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Ointment: gentle on your skin and cruelty free
There are so many different types of balms and ointments, each with their own structure and scent, and each with their own purpose. You could apply as much as you'd like! How nice is it to take care of your skin with plant based creams that are 100% cruelty-free, free of animal ingredients and that care for your skin in the best possible way?

When you take care of your skin you ensure that you feel comfortable - literally and figuratively. When using vegan cosmetic products, you not only help yourself feel good, you'll also make sure that no animals suffer needlessly.

Plant-based formula balm with chamomile and aloe vera

OFRA COSMETICS is a beautiful vegan cosmetics brand with a huge range of the most beautiful facial care and makeup products. The BEAUTIFYING EYE LOTION is one of these. The product can be used to remove make-up and takes care of swollen, tiring eyes, thanks to the plant-based formula enriched with rejuvenating chamomile and aloe vera.

Additionally, you'll fight the dark circles around your eyes in no time with this product so you can avoid that dreaded panda look!

Cream based on cactus

The vegan brand FRECK also offers a jelly cream, based on cactus, specially developed for the skin around the eyes. The gentle, plant-based formula even actively prevents crow's feet (and this without any animal suffering ;-)) and is also free from gluten, parabens, alcohol and phthalates! Skin care can really be that natural.

Argan oil: the ultimate care

Another great product that is worth trying is the ARGANIQUE vegan argan oil "roller". Argan oil is one of those plant based beauty products that you can use for everything and everywhere. This panacea provides the ultimate care for your lips, hair, nails and face. The ARGANIQUE roller is small in size and therefore easy to take with you everywhere.

Sunny body glow

Another kind of castor oil, this time based on coconut, is the one by the brand BARRY M. Their vegan product BODY OIL IN THE GLOW, takes care of your skin in the absolute best way and conjures up a beautiful, evenly sunny 'glow' on your skin in no time. It's perfect to treat your pale cheeks to a little sunshine in those last chilly months before summer.