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Children's Accessories

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We're sorry, unfortunately this seller doesn’t ship to the United Kingdom


We're sorry, unfortunately this seller doesn’t ship to the United Kingdom


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Ethical accessories for your vegan children 🧒🏼🧒🏿 

Our children are becoming increasingly aware of the positive or negative impact that our lifestyles can have on our planet, which is great! They are the ones who will be here in the future, so it's important we start taking care of the planet while we still can, and showing them how to is our absolute responsibility.

Getting your child to wear clothes crafted with plant-based materials, children's vegan accessories and low waste products, in general, can be a great starting point to guide a child towards having a more compassionate outlook on nature and all the earthlings that inhabit our environment.

Cold winter days: the right accessory for the right situation 🧣

Here in this segment, we have collected a variety of children’s accessories that your kiddos might need for every occasion. All types of hats for your kids like colourful caps, and warm wool-free beanies! Lots of layers for your child to endure the cold season.

Dress them up for school with a vegan children's jacket if it’s a rainy day! Finish off their outfit with a warm pair of gloves, a cosy scarf from Infantium Victoria and they’re good to go. 

Children's hair accessories to embellish any hairstyle 🎀

Fabulous pony-tails, tight buns, and stylish braids! Switch things up for your kids and allow their individuality to bloom with one of the hair accessories available in our collection. 

We offer colourful scrunchies made with more sustainable fabrics and practical headbands to keep the hair away from their face. 

Reusable face masks to keep the little ones protected at all times 😷

For now, it has become common practice for all to wear face masks wherever we go. Unless we are chilling at home with the family, of course. And when we think about reducing waste, reusability comes to mind (because how sustainable can it be to use a mask once and throw it away every time?). 

That’s why Shop Like You Give a Damn has made sure to curate a list of reusable and environmentally aware face masks for all our children and parents! The moms, dads, and parental figures out there have not been forgotten. We’ve got vegan masks for the entire family. 💚

By using recycled and socially responsible materials such as organic cotton, the brands, and sellers we have onboarded have definitely made sure that all these children's accessories we’ve curated in this section, including the face masks, are more sustainable, durable, and easily washable. 

Vegan birthday parties: plant-based prezzies for the kiddos 🎁

Presents are a lovely way to show we care about a kiddo’s birthday! And if you’re wondering what to do when you have no idea about what to buy for a toddler, scroll through this children's accessories segment! You're guaranteed to find a memorable, cutesy and ethical gift for a little one.

Children's accessories for a snowy end of the year! ☃️

Can't decide what to buy for your child during Christmas? Check out our blog on vegan, ethical and sustainable children’s gift guide for tips and tricks on how to choose the perfect present for a child! In case you’re looking for fun children’s bedroom accessories, we have a fantastic collection of socially inclusive and fun toys for children of all ages! Including babies. 👼