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Children's Swimwear

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Ethical children’s swimwear: the perfect outfits to go swimming 🏖️

Pool time or beach holiday, children’s swimwear is part of the essentials for the holidays! To allow the kids to have a fun time with their friends or with their family, wearing comfortable swimwear helps a lot. 

That’s why we’ve compiled all types of children’s swimwear in this section! Made with more sustainable fabrics and under fair working conditions, we hope you will find the right swimwear piece or combination for your child. 

Vegan bikinis for children 👙

Nothing better than sustainable swimwear for kids, created by brands that are socially responsible. Here you will find bikinis for your children that are made with more sustainable fabrics such as recycled plastic and nylon. 

Swimming shorts and trunks for toddlers 🩳

Shorts and swimming trunks are also great beachwear options. They’re roomy, provide enough coverage to the children’s lower body and come in a variety of cool colours and stylish patterns. 

Environmentally friendly swimsuits for kids 🩱

Swimsuits are great for children! They’re cute, comfortable and easy to wear since it’s all in one piece. If you’d rather have your child wearing a swimsuit or if they choose one instead of a bikini or pair of shorts, you’ll find what you’re looking for right here. 

Based in Barcelona, the amazing brand Tiny Cottons makes clothes for children. They are committed to helping us to take care of the environment by choosing recycled and organic materials.

They’ve created cute and long-lasting swimsuits for children, made of polyamide and elastane and that are chlorine resistant. Meaning that swimming in the pool over and over again is not going to damage the children’s swimwear!