow palettes from GLAMLITE, MAKEUP REVOLUTION or I HEART REVOLUTION. Glam it up with a pigmented highlighter and bronzer from OFRA COSMETICS. Almost done! Just finish off your look with a highly seductive vegan lip gloss, again from OFRA COSMETICS or GLAMLITE (these guys know what they're doing). That's it. All done. Now shine bright like a cruelty-free diamond. (Cue Rihanna.)

Friends, not fake lashes

You've probably seen them before on the web and in the drugstore around the corner: 'natural' makeup applicators and false eyelashes. But what 'natural' actually means here, is that these products are made from real hair. Real animal hair, that is. Squirrel, goat, sable (hair from the tail of the kolinsky species of weasel), mink and occasionally a horse or even badger hair. Most of us are pretty outraged when we see someone wearing a fur coat on the streets. But when we buy false lashes and makeup brushes that are made from animal fur or hair, we're completely comfortable doing so. Kinda weird, isn't?

Animal-free makeup brushes

Luckily, there are great alternatives on the beauty market: plant-based makeup brushes! We're obsessed with the high-quality vegan makeup brushes from SIGMA and ECOTOOLS. Both brands are not only eco-friendly, but budget-friendly as well. And when it comes to glamming up your lash game, the dazzling faux lashes from QUEEN TARZI will make you feel like a, well, queen. Go pop these cruelty-free babies right in that makeup bag of yours.

The best plant-based makeup

Nothing makes you radiate from the outside out like a clear conscience. Choose products that are 100% cruelty-free, vegan and tested on humans (make sense to test it on ourselves, right?). Now that's beauty that goes (and glows) beyond the surface. Take a look at the stunning and animal-friendly beauty products from some of our favourite makeup brands: BARRY M, BOHO-COSMETICS and YADAH.

Look for the happy bunny

Ever spotted the Leaping Bunny-icon on a beauty product? The Leaping Bunny is the most trusted cruelty-free certification for non-animal tested products. A voluntary pledge that cosmetic, personal care, and/or household product companies make to clear animal testing from all stages of product development. In short: happy animals, happy (and guilt-free) you.

Honest hair & skin care for animal-friendly people

Browse through our cruelty-free hair care and skin care products: from hand and face creams, conditionersmoisturisers and body lotions to beeswax-free lip balms, deodorant and oral care. We got everything you need, without having to bother any bunny for it.