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Bumi Bars
Luscious lemon shampoo b...
£ 5,87
See Luscious lemon shampoo b...
Hair Care Bundle
£ 29,40£ 31,07
See Hair Care Bundle
Lee Stafford
Lee Stafford Fresh Hair ...
£ 10,49
See Lee Stafford Fresh Hair ...
Helemaal Shea
Oat Silk & Calendula Bod...
£ 6,54
See Oat Silk & Calendula Bod...
Bumi Bars
Creamy Coconut Shampoo B...
£ 5,87
See Creamy Coconut Shampoo B...
Lee Stafford
Lee Stafford Hair Growth...
£ 9,65
See Lee Stafford Hair Growth...
Lee Stafford
Lee Stafford Bleach Blon...
£ 8,36
See Lee Stafford Bleach Blon...
Bumi Bars
Good garden shampoo bar ...
£ 5,87
See Good garden shampoo bar ...
Bumi Bars
Mighty Mint Shampoo Bar
£ 5,87
See Mighty Mint Shampoo Bar

100% animal-proof shampoo, made without animal suffering

Bad hair days ... we all know them. It is so difficult to find the right shampoo for your luscious locks, let alone an animal-friendly one. But Shop Like You Give a Damn offers the solution: a great collection of fantastic and 100% cruelty-free shampoos that you can buy with confidence. Not tested on animals and also not made from animal by-products.

Your hair is completely ready for our sustainable brands (including BUMI BARS, HELEMAAL SHEA, LA FARE) and our fair sellers including BE VEGAN and THEGREEN LABELS.

Try a plant based and plastic-free shampoo bar

For example, give your hair a boost with a vegan shampoo bar from BUMI BARS - plastic not included! All PET-free shampoo bars of this great brand are naturally made with shea butter, almond and jojoba oil. This makes the bars free of palm oil, SLS & parabens, cruelty free, and vegan.

One bar lasts about 40-60 washes (in the case of long hair) and is a great alternative to the usual plastic shampoo bottles and a must-add in your sustainable routine. Oh, and don't forget your vegan conditioner!

So long greasy hair: find the best vegan dry shampoo

Do you want your hair to unlearn to beg so quickly for a shower? Then use a dry shampoo in between washes, such as the vegan dry shampoo from SMPL, COLAB or STYLEDRY. 100% natural and also provides volume, among other things. Also useful if you actually have to go to work but your hair doesn't feel like it. Dry spray saves the day!

Great vegan shampoo and hair care for every hair type

Could your wild locks use some taming? Take a look at our vegan hair styling products, hair care, hair masks and oil treatments from ARGANIQUE, among others. Do you want more colour in your life? No worries, we have the right cruelty free hair dye for that.

Care for your locks and nourish them with natural cruelty-free products because you and the animals on this beautiful globe are worth it.